Are comedians and parodies taken?

Michael Kessler has a very diverse talent. We tell you if there was a wife and children in the life of the comedian.

Is Michael Kessler dating?

Michael Kessler closes his private life in silence and prefers to enjoy it away from light bulbs. However, it is known that the comedian is in steady hands and even married. with him He also has two children with his wife. In an interview with Spiegel, he justified his ambiguous approach by saying that he wanted to impress the audience with his talent and ability and not with his own life, which was no one’s business anyway. This is why you won’t find any family photos on his Instagram account, but you will find colorful insight into his art portfolio. Michael Kessler, who, by the way, used to live with Bastian Pastioca and Christoph Maria Herbst, now lives with his family in Wiesbaden.

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Who is Michael Kessler?

Michael Kessler, born June 24, 1967 in Wiesbaden, works as an actor, comedian, stage director, and author as well as being a satirical writer and arranger. After graduating from high school, he attended the Bochum School of Drama from 1988 to 1992 and then found himself at the National Theater in Mannheim. The comedian made his television debut in the 1991 movie “Manta Ray, Manta Ray” Together with Til Schweiger and Tina Rowland, he made his first movie role as “Klausi” and achieved great fame. As well as through his role in the comedy series “convert”, where he managed to impress the audience with his satirical talent and slipped into the roles of Peter Kloebel or Andreas Türk. He also subtly mocked Alfred Beulch and Gunter Gautsch in “weekly show”. Formats that won a TV award, such as “Schillerstraße” or “Switch reloaded,” followed his success.

But not only in other comedic roles such as in “Axel! Wants to Know” or in the sitcom “Pastewka” talented Jack of all professions starred, but also in more serious roles such as in “Tatort” or in “Ein Fall für Zwei”. Since 2006, Michael Kessler has started his business successful comedy series Such as “Berliner Nacht-Taxe”, “Kesslers Knigge” and “Kesslers Expedition”. Since December 2020, the talented parody author has been playing “Binge Reloaded”, available as a subscription on Amazon Prime Video. In the video, we also show you other sitcoms worth watching on Amazon Prime Video:

Michael Kessler served as speaker and author

Michael Kessler was and still is an author “Switch Reloaded” As well as participating in his own productions. He also wrote plays for theater such as “Fürchtenich” and “Boing-Boing”. Other scenarios such as “Battle for Thandrien” followed. “My perfect world”, in which he assumed the leadership role. Since the late 2000s, Michael Kessler has been the sought-after audiobook narrator. In 2010, he read, among other things, “Oops, Are You The Sausage” with Annette Frier, as well as with Martina Hill’s 2011 “No, we only have free-range eggs.”

Currently Michael Kessler: On the way in “Pretty Best Neighbors”

In September 2022, ZDF will broadcast three new documentaries under the title “Best Neighbors” Outside. If you missed it, you can access it in the ZDF Media Library from September 5, 2022. Michael Kessler travels to France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland and takes a closer look at the clichés specific to each country. If you’ve always wanted to know if the French really hit a lot or if the Swiss actually eat a lot of chocolate and cheese, it’s definitely worth watching the new documentary.

Michael Kessler is married and has two children with his wife. The family lives together in his hometown of Wiesbaden. The comedian prefers to keep more private details for himself, as he wants to dazzle his audience with his talent and not with his private life. Starting in September 2022, Michael Kessler can be seen in three new episodes of ZDF’s “Ziemlich Beste Neighbors” documentary.

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