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The Hamburg Film Festival opened with the co-production of NDR Cinema, We Are Likely Relatives. 116 feature films from 58 producing countries will be screened until October 8.

Written by Patricia Batley / Danny Marquez

The film, adapted from the novel of the same name by writer Johann Scherer, opens the Hamburg Film Festival with a world premiere. In the spring of 1996, 13-year-old Johann feared for more than four weeks for the life of his kidnapped father, publisher Jean-Philippe Remetsma, in the drama “We Are So Probably Relatives.”

Two police officers, a family lawyer and a close friend form a community of destiny, bound only by the common goal of getting Johan’s father home as quickly and safely as possible. How do you deal with anxiety, fear and boredom? How do you fill in the days when anything can happen at any time, but at the same time you have to wait? This is what drama is about.

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The abduction of Jan-Philippe Reemtsma is one of the most spectacular in German criminal history. A story that still has consequences for the family today. more

‘Triangle of Sadness’ winner at Cannes in Hamburg

The program includes a total of 116 feature films from 58 producing countries. 22 film and television films celebrate their world premiere in Hamburg. Including some of the best European productions that won at major film festivals. For example, the latest film by Swedish director Robin Ostlund, The Triangle of Grief. Through his satire of wealth, beauty, and the involvement of German actress Iris Perben, Ostlund won the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

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Robin Ostlund with his Golden Palm

Swede Robin Ostlund was awarded the 75th Palme d’Or at Cannes for his social satire – that’s where there’s a lot of Hamburg. more

Fatih Akin celebrates the world premiere of gangster story “Rheingold” on October 2

A young man named Jawar Hijabi annoys fellow inmates with raps in his cell. As a Xatar he is one of the most famous rappers in Germany. Rheingold is the name of the biopic Star director Fatih Akin has now made a movie about it.

A scene with Emilio Sacraia as Xatar (left) on a channel from Fatih Akin's new movie

Emilio Sacraia plays rapper Xatar (left) in Fatih Akin’s gangster movie “Rheingold,” in cinemas from October 27.

Festival director Albert Wiederspiel is particularly pleased that the world premiere is now taking place at the Hamburg Film Festival: “The Conqueror belongs to Hamburg and to the Film Festival, just as the Film Festival belongs to Fatih. I was a distributor at the time and indeed it was Fatih’s first film,” Kors Without Pain “At the film festival. It’s a great symbiosis.” Even if the film, as in this case, was shot largely in Bonn and not in Hamburg. It’s a rising gangster star, a genre movie that hits cinemas nationwide on October 27.

Films from Southeast Asia and South America

Traditionally, there are also films from Southeast Asia and South America to watch in Hamburg. In “Argentina, 1985” by Santiago Mitre, for example, an important court case against the military junta is told as a sensational story. A few days ago, the film won the Audience Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival – with the highest rating in the 70-year festival.

This year, a seven-hour black-and-white family history of the Philippines: For a “story of Filipino violence,” director Lav Diaz delves into the bloody history of the Philippines in a “cop novel.”

More excellent European production in Hamburg

Martin McDonagh’s Irish production of “The Banshees of Inisherin” (“Bruges Stand and Die” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”), which premieres October 7, has attracted a great deal of international attention. The film takes place on a remote Irish island. In it, a man breaks off his friendship with the other and threatens to cut off his fingers if the other does not eventually leave him alone. The film, starring Brendan Gleeson, won Best Screenplay at the Venice Film Festival. Leading actor Colin Farrell was also honored there with a Coppa Volpi Award for Best Actor.

Also showing in Hamburg: Locarno’s contribution to Kilian Redhof’s “Meinen Hats bist ihr nicht”, the Danish-German-Swedish-French co-production “Holy Spider” by Iranian Ali Abbasi, who lives in Denmark, and the award-winning debut of Lukas Dhont’s age-sensitive Cannes . Drama “Close”. In addition, the Molodist Festival from Kyiv is a guest in Hamburg this year. Eight Ukrainian feature films and various short films will be shown.

Many Iranian films in the program

Four Iranian films will be shown at the film festival, including Homan Sidi’s “The Third World War,” which won the Venice Film Festival. The film tells of the release of a parody of Hitler that spirals out of control and creates a new evil. Also shown at the festival is Jafar Panahi’s production “La Beers”, who is still in prison in Iran. The film won a Special Jury Prize in Venice. The anniversary will conclude on October 8th with the Moroccan film “The Blue Kaftan” by Maryam Touzani.

More NDR productions at the Hamburg Film Festival

In addition to the film co-production “We are most likely relatives”, there are other productions with the participation of NDR at the festival. Among other things, the crime scene “Borovsky and the Hungry Heart” with Axel Melberg and Almila Bagryarczyk, the family comedy “Lucy is now a gangster” and the drama “Sailor of War”. It also episodes of the historical series “Reaperban Special Unit 65” and the children’s crime series “Day Pfeiffercorner”.

The Douglas Circus Prize is not awarded to director Ulrich Seidl

Prizes with prize money totaling €110,000 will be presented at the Film Festival. The Douglas Circus Prize was not awarded to Austrian director Ulrich Seidl due to allegations of poor working conditions for children on the “Sparta” group, although it can still be read as an advertisement in the film festival brochure.

That’s why the awards ceremony was canceled in a short time, but the director’s films are still shown, according to the director of the film festival, Albert Weiderspil. “This time we got into a certain storm after we decided everything and the program was in print. I can’t judge that, the film and Mr. Seidl were not indicted, it’s a report from a magazine. It may be true, and it may not be true,” says Federspiel. Since the public discussion would overwhelm the price, they opted instead. Ulrich Seidl is not expected to attend the show.

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Robin Ostlund is happy with his Palme d'Or

His award-winning movie “Triangle of Sadness,” which has a lot of Hamburg on it, is an intellectual — and very crazy — movie, says the Swede. more

Fatih Akin © picture alliance / dpa |  Daniel Reinhardt's photo: Daniel Reinhardt

In his new movie, the director ends up on a North Sea island. Co-wrote the script with Hark Bohm. more

Women in feature films

Blairta Pacioli received the award for her first film on Saturday. Film Festival Director Albert Wiederspiel gave a positive assessment of the festival. more

“We are probably relatives,” the film West Hamburg began.

The opening film shows the trembling and trembling of Jean-Philippe Remetsma’s relatives during his abduction in the spring of 1996.


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