Iranians did not want to be their sister’s guardian of virtue

Brandenburg / H. The world is currently staring at Iran, the country of mass protests after the violent death of Iranian Kurdish woman Mahsa Amini (22), the big country where the political situation is getting worse every day and the resistance to the moral Iranian regime. Guardians grow.

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Siblings Haniyeh and Muhammed Hussein Heftling, 25 and 20, take special care of their former home. Both are among 65 people in Brandenburg an der Havel who fled their new country of Ukraine to escape the war at the end of February 2022, but they are not Ukrainian citizens.

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Their concern for people in Iran is currently greater than their concern for themselves, although unlike 38 other non-Ukrainian refugees from Ukraine, they have not yet obtained a long-term residence permit, but are only tolerated through a “fake certificate” ” in this time.

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harassing brother

Haniyeh Heftlang would like the United Nations to participate. “The United Nations has no authority and does nothing, why does it exist at all?” wonders the Iranian, whose country of origin is no longer an option for her. Because she is a professional dancer who specializes in totally revealing western dances like twerk, afro and reggeaton. All are prohibited in Iran.

Not only the young woman from Tehran herself was arrested several times and was beaten and humiliated by the Iranian police. The powerful state guards also attacked, harassed and insulted her younger brother.

As a woman, you are never free

The fact that Mohammad Hossein Zahid, better known as Kia, studied hydraulic engineering at the University of Tehran did not help him. It is difficult for Western Europeans to understand the reasons why the authorities in the capital persecuted not only his sister, but also.

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“In the Islamic Republic, it doesn’t matter if you are the older sister,” explains Haniyeh Heftlang. “If you marry as a woman, your husband becomes responsible for you. If you are single, your father and brothers are responsible. As a woman, you will never be independent and free in the Islamic Republic.”

Everyone calls Mohammed Hussein Zahidt Kia. At the age of sixteen, an Iranian must forbid his sister, who is five years older than him, from dancing. He didn’t want it at all and felt harassed by the Iranian authorities for it.

Even when her brother was only 16 years old, he was responsible for her behavior, her dancing, and her “lawlessness”. When the police questioned her to get the names of other dancers, her brother had to come with her, and he was also questioned. “I didn’t stop them, they accused me of it,” says the 20-year-old, who wanted to study information technology (IT) in Ukraine.

The young man was harassed at his school and then at the university by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the “Basij”. This is an organization that has set itself the task of leading sinful citizens on the path of the Islamic Republic. They can help with pepper spray and hitting and cursing,” Haniyeh Zahidat says.

They are everywhere

The brothers assert that the Revolutionary Guards and the “Basij” are everywhere. There is also a structure for the Basij in universities. Normal life is no longer possible for Iranians at home. With a lot of money they paid, it was possible to travel to Ukraine legally in August 2021.

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There they only learned the Ukrainian language until they fled to Germany from Putin’s war of aggression. Despite their insecure status in Brandenburg an der Havel, the English and German-speaking siblings are confident. You meet friendly people almost every day, at the Berlin-Brandenburg Foreign Society, in Villa Forde, in the parish and other places.

“I’m a little tired,” Kia Haftlang admits. His goal: to stay in Brandenburg and study information technology.

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