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With Minions & More, Netflix is ​​now bringing the Young Yellows, who will occupy cinemas again in 2022, to the streaming service. What’s behind it and what are the other best starters for the week? We have the answer…


As we do every Sunday, we bring you some of the most promising new shows coming to Netflix, so you know what to put on your watch list and what to ignore. During the week of September 26 to October 2, There are some top-notch Netflix newcomers, such as Marilyn Monroe’s “Blonde,” which has already been labeled a “scandal movie,” as well as several cinema titles. Then there’s Project Minions on Tuesday that needs a little explanation.

But enough of the preamble. Divided according to the day of the week, we bring you selected highlights from upcoming Netflix releases.

Monday: a little science

At the start of the week, those interested in science will get their money’s worth. In the documentary Journey to infinity Famous “geniuses” (Netflix ad) from fields such as mathematics, cosmology, and particle physics explain what infinity is.

Tuesday: New or Old Minions?

Neither Marvel’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, nor Fantastic Beasts – Dumbledore’s Secret from the “Harry Potter” franchise, nor the blockbuster Top Gun 2: Maverick is the most successful movie of a year in Germany, but Minions 2: In Search of the Mini Boss”. It’s clear that Netflix wants to capitalize on the incredible popularity of yellow.

Minions and more 1 It’s coming out this week and it might drive fans crazy for Kevin, Stuart, Dave and Co. fans. Unfortunately, we have to put it aside. “Minions & More 1” has been announced as a “variety of short films”. But the titles announced so far are all old and already available short films.

Of course, you can still hope that there will be at least one new short film, surprisingly, but you shouldn’t really expect that. After all, this will actually be a promotional advertisement. For the “Minions & More 2” set, which will follow later in the year, only short films known to date have been included.

Wednesday: Best Netflix Scandal Movie of the Year

with blonde There will be probably the most discussed movie of the year on Netflix so far on Wednesday. Andrew Dominic dedicates himself to the life of Marilyn Monroe with the distinguished Anna de Armas. With a lot of interpretation and imagination, he fills in unknown holes and, above all, destroys the myth. We don’t want to reveal more here because we’ve already written extensively about the film elsewhere today. We would also like to point out our criticism:

“Blonde” movie review for “Blonde”

In addition, Netflix has top-notch documentary series at The Beginning. Remember all the excitement surrounding GameStop stocks when amateur investors banded together online to take over Wall Street? with mini series Eat The Rich: How GameStop’s Stock Turned Wall Street Upside Down The whole story is now being explained and processed.

Thursday: Sisi is now also on Netflix

There are a few Sisi projects at the moment, either in cinema (“Corsage”) or as a live-streamed series from RTL (“Sisi”). Now Netflix is ​​following suit. in “Empress” So we see from another angle how the rebellious Elizabeth falls in love with Emperor Franz Joseph, but soon finds himself at odds with the strict Vienna court as his new wife.

Friday: The modern version of the Uber Classic

Friday is known to be the day Netflix releases a particularly large number of big in-house productions, so we have to reiterate that this is just a really small selection. The second version of the game demo is likely to be of particular interest “The Floor is Lava” In addition to the highly promoted animated series by Netflix itself “Entergalactic” With rapper Scott Miscudy.

Of course, as FILMSTARTS, we also want to point out an interesting film: “Rainbow” Brings the story of the wonderful Hollywood movie “The Wizard of Oz” to the present. Paco León, also known as an actor from “Blumige Aussichten” and “Massive Talent,” focuses on the directing work of a young teen who goes on a strange journey in search of her mother. The trailer actually shows a lion crossing their path, just like in the original:

Saturday: Lots of Hollywood essentials – especially for horror fans

Saturday marks the beginning of the month this week, and Netflix experts know what that means: On the first of the month, Netflix releases all titles for which limited licenses have been purchased — Hollywood movies in particular.

This week, horror fans in particular will get their money’s worth, as there are, among other things, “Annabelle 3”new editions “A Nightmare on Elm Street” And the “Friday the 13th” Such as Paranormal Activity: Characteristics.

There are more October 1 titles in our monthly preview:

New on Netflix in October 2022: Horror highlights, Harry Potter-style fantasy, and a re-release of a war movie masterpiece

Sunday: A bit of reality TV this weekend?

So far, Netflix is ​​only offering the start of Sunday’s Mexican reality TV series “Simbri Rinas” announced. Here they accompany the icons of show business and best friends Silvia Pasquale, Laura Zapata, Lucia Mendes and Lorena Herrera, who are incredibly popular in their homeland. It is somewhat doubtful whether this is also of interest to many people in Germany. But since it’s the only title announced for Sunday so far, we don’t want to block it from you (and hopefully give you enough watchlist stuff with the rest of the titles).

And if you haven’t seen it yet, please check out Athena, available since Friday 23 September 2022:

New ‘Athena’ on Netflix: No other movie starts better and more intense in 2022 – the first few minutes are true action frenzy

This preview is based on the official Netflix announcements and is just a small selection of the promised titles. However, the movies and series mentioned here can also be postponed at short notice.

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