Blonde 2: Is there a sequel on Netflix?

In the newly released movie “blonde” Tell Netflix The story of one of the greatest Hollywood Icons At what time: Marlin Monroe. Beginning with her childhood as Norma Jean, viewers follow her life through her rise star. Decorated with fairy tales, you can also try out Monroe’s love stories. After the movie was released on Netflix, many viewers are wondering if there is a file continuation will give. Here you will find everything possible part two It is known for the film about the Hollywood legend.

  • exist Part 2?
  • Why?
  • who are they the actor?

In this article you will find all information about Free, plot, cast & Associates to “Blond” 2 at a glance.

Is there a “blonde” part 2?

movie from Andrew Dominic It starts with the girl Norma Jane Baker. Since childhood, viewers follow the whole life of a Hollywood star Marlin Monroe. Biographical data blends with fiction and one is transported into a world in between luster and draw fragility. But it will be continuation Who “blonde” give?

There is currently no official information on one Part 2 From the Netflix movie. Since the first part was only published recently, it will likely take some time before deciding to proceed.

When does Blonde 2 start on Netflix?

“Blonde” just launched on Netflix. One continuation It has not yet been confirmed. So no one can release day reveal his identity. If the information has been published, you can find it here.

What could the supplement be?

“Blond” tells about life Marlin Monroe Totally new. From her difficult childhood, her rise to stardom, to her romantic engagements, the film blurs the line between truth and imagination It becomes blurred and the gap between private and public figures becomes visible.

Since in the already published part, however, Monroe is complete Personal Biography That being said, there will be no direct sequel to the story. However, it would be conceivable spin About their love stories, an intense look at their childhood or of course the discussion about their lives the death. One thing is for sure: Marilyn Monroe’s life still provides plenty of room for more films. Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Will Ana de Armas reprise her role as Marilyn Monroe?  All known information about the sequel & quot;  Blond

Will Ana de Armas reprise her role as Marilyn Monroe? All known information about the sequel to the movie “Blond”.
© Photo: Netflix 2022

“Blonde” – the successful novel

The Netflix movie was based on the movie of the same name book “Blonde” Joyce Carol Oates. It begins with an introduction the day before Marilyn Monroe’s death and accompanies her throughout her life. The book, released in 2000, has none continuation.

Is there a trailer for Blonde 2?

A potential supplement has not been confirmed. So there is no one yet Trailers To “blonde” 2. Should a preview Posted, you can find it here. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for Part One.

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Cast “Blond” 2

When Marilyn Monroe took over Ana de Armas In “Blond” a very difficult task. According to the producer, the perfect cast has been found Brad Pitt Long sought. He said, “We couldn’t finish it until we found Anna.” whether they go to Blonde Wig hole not confirmed yet. other too the actor The sequel has not been confirmed.

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