Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Problems with Netflix put them in trouble

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are fighting on multiple fronts. In the US, there are problems with her Netflix documentary and Harry’s book, and in England there is a risk of irrelevance. receives a commission from the retailer for some of the links in this article. All brokerage related links have a file
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They must have perceived it differently: after the death of Harry’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II (96), things did not go well for the Sussexes either in the United States or in their home country of Great Britain. In London, King Charles III. (73) To get a breath of fresh air currently, it looks like he’s already slimming down the royal family. That could hit Prince Harry (38) and his family very hard.

Problems with Netflix and book publishers worry Prince Harry and Meghan

In the US, on the other hand, according to “”, there are problems with Netflix as well as with book publisher Penguin Random House, where Harry’s memoirs will soon be published. For Harry and Meghan, 41, in addition to their reputations, millions of dollars are at stake.

In the UK, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are becoming increasingly unpopular. Find out why in the video above!

Harry and Meghan: Rapid Rise – and Deep Fall

In July 2022, British journalist Tom Power published the book “Revenge – Harry, Meghan and the War between the Houses of Windsor”. This e-paper summarizes the 541-page German-language bestseller reveal.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s projects burdened with delays and discussions

Due to the “Mirror” report in its online version, the problems with Netflix and the publisher are related to both content and time issues. The book and the documentary were originally supposed to appear in 2022, but the November date for the book has already changed. It will not be on the market until 2023.

According to informed sources, Harry and Meghan should urge Netflix to transfer the documents and make them public only next year. It looks like they still need time to incorporate some changes after the Queen’s death. It is also conceivable that Harry would like more distance between the date of the King’s release and the King’s death for reasons of piety.

According to sources – quotes an insider who spoke at Sun – there are also questions about the content. Penguin Random House, which paid more than £18m for the notes up front, is said to be struggling with the substance of the content. The first draft was rated “disappointing” because it focused so much on mental health issues.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan: Would you like a royal opportunity for the Sussex family?

For Netflix, on the other hand, the question may arise about the value of the documentary next year. At the moment, it appears that Harry and his family are becoming less important in the UK. On the official website of the royal family, the two recently retreated to the back places – only Prince Andrew (62) who has been plagued by the scandal came after them.

Since King Charles is known to want to reform and downsize the royal family as well, it is unclear if Harry will ever play a role in the future. Royal biographer Phil Dampier has already noted that Harry has not been a working monarch for long. And his father, King Charles III, can now explain to him that there was no “semi-official” role in his reign.

Her wedding dress angered the Queen

Duchess Meghan: Her wedding dress angered the Queen
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