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Andrew Dominic began developing Marilyn Monroe Blonde in 2010. There were always new obstacles, and there was a lot of speculation about the supposedly scandalous film. In three days it will finally be available on Netflix. Here is the trailer:

In “Blond” (from September 28, 2022 on Netflix), “James Bond: No Time To Die” and “Knives Out” star Anna de Armas play big-screen icon Marilyn Monroe. Andrew Dominic’s latest movie, Killing Them Softly, isn’t a classic biographical movie. It is adapted from Joyce Carol Oates’ novel, which is quite controversial and fills in the gaps in the actress’s biography with interpretation and imagination. In Blond we see not only how Monroe became a Hollywood star, but above all the negative aspects that are closely associated with him. Sex, drugs, and in particular several clandestine abortions (possible, but of course not historically proven) play an important role in this.

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So “Blond” was previously announced as a hardcore movieaccused the director of tackling Monroe’s sexual exploitation by relying on too much sex himself (and thus becoming an exploiter himself).

When “Blonde” was given a rating of NC-17, which was reserved for pornographic films, in the United States, the case seemed clear and these critical voices were confirmed. However, it’s not so easy with the movie, which has not been tested by FSK in Germany due to its Netflix exclusive release, but has been rated by the streaming service itself as 18 or older.

“Blonde”: the scandal is different

We’ve already seen Blonde, and despite Ana de Armas’s many nude scenes, the graphic depiction of sex, violence, and drug use certainly doesn’t make room for scandal. As the director Andrew Dominic himself correctly explained, each episode of the hit series Euphoria is more meaningful.

However, there will be a scandal over how Andrew Dominic separates screen character Marilyn Monroe from the real Norma Jeane behind her – and in the process destroys Monroe’s build.

It puts their classics like “Some Like It Hot” or “Blondes Like It” in a different light so badly that it’s hard to see them with the same eyes afterwards. This will upset Monroe fans and bring the drama some negative reactions even after the festival premiere (and how US President JFK is portrayed here as a sex monster is another story entirely).

Blonde: That’s why we had to wait so long

So it’s no wonder that it took twelve years for the “blonde” to see the light of day. Because even though Brad Pitt believed in the project early on and got involved with his company, no one wanted to fund the exact movie until the end. So the first attempts with Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain came to nothing. In 2016, Netflix got involved and a light at the end of the tunnel finally appeared.

Ana de Armas has joined the position of the new leading lady over time. When it was announced in the spring of 2019, she had already widely warmed up to the role. Extensive filming began in the summer of 2019, and the 2020 Oscar season was scheduled to begin. The failure to do so has led to renewed speculation. Even Netflix got the movie so hot, the streaming service didn’t want to show it anymore. According to Dominic, there were more cliched reasons: the Corona pandemic disrupted production. But now is the time.

Blonde: We have a clear recommendation!

From September 28, 2022 you can”blondeWith Ana de Armas on Netflix. Other roles include Adrien Brody, Julianne Nicholson, and Bobby Cannavale. We are sure the movie will divide you too.

With several style changes, the haunting score of songwriting legend Nick Cave and his band “Bad Seeds” Warren Ellis and a soundtrack full of loud noises, “Blond” intentionally gets on your nerves and hits your kidneys. But behind it is an incredibly stunning film that removes screen icon Marilyn Monroe from its pedestal to show us the woman behind her. This is embodied in the gorgeous, sexy Ana de Armas. There is more in our review:

“Blonde” movie review for “Blonde”

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