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Status: 09/28/2022 12:00 PM

The NDR Audio Film team can look forward to another award: the audio description of “Die Toten von Marnow” won the 2022 German Audio Film Award in the “Audience Award” category.

AD’s version of the ARD crime series managed to convince the audience to vote online and got the most votes. ‘Adele’, as the prestigious trophy is called, was accepted by NDR’s audio film team at Tuesday night’s celebratory anniversary gala in Berlin. Stephen Gaten moderated the 20th Awards Ceremony German Audio Film Award, awarded annually by the German Society for the Blind and Visually Impaired (DBSV) for the best audio descriptions. 20 films were nominated for a total of five categories and an audience award. Last year, the editorial team created barrier-free shows for “Experience Earth – Goodbye Polar Bear!” “Romis Salon” won two awards in the “Documentation” and “Children’s Films” categories.

High editing quality

NDR Director Frank Beckmann: “Die Toten von Marnow” is a wonderful work of fiction that, in addition to the thriller and great cast, also lives on from the mood and atmospheric images. Making an audio movie out of it delights people with low vision, a real challenge that really worked. I am very pleased that our barrier-free offers are being awarded time and time again. This is indicative of the high quality, but also the love and care that our editors have gone into to work here. “

The NDR soundtrack team for “Die Toten von Marnow” included Doris Wehrville, Marit Bechtloff, Olaf Cope, Stephanie Schrohl (authors), Benjamin Kirsch (narrator), Michelle Wahling and Frank Kunkel (voice), as well as Martin O’Villegon and Uchi Herdijn-Wessel. (Editorial Board).

A series of murders with an explosive background

With the discovery of a hanging body, investigators begin their search for the serial killer.

In the award-winning, soundtrack mini-series, Schwerin detectives Luna Mendt (Petra Schmidt-Scheller) and Frank Elling (Sacha Alexander Gersak) investigate a serial killer who supposedly randomly chooses his victims. Evidence leads investigators to a mysterious camping site in Marno in the Lake District. But strong opponents of the Commissioners clearly have an interest in leaving the real connections in the dark. Behind the gruesome murders, Mindt and Ealing discover the outlines of a scandal in which the old Stasi, the secret services and the West German pharmaceutical industry appear to be involved. “Die Toten von Marnow” was published in eight parts in ARD Media Library and aired in four feature films in the first. Petra Schmidt-Schaler and Sasha Alexander Girsack were awarded the 2021 German Television Award for their performances “Best Actress” and “Best Actor”.

The association promotes participation

DBSV has been awarding the German Film Audio Award since 2002, honoring outstanding films and audio projects that enhance the barrier-free film experience. The objective of the DBSV is to improve the social status of blind and visually impaired persons and to enhance their social, professional and cultural participation.

What is an audio movie?

An audio description, also called an audio film, describes the visual elements of a film for the blind and visually impaired over an additional audio track. In dialogue pauses, the speaker describes events and places of events as well as gestures and facial expressions. The audio description provides blind and visually impaired people with a better understanding of the plot presented, thus giving them barrier-free access to the TV programme.

Audio films are broadcast using the two-channel audio method on digital distribution channels via satellite, cable, and terrestrial. The original audio is received on channel 1, and the film’s audio mix and picture description can be heard on channel 2. To receive audio movies, you need a digital receiver that allows you to select individual audio tracks.

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