Sex, crime and family strife: the absurd farce about Paul Pogba

The story contains exciting story components. Extortion, threats, organized crime tendencies, police protection, family resolution. This would definitely make for an interesting movie.

The only problem: none of that fiction, nothing made up, no basis for a plot that promises a full clarification at the end and guarantees that the perpetrators will be kept under lock and key. This is a dead serious fact. The focus is on Paul Pogba (29), the French national player, world champion and once the most expensive football player in the world. The focus is also on older brother Matthias Pogba (32), who is himself a footballer, but has not been nearly as successful. Subject: The elder Pogba is said to have used a gang to blackmail superstar Pogba. A lot of money is at stake, apparently 13 million euros.

Show the discord video to the audience

Mathias Pogba posted a video at the end of August. In it he read a message in several languages: News about his famous brother is expected to be revealed. Paul Pogba accused him of abandoning him. However, Pogba is seen as a man who supports his family and friends – financially included.

In any case, this led to the emergence of family hostility to the public. It is possible that Paul Pogba will pay one of the Almoravids (a kind of Islamic magic) to bring harm to Kylian Mbappe and PSG. However, the Juventus professional strongly denied this. A statement on behalf of Paul Pogba said his brother’s comments were not surprising and were part of a series of blackmail attempts. These facts were presented to the police in Italy and France.

Pogba: They pointed their weapons at me

It also became known that Paul Pogba had already filed a lawsuit with the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office in mid-July, accusing him of extortion. His descriptions relate to several incidents between March and July. Pogba explained that he was threatened by the gang in question, the two’s childhood friends.

“I was afraid that they pointed their weapons at me,” Pogba was quoted by Le Monde newspaper as saying. His mobile phone was stolen and he said 13 million was demanded because 13 years of security was taken care of.

In fact, Pogba handed one of those involved €100,000 in cash, He made several large transfers and instructed his bank to provide the 13 million. According to media reports, his “friends” went shopping for €47,000 with his debit card at an Adidas store on the Champs-Elysees in March.

Paul Pogba has been with Manchester United in the Premier League since 2016.

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Pogba’s brother is now in custody

The authorities responded. They have placed both Paul Pogba and his mother – who was also said to have been threatened – under police protection. Brother Mathias is currently being held with four other suspects. According to the indictment, it is about extortion in an organized gang and participation in a criminal organization in preparation to commit a crime.

Other detainees were also accused of extortion with weapons in an organized gang and false imprisonment. After the investigating judge’s decision, Matthias Pogba’s lawyer announced that he would appeal the decision because “his client did not commit a crime”. All the suspects claim that they were threatened by a “second circle” of blackmailers. A lawyer described his client as “a victim in this case, like Paul Pogba”. The big question, according to a source in Le Monde, is: “Who is the mastermind behind the blackmail attempt?”

This is not the first scandal of French footballers, who have been exploited or threatened by people close to them. The most famous of them is Karim Benzema, who helped his friends in 2015 before trying to blackmail his colleague Matteo Valbuena with intimate video recordings. He was long excluded from the national team and given a suspended prison sentence. Le Parisien quoted an official as saying that Benzema is a “prime example”: “He has millions, but he cannot bear to be said to have forgotten where he came from.”

Successful professionals often collect parasitic elements around them – including extreme rage.

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