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Gorgeous visuals, sumptuous music, and a captivating story based on true events: ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ is a captivating cinematic adventure that made the desert an almost magical setting 15 years before Star Wars.

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The classic setting of this adventure is indisputable: “Lawrence of Arabia” has made it to the list of culturally relevant films that the US Library of Congress must preserve for posterity. He won seven Academy Awards, including the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. And the The American Film Institute voted this masterpiece as the best epic in Hollywood history. In the official FILMSTARTS rating of the best adventure films of all time, the legendary desert expedition also reached second place, behind the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark”. Moreover, the influence of Lawrence of Arabia is almost immeasurable!

There are direct references in spy movies (as in James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me) and in science fiction movies, for example Prometheus. Directed by David Lean, the saga has also left a lasting impression on how adventure stories are harnessed and depicted in such a way that we dream of faraway places and perilous exploits. If you don’t know this achievement yet or want to refresh your memory of it: Lawrence of Arabia can be found on many streaming platforms – including currently at no additional cost as part of a WOW subscription.

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For Lawrence of Arabia, you have to make a lot of time, but it’s worth it. then This visually stunning classic is as gorgeous today as it was then! And if we’re being honest for a moment: a 200-plus-minute movie is actually a piece of cake, at least for series fans who can get the full season of Netflix’s action series in one day…

“Lawrence of Arabia”: sparkling heat, an infectious thirst for adventure

During World War I, British officer Thomas Edward Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) was tasked with liberating the Arabian Peninsula from the Turkish army. To this end, he fraternizes with the Arabs, and even adopts the Bedouin lifestyle. This earns him the trust of Prince Faisal (Alec Guinness). After a few successful steps up front and a lot of shrewd diplomacy, Edward Lawrence also won the sympathy of the other tribes. However, his increasingly close friendship with the Arab people is put to the test when he knows what the long-term plans of his citizens are…

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Inspired by the life and actions of real-life Thomas Edward Lawrence, screenwriters Robert Bolt and Michael Wilson weave a compelling story out of a complex war story: Lawrence of Arabia is about friendship, broadening cultural horizons, moral growth and conquering grave dangers together. The fact that this is so touching is, of course, also thanks to the audiovisual component of the film:

Written by Maurice Garris, the music is unforgettable, the costumes are lavish and the set construction is as breathtaking as the mesmerizing landscape shots that know how to excite wanderlust and awe. Plus, David Lean’s intuitive visuals and great editing by Anne V. Coates ensure that this epic never feels overwhelming. Instead, the story unfolds with immense attraction.

But unforgettable characters also play a big role in this: For real-life inspiration, the characters in this cinematic adventure are amplified in a way that adds to the larger-than-life flair.. Some may be a little exaggerated on paper, but the talented group makes up for it. Whether it’s Peter O’Toole, who imparts power and the ability to change into the title champ, or Alec Guinness, later cast as Obi-Wan, who balances sagacious wit with witty sarcasm in his role. Or Omar Sharif, whom Sharif Ali effortlessly runs through in a whirlpool of emotions – but always sparkles with friendly sincerity.

Arabia becomes very distant galaxy planets

This does not mean that Lawrence of Arabia is the first successful and popular movie with a desert setting. But what Lane directed and cinematographer Freddy A. Young from their dusty and hot spots is simply in his own classroom. Therefore, these images formed the further path of adventure cinema – and also formed the imagination set in distant galaxies. Frank Herbert, for example, repeats this in writing in his classic novel Dune The magnetic attraction of the desert environmentwhich was transmitted visually in “Lawrence of Arabia”.

The way Paul Atreides befriends Freeman is very similar to Lawrence of Arabia. On the other hand, George Lucas’ “Star Wars,” as a melting pot of countless narrative and aesthetic influences, stares among all its Western and samurai references to both “Dunes” and “Lawrence of Arabia.”

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Not only does the atmosphere of the Tatooine sequences remind us of the single clips from “Lawrence of Arabia”, Luke Skywalker’s appearance is also based on the title hero of the blockbuster movie.. More of Lawrence’s influences on later projects came from a galaxy far, far away: the Jordanian desert in Wadi Rum, where Lean filmed some notable sequences, and also served to the teams behind Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker. as a site.

The Plaza de España in Seville, erected in Lawrence of Arabia as a British military base in Cairo, reappears in Attack of the Clones as a magnificent building on the planet Naboo. The second episode, “The Boba Fett Book”, featured the sequences of “Lawrence of Arabia”, in which Lawrence and an Arab army repel a Turkish train. Now with Bubba as an alternative to Lawrence and Toskin in Arab shoes.

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