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Describing “The Ricky Story” is perhaps one of the most brutal action movies ever made. No one is surprised that it was once indexed. It is gratifying that the indexing has now been lifted.

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Spatter is often associated with horror, but that’s not really true. Because even if the red lifeblood spills out in particularly large quantities in the littered movies, whether it’s a bitter orgy of violence or a hilarious and amusing massacre, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a genre can be customized right away. One of the most famous examples that confirm this is “The Ricky Story” by Ngai Choi Lam (“The Seventh Curse”).

The martial arts action game from 1991 lives up to its very popular and brutal manga form and has always been admired by the fans and the trade press, not least for its brilliant creations and totally violent, spiraling tops, which you rarely see in this form. Before and after, celebrate. But in the end, do the following: The full version of “Story Of Ricky” was not only included in the index in Germany, but was also confiscated. Anyone who wants to watch the whole movie has had a really hard time in Germany for a long time. But these problems are now a thing of the past.

After 23 years, “Story Of Ricky” has finally been removed from the index. This means that after a few very limited collector’s editions already released in Austria in recent years, there will soon be an official unmixed German evaluation of the film in home theaters. Nameless Media has already secured the rights to it.

This is the Ricky story.

Action movie “Spatter”, also known internationally as “Ricky Oh”, is based on the manga of the same name by Masahiko Takago and Tetsuya Sarwatari and is not only represented in our lists of the best manga adaptations of all time and the best movie splatter of all time, but also belongs to the exclusive collection of the so-called CAT III movies. In the 1980s and 1990s in particular, films from Hong Kong that were particularly difficult and even banned in many countries received this designation, such as the war exploitation film “Men Behind The Sun” or the John Woo film “Bullet In The Head”.

Whether it is the story of Ricky (Siu-Wong Fan, “Ip Man”), who was innocently convicted of killing his girlfriend, and who still wants to serve his sentence until he finally brutally defends himself against the corrupt authorities in prison, but also actually index material? Fans have been discussing this for many years. The truth is that there are hardly any action movies that offer such bloody entertainment.

At the same time, all this is so exaggerated that reality and fiction never threaten to confuse. Either way: Only the scene in which Ricky punches one of his opponents and then attempts to strangle the champion with his intestines is forever cinematic.

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If you want to put the upcoming German version of “Story Of Ricky” on your shelves, you’ll have to wait a while and then you should also expect the movie to be released as a limited edition, which collectors will be demanding. Anyone who’s tried to buy an exclusive version of Nameless Media knows what we’re talking about: you have to be really quick here and also have the luck to not end up empty-handed. But there are alternatives – now:

»”The Story of Ricky”: Uncut Blu-ray on Amazon*

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