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Rating: 2.5 / 5

Netflix has the movie blonde with Ana de Armas Posted in a leading role. And it was already clear beforehand that the focus would be on Armas’ performance and NC-17’s exciting rating. But does the movie have anything else to offer?

blonde review

Based on the book of the same name by Joyce Carol Ott, the film tells the life story of Marilyn Monroe (Ana de Armas) and her rise to fame. But fame also has a downside. The more famous Marilyn became, the more the person behind the fictional character Norma Jane suffered.

Quite frankly: We’re not sure what to write about this movie. To do this, one thing must be clear from the start: This is not a biography. The movie is based on the movie of the same name Joyce Carol Oates’ novelWhich in large part purely fictional he is. And that raises the first question: Why do you watch a mostly fictional Marilyn Monroe movie?

The second thing to know: This is not a movie about Marilyn Monroe, but about the person behind the public mask, Norma Jean.

blonde It covers Monroe’s entire life and begins with her childhood which is portrayed as less than happy and ends in an orphanage, even though her mother is still alive. Your subsequent career as a global superstar appears sporadically and only marginally. Instead, the film focuses on the victims and the horror that Norma Jean has to go throughbeginning with being raped by the head of the studio, which landed her her first role.

Full movie focus Ana de Armas and her performance. This is a good thing because If there’s a reason to watch this movie, it’s Ana de Armas. Your presentation is its highlight and the big plus point of blonde. Her performance is absolutely unquestionable and will surely make her a point person in the upcoming awards season. Is it enough for an Oscar? hard to say. Your chances would be better if the movie was better.

Because we weren’t really excited. We may not have seen the movie in the right mood, but the overall style didn’t appeal to us. blonde had become very artistic photography And for our taste, it was a bit overkill here. Color and black and white images alternate constantly, just as the image format is constantly changing between widescreen and 4:3. We couldn’t see any logic behind it clearly.

Add to that some blurry photos, in- and out-of-body camera angles, and other artistic choices that made us feel like a director Andrew Dominic I really wanted to portray a work full of artistic and symbolic aesthetics They simply threw it all into the movie. The journey to the middle of the infinite universe should not be lost. Or conversations with an unborn fetus. For us it was just too much art and not enough film.

One wonders what he wants the movie to be. It is not a biography about Marilyn Monroe. Much more Nearly three hours, and a seemingly uncomfortable nightmare for a woman trapped and exploited in a male-dominated world. The film also does a good job of conveying that feeling with all its different stylistic devices. Even as a spectator you feel lost and confused, as if you are in a dream of a fever and you just want it to end. It’s no fun watching their suffering, both physical and emotional. Nor should.

But the movie doesn’t offer much more than that in terms of content. Thus, in our opinion, it failed to be a movie about Marilyn Monroe. There are, for example, one or two scenes that show that Monroe was nothing but a stupid, naive blonde. But apart from these few scenes, they are usually filmed in exactly the same way. This serves the narrative in presenting her as a helpless victim of this society, but Monroe’s person getting lost in the process. We never get to know them. And yes, this can also be a conscious decision by the decision makers. But again we ask the question, why should we watch a movie about Monroe that has nothing to do with Monroe?

Let’s get to the point that caused so much excitement in advance. then blonde entered the United States The notorious NC-17 rating. A rating that only a few movies get, especially porn movies. This rating is higher than the R rating. Difference: With an R rating, people under the age of 18 can watch the movie with their parents. Not rated NC-17.

I got blonde This category Because of sexual photography Thus it attracted some attention. Let’s face it: some will be curious about the movie for this exact reason. But is it really worth it?

Yes, there are sex scenes. Yes, Ana de Armas can be seen naked many times, especially at the top. But he hardly got a rating for these scenes, Movies or other series offer something more clear.

It’s all about a very special scene, where Marilyn Monroe performs oral sex and most importantly, how the scene was filmed, a close-up of her face. Due to the angle of the camera aimed directly at her face, the viewer is closer to her, and closer to the horror she has to endure. The intention here is clear. However, the scene could have been portrayed differently and still conveys horror. It seems to us that it was shot that way on purpose just to get an NC-17 rating. ready to provoke. It helped because in the earlier period there was sometimes more talk of rating than of the movie, the story, or even the performance of Ana de Armas.

A word about the rating, as it may come as a surprise, as it looks higher than what we describe here. The reason is this: Ana de Armas’ performance alone is worth at least two hats. And even if we don’t like the overly artistic side, there are some pretty cool photos that shouldn’t be mentioned. blonde We didn’t like it, we can’t understand some creative decisions, but it wasn’t a disaster.

A big name, amazing performance and an artistic nightmare awaits you when you sign up blonde Watch. For some, this may just be the thing. For us, the movie caused more of a stir than it actually was worth. In the end still performance Ana de Armas, worth watching. And a movie we hope to soon forget.

Detect value: 25%

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