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Alfred Herhausen is the rising star of the banking world in the 1980s. His idea of ​​debt relief for poor countries made headlines. When he represents not only the interests of the bank and his friend Kole with a loan to the USSR, but also supports Gorbachev’s reform plans, the banker enters the mined terrain of world politics. The United States is as outraged by his actions as President Stasi Mielke, who fears the end of the GDR system. The intelligence services are now on the trail of Herhausen. He knows he may only have a short opportunity to implement his vision, including the change at Deutsche Bank. While Herrhausen tries to keep his rivals in check at home and expands his power to do so, his opponents are also forming out of the bank.

The four-part political thriller mini-series “Herrhausen – The Lord of Money” (AT), co-produced by Gabriela Sperl with ARD Degeto, rbb, hr and SWR in collaboration with ARD’s XFilme Creative Pool (Uwe Schott), shows the tangle of power Between the state and the economy against the background of German reunification. The editors are Claudia Luzius (ARD Digitto), Christoph Belander (ARD Digitto), Kirsten Friels (RPB), Martina Zollner, Patricia Fasapoulou (H), Georg Hemstedt (H) and Michael Schmidl (SWR). Executive Producer: Christer Lindequist. The executive producer is Ilona Schultz. Pia Streitman directs screenplays by Thomas Fenderish. Florian Emmerich is behind the camera. Oliver Masucci plays the lead role as Alfred Herhausen, while his wife, Traudl, plays Julia Kochitz. Other notable roles include David Schutter, Ursula Strauss, August Zerner, Franz Hartwig, Joseph Swid, Duval Glickmann, Bettina Stuckie, Thomas Loebel, Anton Speicher and Lisa Vicari.

Christophe Belander, Editor-in-Chief of ARD Degeto:

“Bank President Alfred Herhausen is undoubtedly one of the most influential figures in modern German history. His attitude to power, his uncompromising will and vision for modernization, which had an impact on world politics, are more important today than ever before. Author Thomas Wendrich has Intense and suspenseful books, based on careful research – facts flow into powerful fiction.With ‘Herrhausen – Der Gelder Herr des Geldes’ young filmmaker Pia Strietmann delves into the masculine realm of German banking and political structures of the time and cuts short with qualitatively experienced producer Gabriela Spurl and an outstanding crew. From this unique material, a political thriller that evokes emotion and thought – a project you can’t ignore. An ARD event we are implementing with our partners rbb, hr and SWR and viewers can look forward to it.”

Gabriella Spearl, Producer:

“Since the end of November 1989 it has been my concern: the bomb attack on Alfred Herhausen. Like the photos from 9/11 or from the German fall of 1977, the image of a blown-up Mercedes limousine has negative iconographic power for my generation. After more than 30 years later, it’s time to revisit the topic of an unsolved ‘true crime’ case in which the RAF was named the culprit but the culprit was never identified. Of all the people surrounded by adversaries nationally and internationally In Germany? My vision for this film: To tell a thrilling geopolitical film with a brilliant cast and outstanding actors in an entertaining way for a wide audience. A bipolar world between Russia and America, this film is more explosive than it has ever been.”

Filming began on September 5, 2022. Shooting will continue until December 16, 2022 in North Rhine-Westphalia, Frankfurt am Main, Bavaria and Belgium, and an additional six days of shooting in February 2023 in Morocco or Israel. “Herrhausen – The Lord of Money” (AT) is funded by Film- und Medienstiftung NRW, FFF Bayern and HessenFilm und Medien. In Belgium through the tax shelter system with Belga Films.

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