‘Anti-abortion propaganda’: Netflix movie ‘Blonde’ ripped apart by critics


“Anti-abortion propaganda”Netflix movie ‘Blonde’ ripped by critics

The fictional film that chronicles the life of Marilyn Monroe is currently the subject of heated debate. The movie icon is presented very superficially and the shocks are presented crudely.

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Actress Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix movie Blonde.

2022 © Netflix

While her acting was widely praised, the filmmakers had to take their fair share of criticism.

While her acting was widely praised, the filmmakers had to take their fair share of criticism.

2022 © Netflix

The scene of dialogue between Marilyn and her fetus was especially criticized.

The scene of dialogue between Marilyn and her fetus was especially criticized.

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  • There is a lot to talk about right now about the Netflix tape “Blonde”.

  • Film critics hardly leave good poetry behind in the film by director Andrew Dominic.

  • Especially how the topic of abortion is organized, bothers many.

She was considered a pop icon and sex symbol of the 20th century: Marilyn Monroe. The book based on Joyce Carol Oates’ book has been out since September 28 The movie “Blonde”, which depicts the actress’ life extensively on Netflix. Although it was critically acclaimed both artistically and cinematically (produced by Brad Pitt, among others), the film’s reviews were mostly poor.

For true Monroe fans, the movie is simply unbearable, even though it is a fantasy, as stated in a comment Filmstarts.de. W: The director was not at all interested in the aspects of the film icon, the extent of her commitment and talent. “She is portrayed as an untalented idiot who can only land her roles due to the thousands of traumas and insanity that result from her,” she says.


In particular, the focus on criticism Dealing with abortion. Director Andrew Dominic conducted a dialogue between Norma Jeane, as Monroe’s real name was, and the baby growing in her womb: “You won’t hurt me, right? Not like last time ”, the fetus asks its future mother.

Spoiler alert: An earlier scene shows an abortion from Monroe’s point of view, described in the words “The New Yorker is a shocker. The miscarriage explained later and the other vaguely implied miscarriage in their quest for acuity and subjectivity are portrayed “cruelly and ruthlessly”. “In the midst of this rudeness and vulgarity,” the film attains a certain degree of dignity only thanks to the performance of Ana de Armas (34), who embodies Monroe.

“Maintaining the stigma of abortion”

For Caren Spruch of the nonprofit Planned Parenthood, the scene described above is “anti-abortion propaganda.” “Because film and television shape many people’s understanding of sexual and reproductive health, it is critical that these images reflect women’s real choices and experiences,” she said.The Hollywood Reporter”.

Andrew Dominic’s film bolsters the condemnation of anti-abortion advocates by making a computer-motivated, talking fetus look like a fully developed baby. And this despite the fact that Marilyn is in an early stage of pregnancy. “Planned Parenthood respects artistic freedom. However, such images only serve to spread misinformation and perpetuate stigma around sexual and reproductive health care.”

“In 2008 nobody cared”

In an interview withDirector Dominic comments on the allegations “The Wrap”: “No one would have cared if I had shot the movie in 2008 and probably no one would have cared in four years.” At the same time, Dominic is convinced that the topic of pregnancy and miscarriage (it has never been confirmed that Marilyn Monroe had a miscarriage) will play a major role after her difficult childhood. The scenes would show the great rift she was struggling with.

“I see it as a measure of the success of the movie that it elicits these kinds of reactions. People are very protective of Marilyn and I think that’s the problem. I think that’s one of the reasons she died.”

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