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– With its 29th cabaret programme, Förderverein offers a diverse mix. Michael Altinger will start on Friday.

The first event in the new cabaret program at the “Alte Schule” in Solnhofen is entitled “Lichtblick”. And those responsible for the association “Alte Schule” especially supportive of such a thing hope in the third year of Corona. In the past year, a number of obstacles and difficulties had to be overcome – “which cost us a lot of energy and put pressure on the club’s coffers,” says Heinz Roach, president of the federation.

However, the association has planned nine events through March of next year, drawing on well-known artists as well as new faces from the cabaret scene. An “old” acquaintance will start: Michael Altinger will present the last piece of his trilogy with “Lichtblick” on Friday, October 7 at 8pm at the “Alte Schule”. It gives the world another chance, because after all, it’s all about – especially Strunzenöd, which is pretty much the center of it all. Guitarist Andreas Rother provides the soundtrack for the end-time battle of the Altengers.

young star

The famous cabaret artist follows young shooting star, Austrian Sonia Pickart: she won the 2019 Cabaret Promotional Prize for the Alpine Republic and was a finalist for the Prix Pantheon. “A Bird, a Wish, a Popular Uprising” is the title of her single on Saturday, October 22nd, about a small bird that continues to be sold in the market until a buyer can let it fly again, to make a wish.

At some point, the sparrow is trying to erupt, wants to free itself – it just doesn’t know how. The program’s brochure promises an evening of cabaret “On emancipation, turmoil and independence”.

Franziska Wanninger has been a guest at Solnhofen several times. In it she talks about young people in boarding school, wrong decisions or dating over a video call, and she comes down to a variety of characters – from beer tarts at the table of regulars to a gullible but very adventurous influencer. Humorous and subtle, it allows the audience to immerse themselves in the stony deserts of the front yard and other shoals of life.

One of the longest serving cabaret tongues

Arnulf rating aims for “Zirkus Berlin” on Saturday, 19 November. He is the last of the legendary “3 Tornadoes” and one of the longest sharp cabaret tongues in the country, and after some headlines wondering what will come after Corona: monkey pox, gas price brakes, or transplanting pig hearts? While the clowns are changing in the political arena, the entire circus remains the same for Arnulf rating.

He’s a talented pianist, entertainer – and new to ‘old school’: God knows Martin Schmidt isn’t a blank slate in the cabaret scene and delivers a blend of humor, wit, sarcasm and seriousness with ‘Getz’ is mit Hilarious blues. Stories and songs. The cabaret hero will attend The current German is a guest at Solnhofen on Wednesday, December 28.

Traditionally, the New Year begins on the stage of the “Alte Schule” with the revision of the year. “Seldom is this nice” is the tagline on Thursday, January 5th, when Holger Bates sarcastically reviews the events of 2022 with fast-paced songs and plenty of black humor. You’ve never seen an old year like this before.

Program until March 25th

With the scythe of humor and the power of parody, on Saturday, January 28, Thomas Schreckenberger sets out in search of the last bit of truth, because he knows: “Only a lie is important.” In his new show, he questions everything is possible: Are the neighbors in Ibiza after all — or just on Instagram? Everyday digital life blurs the lines between fantasy and reality – and thus creates a rift in society.

The association promised “cabaret reading with beautiful music” in its program on Saturday, March 11th. The duo “Liegl & Altmann” will then be guests with a musical reading from the book “Up is also down only down, but stop from above”. Alexander Legel works as cabaret artist, actor, and author – for Helmut Schleich, among others. He will establish a world of comedy in front of the audience, accompanied by musician and guitarist Aaron Altmann (he plays in several rock and soul bands in Munich).

The 29th program at the “Alte Schule” in Solnhofen was then concluded by newcomer Matthias Ningel: “Reasonable to Contrast” is the name of his Phase 4 programme, which he will present on Saturday 25 March. In the literary piano cabaret, he tells and sings stories all of a mysterious nature: he finds beauty in the disgusting, he sings a hunting song in which the hunter becomes a hunted, or he philosophizes in the time of a waltz about the enmity between friends. s

Tickets for the shows can be booked in advance at the “Alten Schule” in Solnhofen (tel 09145/64 22, closed on Wednesdays) or from President Heinz Rösch (tel 09145/69 43). There is also a subscription to All Shows, available from October 7 at the box office, but it can also be pre-ordered. Discounted admission prices apply to members of the association.

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