David Hasselhoff: That’s why RTL wouldn’t exist without it

“Ze Network” is a quirky comedy starring David Hasselhoff and will premiere on RTL+ in November. In an interview about the series, the American star reveals why RTL should always be grateful to him.

Hasselhoff is proud of his latest series production, in which he plays the lead actor and executive producer. “Ze Network is unlike anything before it. It is emotional and action-packed, funny and sad all at the same time. Sometimes the humor is so black that you laugh at the most inopportune moment—a supernatural joy. In addition, the audience will continue to ask the question: Is this true? Or just a fantasy?

Above all, viewers should ask themselves who would think such rubbish nonsense, David Hasselhoff and Henry Hopchen reveal the global conspiracy of paranoid florist Thomas (Maximilian Mondt, “How to Sell Drugs Online (Quickly)”), where KITT is also frequently used.

In an interview, the 70-year-old actor and singer tells what it’s like to play your part and why RTL wouldn’t exist without him.

hErr Hasselhoff, you play the lead in the original RTL+ “Ze Network”. Why?

Ze Network is a must-see offbeat action comedy. The series revolves around how I came to Germany to reinvent myself as an actor in the theater. There she met, among others, well-known actor Henry Hobchen. However, I do not understand German, and therefore do not understand much of what is happening around me. Then I suddenly find myself in the middle of a secret agent plot… I have to figure out if my turn is slowly losing my mind or it’s all real!

What is it like playing yourself?
It doesn’t matter what role I play – I only play one. I’m really excited to play myself in the Ze network, but I’m still not 100%. Plus, you can experience me in the series as a serious secret agent – very different from the sunny boy the Germans know from me.

What can viewers look forward to in the series?
“Zi Grid” is not like anything that came before. The series is a very colorful and original combination in its own way. I am very proud of this project. It’s emotional, action-packed, funny and sad at the same time. Sometimes the humor is so black that you laugh at the most inopportune moment. In addition, the audience will always ask themselves the question: is this fact or just fiction?

Henry Hübchen takes on the second major role alongside you. She has also photographed with Lisa Marie Corolle and Maximilian Mondt, among others. How did you find cooperation?
Henry, Maximilian, and Lisa Marie are all very special in their own way. The three, as well as some of the “Berlin Dogs” stars I knew from TV, were a little excited when they first met me because I had been a part of their childhood. But we became friends while we were filming and got to know a different side of me. It was great to finally be able to conquer this idealistic “legend” of David Hasselhoff. The entire cast is wonderful. We have benefited from each other and that is how it should be.

How did it feel to work with RTL again?
I have a long history with RTL. At the time, Helmut Thoma was still the managing director. Call me and tell me I’m the reason for the RTL. I was speechless, but the first showing that the station was purchased from America was “Knight Rider” and brought RTL the success that the station still has today.

What are your most formative memories of Germany?
During East German times, when the Berlin Wall was still standing, I would visit East Berlin, at the Grand Hotel, for an interview. It looked very big and rich, but the rest of the city was gray and gloomy. They wanted an autograph and I thought they knew me as a guy who talks to cars but to them I was just a “Searching for Freedom” singer. A little later in 1989, I was asked if I could sing this song. I said I would only do this if I could project on the Berlin Wall. In fact, the request was a joke because we didn’t think it could be possible, but I sang this song to a million people out there – and it became a symbol of hope. 30 years later, this still applies and “everyone seeks freedom”.

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