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Science is one thing, and Gerhard Karner’s diploma thesis is another. After allegations of plagiarism by Stefan Weber, a perverted light is now being shed on the entire academic work of the Minister of the Interior. Did he perhaps also copy from his other works? Science is facing a massive collapse.

Title: Effective artillery bombardment of municipal buildings in Vienna

magazine: ÖVP . Member Magazine

Verdict: Extensive text modules can be found in the Dolphus Museum’s permanent exhibition volume “February Battles 1934: The Most Beautiful Portraits of Photographic Workers”

Title: Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Social Democrats – My Year Among the Apes

magazineChips neighborhood newspaper garden column

Rule: 1:1 version of Jane Goodall, the term “baboon” has been simply replaced by the phrase “democratic socialists”. Conclusion: nice!

Title: Mandela, Gandhi, Dolphus – the roots of the modern peace movement

magazine: Opening speech upon assuming the position of Minister of the Interior

Rule: obvious car plagiarism! Karner shamelessly copied Karner here. Meanwhile, Karner retracts and admits: “Putting Mandela or Gandhi on the same level as Dolphus was certainly an affront to Dollfuss’ work.”

Title: Beautiful, efficient and cool – Lower Austria roundabout between 1450 and 1987

magazine: Tourism magazine king

Verdict: Entire blocks of Erwin Bruel’s master’s thesis “Beautiful, Efficient, and Magnificent – Queens of Lower Austrian Wine Between 1450 and 1967” have been seized. Karner’s follow-up study, “The Warehouse Tower as a Massive Penis 2.0 Icon,” was also criticized for not mentioning the name of co-author Joanna Michael-Leitner.

Title: Relive the sounds of the FPÖ using the latest quantum teleportation

magazine: temper nature

Verdict: Here are Karner studies mixed by Nobel laureate Anton Zeilinger with the FPÖ party programme. At least the chapter “The Process of Improving Deportation by Teleporting Asylum Seekers” shines through a creatively chosen research horizon.

Title: Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine as very, very safe holiday destinations

magazine: Fully Planned Permat in the Turismos FH Krems Canteen

Verdict: Karner’s attempt to make Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine “the safest places to travel alone” failed. The work is a shameful copy of a post from the Krone forum by user “asylschweinderl_raus_aus_österreich”.

Title: Content Marketing for Museums: Anti-Semitism as an Opportunity

magazine: Dolphus Science Journal

Verdict: Here Karner works with the fervor of a staunch anti-Semite, but also with the scientific methods of ardent anti-Semites. Much of the work is plagiarism of Ayatollah Khomeini’s 1973 fatwa calling for holy jihad against Israel.

nickname: Fantasy fairy tales, neo-noir and horror clowns – underground paradise as a safe space for imagination

magazineMinutes Committee

Rule: The U Commission is presented as a place where absurd fairy tales and modern fairy tales are told without any obligation to tell the truth. But Karner’s sample is so small, he only interviews ÖVP politicians.

Title: Efficacy of Penicillium mold against left bacilli in WKStA

magazine: Ainedter monthly review

Verdict: Karner got this hack by accident because he left a cob with jam in his office, which started to rot. For days there was no home inspection by WKStA on his premises – an internal ÖVP register. It is now clear: Alexander Fleming took charge of parts of this work.

Title: Austrofascism – Lies or tales of old men?

magazine: ÖVP . Academic Party Magazine

Verdict: The last 60 pages of the work represent a confused account of Israel. The business comes with an onion of garlic—in the words of Karner—“to protect it from the deceptive East Coast plagiarism checkers.”

Title: Gerhard Karner – Sexiest Man Alive in Texing

magazine: parish bulletin tixing

Verdict: forged! Karner is the 298th sexiest man alive in Texing, even behind the male frog Quaxi from the local trout pond and Rudolf Motsch (65), who has been missing since 2013 Kirtag. This was confirmed by a survey of all the women and frogs in Taixing.

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