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This time we recommend pinhole legends, ghost piano, crime stories, urban dangers and electro-acoustic music.

Theater of Control: Legends with Holes

In the theater you first notice that reality and fantasy are equal and cannot be separated. Who can suppose to separate imagination and experience? Both require shaping so they don’t fade. Still at war, Kai’s eleven-year-old grandfather was a hero, savior, and a good man. It’s a pity that his memory wanes and the stories of the adventure that made his grandson fall in love with his grandfather don’t flow smoothly anymore.

In Zoran Drvenkar’s play Kai Goes to War and Comes Back with Grandpa, directed by Robert Newman, the two (Renee Schubert as Grandfather with dementia and Helena Charlotte Segal as Kai) are played by scraps of memory, which only turn out to be increasingly tenuous and more porous, But then it allows us to look deeper and show that stories are made up of layers. Musician Matthias Bernhold assists in patching and reassembling the scraps. The truth – or should we say, at least a more believable contrast to the grandfather’s memories – appears in the dialogue. Don’t leave the old alone! Ulrich Seidler

Kai goes to war and returns with his grandfather. (for people over ten years old) Saturday, 4 pm at Grips (Podewil), Klosterstraße 68, tickets and information on the phone: 39 74 74 77 or at

The Marquess Museum says goodbye to the orchestra and pianola

The keys on the piano move up and down as if by magic. But this is neither a ghost nor an ordinary piano, but a self-playing device called a piano. With this tool, a perforated paper tape controls when the tone should sound. The orchestra also works with such piano lists, and this musician can imitate an entire orchestra. Both instruments and more will be heard for the last time at the Märkisches Museum on Sunday. The house will bid farewell to its collection of mechanical musical instruments on Sunday with a grand show, because the historic building will close for renovation at the end of the year.

The barrel organ, also known as the barrel organ, was an integral part of Berlin street music.Stadtmuseum Berlin / Photo: Unknown

Some of the pieces will be presented in a new exhibition in the rooms of the Pankow Museum in Prenzlauer Berg over the next four years. This means that some instruments date back to somewhere close to where they were originally made, such as the drum orchestra or the “Fratihymnia” orchestra, which were made in the Italian workshops of Schönhauser Allee. Das Bezirksmuseum hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, diese Musikinstrumente nicht nur hinsichtlich Technik und Musik zu präsentieren, sondern es soll in der Ausstellung auch um die Migrations-, Sozial- und dem Iterschiens chert Berlin e. he goes. Susan Lenz

Farewell Offers At the Märkisches Museum at 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 1 p.m., 3 p.m. and the last half-hour, admission is free. Registration at: or tel. 162-24002

The Cabaret Theatre, Seasons: Narrated by Horst Evers

Horst Evers has just published a new book called “Beautiful Crime Stories,” in this case a descriptive title “Boom!” (Rowohlt Berlin). So he can walk around the city with this book, read from it and watch it take people’s breath away. As funny as they are, these stories really do feature a certain excitement, through suspense. So he can do that too, famous speaker.

But Evers isn’t a big fanatic, he goes to city places and continues to do what he’s been doing for decades, telling stories from everyday life, often with a pathetic hero saying “me”. It is impossible for him to always be himself. And as much as he can write clearly, as entertaining as he is to read, underestimating him on stage is much hotter. Horst Evers reads and tells stories as if he was constantly in danger of being overlooked, thus garnering attention and making people weep with laughter. Now even in the afternoon! Saturday and Sunday with mice. We already mentioned the title here, it suits him: “I’m not someone who hangs on the big bell.” Cornelia Geisler

Horst Evers, September 24 and 25, 3:30 p.m., Die Wühlmäuse, tel. 030 30 67 30 11

Reclaiming the Film – Heritage Film Festival

This small and special festival is dedicated to restored analog films that are now celebrating their digital premiere. This time, only documentaries or those so called will be shown – their origin and the motives of their makers will be explicitly addressed. You can see, among other things, the film “Dangers of the Big City Road”, filmed in 1924 on behalf of the Munich police, “The House – 1984”, in which Thomas Hayes was to capture everyday life in the country In order to document the GDR government film and “Tali Braun, New York”, in which Rosa von Braunheim captured wild New York in the 1970s in 1979. During the festival, von Braunheim will give a lecture on his documentary approach, and director Ulrich Oettinger will be a guest in her film” Prater” from 2007. Some festival films are also available online until October 5th. Claudia Reinhart

A scene from Ulrich Oettinger’s documentary “Prater” (2007)Arsenal – Film and Video Institute

Restore Film – Heritage Film Festival, 2022, September 21-25, Arsenal Cinema

Connecticut 22 PV Music and Sound Art Festival

A great recommendation for a weekend of vocal culture: the Communication Festival at the Academy of Arts. All about electro-acoustic music for five days through Sunday. Electroacoustic music – a controversial term in musicology; After all, all music is acoustic – and in times of electronic amplification, it is also electronic. But that is not what is meant. Alternatively, most people can agree on that: an exciting mix of electronics and audio gadgets.

He also performs at Connections Festival: Jessie Marino.Gerhard Kon

The best way to start a weekend is at 6:00 pm in Kontakt, with works for the trio, some on vintage synthesizers. The Women’s Laptop Orchestra’s performance from 10pm also sounds exciting. Hopefully, despite all the excitement, you can still get some sleep – and then you can listen to the Berlin Loudspeaker Orchestra perform with the Berlin students on Saturdays from 4pm. Starting at 9 p.m. Maximilian Marcolls allows electronic guitars to be used in live electronics. Nice. By the way, the roots of the festival go further than one might think: the name is a tribute to the concert series of the same name by the Academy of Arts (East), which has performed electro-acoustic works in the GDR since 1980.

A little insider tip: the audio installations, which are distributed throughout the AdK district of Hanseatenweg, can be explored for free. Other than that, there are all kinds of flexible concert and day tickets. And at the end of each evening, DJ sets are visible. Great party of electro-acoustic music. And maybe sometime at the end of the night you’ll have a very concrete vision of what that dazzling term could mean. Stefan Hochgesand

art academy, Hanseatenweg 10 and 16 + 22 – 25 September,

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