Westart on PBS

  • Technology, fashion and design: a visit to the Bocholt textile factory
  • ‘The Female Show’: Photographing Women’s Fashion at the Schloss Moyland Museum

  • Overdemands and Great Happiness: A film with Anke Engelke about being a mother

  • The Voice of the Street: Behzad Karim Khani’s first novel “Dog, Wolf, Jackal”

  • Friday Night Jews: Saturday with Daniel Donskoy

Technology, fashion and design: a visit to the Bocholt textile factory: from Westphalia to the world: textiles for the German and international market are still produced in Bocholt today. The beginnings of the clothing industry go back to the nineteenth century. Textilwerk Bocholt, one of the eight industrial museums in Westphalia-Liby, provides exciting insights into the past and present of textile production. Located on the small Aa River, the museum consists of two parts: a replica of a textile mill and a historic herding spinning mill. Both are typical examples from the boom period of the textile industry. Special Feature: Visitors* can feel and experience on old machines how people used to work here. The current highlight is the special exhibition “Coolness”. Through a variety of clothing, images, films, and music, she traced the sense of casual separatism into the 20th century. Viewable until October 30, 2022. “Women’s View”: Women’s Fashion Photography at the Museum Schloss Moyland: What will we know about styles, trends, and “must-haves” without fashion photography? Many male photographers have become famous. Women in particular have shaped fashion photography for decades. The exhibition “Female View” at the Schloss Moyland Museum shows how they see fashion, the female body, beauty and identity. She charts a wide arc from fashion photography in the 1920s to the digital age and shows how social role models and the way fashion are interdependent. It can be seen from September 24, 2022, to January 15, 2023. Excessive Demands and Great Happiness: A film with Anke Engelke about being a mother: Joy and Doubt, Strength and Helplessness, Love and Anger: Mothers have very contradictory experiences. Cologne city manager Caroline Schmitz interviewed eight women between the ages of 30 and 75 about their lives as mothers. Your film is a tightrope walk between fiction and documentation. The original voices of the eight women could be heard outside the screen. In addition, Anke Engelke synchronously moves her lips and tells her stories in very different everyday scenes. “Mother” arrives in cinemas on September 29th. Westart met Caroline Schmitz and Ank Engelek. The Voice of the Street: Behzad Karim Khani’s debut novel “Hound, Wolf, Jackal”: Journalist Behzad Karim Khani from Iran, grew up in the Ruhr region and studied art history and media studies at the Ruhr University in Bochum. Today he lives in Berlin and runs a pub in Kreuzberg, his first novel “Hund, Wolf, Schakal” was published. It is the story of two brothers who fled to Germany with their father during the Iranian Revolution. Sam, the eldest, makes his way through the Arab-dominated Neukölln region and earns respect from street gangs to protect his little brother. Behzad Karim Khani’s language is harsh and brutal, yet he tells us about his characters with a kindness that gives them depth and dignity. “Friday Night Jews”: Saturday with Daniel Donskoy: Return of “Friday Night Jews” with Daniel Donskoy. The late-night show, which has won the Grimme Award and the German Television Award, has gone international in its second season: Daniel Donskoy and his team have traveled in recent months to see how things are with Jews outside Germany. In London, Buenos Aires, Tel Aviv and Istanbul, Donskoy invites international guests to argue, laugh and eat. The four episodes of September 23 can be watched Friday at ARD Media Library. All episodes will also be shown on WDR TV on October 21. (station info)

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