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Finally a full house again – that’s what happened at the Zeise cinema in Hamburg, because Anke Engelke was there. She presented her new film “Mutter” with director Caroline Schmitz, a co-production of NDR.

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by Danny Marquez

You can see them – but not hear them. Because she only moves her lips. The voices come from eight different real women who share the joys and struggles of being a mother.

Anke Engelke comes in and is immediately surrounded by a group of autograph hunters. Weekly Show, Cracking Lady, voiced by Marge Simpson or Disney’s Fish Dory – she’s a real star. However, she did not have a role like this in “Mother”. She plays, but the sounds come from the tape. Interviews with eight different mothers.

There is no room for improvisation while filming

“I’ve already calculated how many times in my life I have to say: Please brush your teeth now. I mean he’s nine, he’ll be ten soon. I’ve said it at least twelve times a day for nine years. Six times in the morning and six times In the evening. You have to calculate, it’s ridiculous.”
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In this scene, Anke Engelke is standing on stage. The entire film shows the path of the actress while eating, shopping and working. Except that she only says what real mothers say in interviews. Acting There was no room for improvisation for Anke Engelke. Because she has to hit the words, the breath, everything exactly. “It was stressful. And filming was so stressful. It was so stressful,” Engelke says. “I feel so happy about it – so much stuff. I feel so happy when I know there’s a day waiting for me that demands so much from me and that rewards me for the evening.”

“Mother” touching movie

The women interviewed were chosen by director Caroline Schmitz. She ran her newspaper ads across the country. The women are between 30 and 70 years old. “I told them, ‘Please tell us about your life,'” Schmitz says. “From the beginning, until my memory card filled up. I’ve noticed, and not just during this work, that if you talk to people, and you take them seriously and you care about them and you respect them, they talk a lot and really like them to talk.”

The movie is very close. Many women had to give up their dreams for the sake of the family. They were treated by their husbands like domestic servants. Much of the audience is affected. Guys, too: “Well, I got the laughter stuck in my throat and the movie was impressive, but it also pissed me off,” the audience said.

Anke Engelke: “There’s a big flaw”

Anke Engelke watches the film with the audience. A quick look at the phone, old fashioned, not a smartphone, and a bag of popcorn on hand. The movie made her think. “I’ve noticed a huge imbalance,” she says. “And it’s the mothers who do proportionately a lot in terms of education and childcare. I think that’s a shame and worrying.” “I can imagine the people watching the movie here have a great need to talk.”

Men or fathers appear marginally in the film. However, this is not a movie against men, but for everyone, says the director and her co-star. This is also true, women mainly talk about what is happening inside them, and men do not miss them. A sequel perhaps titled “Father”? “Well, I don’t,” says director Schmitz. Your gospel laughs, “Neither do I.” “We have to get to the train.”

“Mother” with Anke Engelke begins in cinemas in Hamburg next week.

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