New details about his last days

In a new unauthorized biography, journalist Charles Lersen reveals intimate details about the famous chef’s life and his relationship with actress Asia Argento. Bourdain’s family and friends drew sharp criticism.

Anthony Bourdain (†) was one of the most famous TV chefs of all time.

Anthony Bourdain (†) was one of the most famous TV chefs of all time.Photo: shutterstock

Anthony Bourdain’s suicide nearly four years ago left behind a number of sad fans and a broken family – one that was largely silent. Especially about the last days of the world famous TV star. New York journalist Charles Lersen’s new book, due out Oct. 11 (Simon & Schuster), offers a possible explanation for why.

Larsen said in an interview that he wanted to write the book without the usual brilliance of a “Bourdin producer.” It worked, says New York Times columnist Kim Severson: “It depicts a man who lived in seclusion towards the end of his life, injected steroids, drank to his coma and visited prostitutes, and vanished from life.” His 11-year-old daughter almost disappeared.”

Bourdain’s family, friends, and associates are outraged by Larsen’s work. In an email to the publisher, Christopher Bourdain, the famous chef’s brother, called the book a disgraceful fiction and demanded that it be published only after “Lersen’s many mistakes” had been corrected. The publisher denies these allegations.

“I hate my fans too. I hate being famous. I hate my job.”

Anthony Bourdain in a letter to his ex-wife, Otavia Busia Bourdain.

The book focuses specifically on Bourdain’s relationship with Italian actress Asia Argento. The two have been a couple since 2017. The relationship was reckless and marked by turmoil. Bourdain was “hopelessly in love with this woman,” he wrote to his ex-wife. He was so in love that he supported her, her children and sometimes her friends with hundreds of thousands of US dollars. He also paid silent money to a young musician who Argento threatened to sue for sexual assault.

Anthony Bourdain attending the Emmys party with his girlfriend Asia Argento, 2017.

Anthony Bourdain attending the Emmys party with his girlfriend Asia Argento, 2017.Photo: Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP/Invision

obsessive relationship

On the other hand, Argento criticized when Bourdain’s ex-wife uploaded family photos (with him inside) on Instagram. It got to the point that the celebrity chef asked his family not to post anything about it on the upcoming Father’s Day.

Five days before his suicide, photos surfaced of Argento dancing with another man. Bourdain searched for her name online hundreds of times over the next few days and argued with her via text and phone:

“I’m fine. I’m not spiteful. I’m not jealous that you’ve dated another man. I don’t have you. You’re free. Like I said. Like I promised. How I really meant it. But you were careless. You were careless in my heart. My life.”

Argento replied that she could not go on like this. She could no longer stand his obsession any longer, and ended the relationship. Larsen reported that the next day after filming, the famous chef went out alone and ate and drank a lot. Then, Anthony Bourdain and Asia Argento wrote to each other for the last time:


Is there anything I can do


Do not bother me

On the evening of this news, Anthony Bourdain hanged himself in his hotel room at the age of 61.

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