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Robert Geisendorfer Prize No. 38

For radio, television and electronic production

Frankfurt, 20 September 2022 – In 2022, a total of eight productions were awarded the Robert Geisendorfer Prize, the Protestant Media Prize, and the Special Prize was awarded to the jury. The award ceremony was held on September 20 2022, In the Central German Radio (MDR) in Leipzig instead of. drove through the evening Ulric Grimm, Broadcasting Commissioner of the Evangelical Church of Central Germany. eulogy for Catherine Eggendorfwinner of a Special Jury Prize, former supervisor of ZDF “heute journal” Dr. Klaus Kleber.

The Jury for the Robert Geisendorfer Prize “Public Programs” chaired by the President, The head of the church, Dr. Dr. h.c. Volker Jung, The following productions were honored:


“Anton and Pepe”

Get the prize Axel Ranish (Writer/Director) And the Paul Sacher (Author).

NDR 2021 Editor: Cultural, Artistic and Cultural Press. Responsible Editor: Michael Baker.

Jury statement: We go with Anton and Pepe through the jungle of their daily lives of love and suffering, and with all the storytelling humor, we realize only in hindsight how much we’ve learned. On the ordinary everyday life of the same-sex partnership, about the prejudices that still exist, about the highs and lows of family life in Germany and – last but not least – about love (neighbourhood) as the crucial and binding link for successful relationships between us human beings.

“Letters from Hell”

receive the award Andreas Weiser (Director).

the master 2021, Editor: hr2-kultur. Responsible Editor: Cordula Huth.

Jury statement: It is eyewitness reports that are not allowed to survive. The men of Auschwitz Sonderkommando face the most terrifying task: to lead their people into the gas chambers. “Letters from Hell” was found and later published by Pavel Polian. With his radio art, Andreas Weiser created a sound monument out of it.


The Egyptian case

receive the award Stefan Eberlin (Writer/Director).

ARTE / ZDF 2021, Responsible Editor: Myriam Karp (ZDF). Production company: Leykauf Film.

Jury statement: With great tenacity and staying power, Stefan Eberlin sheds new light on the much-discussed “Al-Masry Affair” and sheds light on the blackout that state agencies and responsible politicians believe they can tolerate. Through his meticulous and comprehensive research work, he restores to the Egyptian some of his dignity and thus gives him justice.

“Black Eagles”

receive the award Torsten Korner (Author/Director).

Broadview Pictures 2018, Producer: Leopold Hoch. Creative Producer: Peter Wolf.

Broadcasting: Amazon Prime, ZDF.

Jury statement: The documentary impressively addresses the issue of racism in the German Football League. The stories of football players over the past 60 years have been masterfully combined with archival material. The result was a moving film, partly fun, but above all an eye-opening one.


podcast format Noise

Get the prize Khosrow Behrouz (Writer/Director/Producer) And the Patrick Stegman (Writer/Director/Producer).

Jury statement: The entertaining “Noise” podcast does a journalistic education job in the best sense of the word. It shines not only through particularly rigorous research, but also through the always understandable presentation of the findings and thought-provoking storytelling together, making the analysis and connections impressively audible. With “The Noise,” Khesrau Behroz and Patrick Stegman explore the inaudible voices behind the screeching cries, make them accessible and understandable in a contrasting way, and place a milestone in the midst of the podcast.

Social Media Format Arte FAQ

Get the prize Frederic Schiller (Producer), Manuel Tanner (RBB Editor), and Patrick Wagner (Author).

rbb/arti, Production company: Drive beta.

Jury statement: Arte’s “Frequently Asked Questions” runs on Snapchat and Instagram and answers “Generation Z’s Urgent Questions” once a week. The jury recognizes the performance and innovative spirit of a format that is constantly evolving and adapting to new platforms and environments, but never lose sight of the goal of informing young people and promoting social discourse.

children’s media

The Robert Geisendorfer Prize Children’s Media Award jury, chaired by Chairman Udo Hahn, awarded its prizes to the following products:

“If it’s not you, we are!”

receive the award Irga von Bernstorff (Author, Director).

SWR 2021, Editor: Fiction and the Family. Co-production: Radio Bremen. Responsible Editors: Claudia Schwab (SWR) and Michaela Herold (RB).

Jury Statement: With the Four Pictures of the “If Not You, We Are!” Irja von Bernstorff has found an excellent way to illustrate the negative consequences of globalization without reinforcing a general feeling of powerlessness.

web series “truly”

Get the prize Kristen Hartmann (Producer) And the Ricarda Schemann (lead author).

ZDF 2021, ed.: Children and Youth, Fiction. Responsible for the editorial department: Thomas Burkart, Carmen Dout, Francesca Guderian and Jens Rybke. Producer: Lacey Sharpin. Production company: Studio Central.

Jury statement: With the first German children’s web series, ZDF has made a real innovation in domestic children’s television. The series caters almost perfectly to the interests and lifestyle of the target group between nine and twelve. “Real” contributes not only to mutual respect between the sexes, but also to good teamwork.

Special Jury Prize 2022

Television journalist receives the Special Prize of the Jury for the 2022 Robert Geisendorfer Prize Catherine Eggendorf. And so the jury honors Catherine Eggendorff for decades of journalistic commitment in areas of crisis and war. With its reports, reports and ratings, foreign reports on German television are modeled in an exemplary way.

Jury statement: With professional objectivity and at the same time sympathetic, Catherine Eggendorf has been reporting from crisis and war zones for decades. As a foreign correspondent for ARD, later for RTL, and since 1999 as an international correspondent for ZDF and ARTE, she classifies conflicts—often at risk themselves— It conveys background information reflected with sensitivity.Catherine Eggendorf wrote about the war against Chechnya, the conflicts in the Caucasus and Georgia, Israel, Egypt and Turkey, asking about causes, interests and above all giving victims a voice.Speaks to the Taliban, asks about women’s rights when Afghanistan is no longer the focus of international reports She meets refugees in Syria and films in Iraq. Since February 2022 she has been closely fighting the war against Ukraine and reporting on it in short broadcasts as well as in detailed interviews. She conveys complex facts calmly, not in a self-portrait manner, with accurate knowledge and journalistic confidence in her judgment.”

Public and private broadcasters as well as responsible and creative people from online formats participate in the competition every year. The award is given to radio, television and Internet formats from all categories of programs that promote personal and social responsibility, and contribute to the good coexistence of individuals, groups and peoples and mutual respect between the sexes. Each prize is worth €5,000, and the special prize is not registered.

Photos of the award ceremony and individual winners are available for download at:

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