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Everyone is talking about Putin, but Corona is still around – which is why Karl Lauterbach is again ahead. Even if the Minister of Health only got his turn at the end, after midnight, in “Maischberger” because of Putin.


Professor Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD). At the same time, the Minister of Health gives pills to wake up and calm down: the strictest rules in Europe are true, but not necessarily enforced.

Rodrich Keswetter (59, CDU). The foreign policy expert tweeted, “Putin’s partial mobilization shows Russia’s military weakness!”

Catherine Eggendorf (60). ZDF war correspondent thinks Putin is losing control.

Mickey Bizenherz (45). The TV author asks the Financial Hornet’s Nest: “When are the energy solos coming?”

Dagmar Rosenfeld (48). Editor-in-chief (WELT am SONNTAG) criticized Economy Minister Robert Habeck: “The energy tax can no longer be delivered!”

Henrik Rosbach (42). “There are not many countries that are still thinking a lot about Corona,” says the journalist (“SZ”).

Kids, kids, this winter is going to be tough! Zoff-o-Meter hopes for warm comfort instead of hot air.

The most optimistic introduction

After the ARD clip with Putin’s latest threatening presentation, Beisheners commented on two perspectives: “Of course, at first you think, ‘Oh my God, he’s now cruising in Ukraine…'”

But, as the TV author then says about his second thought: “This might also be a good sign, because the Witch of the East is really puffing up again for fear that you won’t take it seriously. That’s why Putin says nuclear weapons are not a hoax. Maybe now there will be More resistance in Russia.

Mickey Bezenhairs

Photo: ARD

crunchy comment

“This partial mobilization is also an admission by Putin that he is on his way to losing this war,” Editor-in-Chief Rosenfeld said without hesitation.

Her predictions: “Partial mobilization will bring war to Russian living rooms. Suddenly men, sons and wives are infested. Until now it was just a TV show.”

The most important points of view

Rosenfeld continues the analysis: “With the sham referendums in the occupied territories, Putin is now trying to reverse the path of the perpetrator and the victim.” According to his argument, this is Russian land and he became a self-defense warrior.

“Now he has to give up the illusion that this war doesn’t really affect Russia at all,” helps SZ-Rosbach, but: “Putin with his back to the wall is probably especially dangerous Putin.” !

Henrik Rosbach

Henrik Rosbach

Photo: ARD

bitter joke

Beisenheurers sees the West’s unity already at a tipping point, and Rosenfeld stresses: “Whoever says Panzerhaupitz 2000 should say Leopard 2, too. It can’t be Putin who drew the red lines.”

Her suggestion: “There are 13 countries in the European Union that have Leopard 2 tanks. Why doesn’t Germany put itself at the forefront of an initiative that says: We are negotiating together to send these tanks?

Dagmar Rosenfeld

Dagmar Rosenfeld

Photo: ARD

“Russia has already handed over a few battle tanks,” Beizenherz jokes. “They left them there.”

clearer analysis

War and crisis correspondent Eggendorf, a longtime ZDF correspondent in Moscow, doesn’t care, “Putin saw the West as an adversary from the start,” she recalls. “This is not new.”

“First of all, this is a sign in our country that the former special operations department was not working,” says Kiesewetter, a 27-year-old retired colonel in the German army. “But it is also a sign in our societies of fomenting fear, dividing Europe, and disturbing cohesion with America.”

Rodrich Keswetter

Rodrich Keswetter

Most realistic expectations

And about the recall of 300,000 soldiers, the foreign politician said: “My personal assessment is that he is preparing for some kind of spring offensive. They must be trained first, and this takes time.”

“For this reason, our demand is to support Ukraine as much as possible as soon as possible,” Kiesewetter continued.

clearest warning

And Eggendorf notes that “Putin has never been hit as hard as it is now since he came to power.” “If I have to send my son to war, it is a very different matter than if it is about some people from the Caucasus.”

According to Kiesewetter’s estimation, the use of “tactical nuclear weapons, which have nearly a hundred of the explosive power of Hiroshima” would lead to “China and friendly African countries turning their backs on Putin. Russia will become a pariah state.”

The most serious consequences

The war correspondent says of Putin’s treacherous propaganda: “People think that the West threatens Russia with nuclear weapons. Some of us think so too!”

“We have Russian nuclear weapons in the Kaliningrad region, you can be in Berlin in two minutes and in Paris in three minutes!”

emergency requirement

Regarding Putin’s attempt to turn the spoils of the Ukrainian war into “Russian territory” through a sham vote, the foreign policy expert warns: “So, an attack by Ukraine on its territory would be an attack on the Russian Federation!”

He adds: “We need a very clear statement from the United Nations, preferably from the General Assembly, that can eliminate the paralyzed World Security Council. What matters is that Russia is violating international law here!”

The most wonderful fates

The particularly oppressive ARD clip shows the grave of a mayor who was murdered in Isjum along with her entire family because she did not want to cooperate with the Russians.

In the now-retaken city, Eggendorf met an old woman who had been starving in a cellar for six months and her son told her: “You will die sooner to accept anything from the Russians!”

Catherine Eggendorf

Catherine Eggendorf

Photo: ARD

worst expectation

Regarding the expected spring offensive, Kiesewetter explains: “Now we have time to provide good support to Ukraine. There is also the possibility that we will provide Leopard tanks that are 20-40 years old and easy to operate by Ukrainians.”

The foreign policy expert predicts: “We have two or three difficult years ahead.” Putin is preparing for a long war. We must do our best to end the war as quickly as possible! “

Most political perspective

Kiesewetter continues: “For this reason, I encouraged the rapid delivery of long-range weapons so early. The sooner the war ends, the sooner the terrible suffering in the occupied territories.”

His concern: “Putin’s weapon is that Ukraine will disintegrate and we will flee and emigrate!”

The most careful defensive action

The Minister of Health is welcomed with a quote from virologist Christian Drosten: “From an individual’s point of view, the risk of an epidemic is over for most people.”

“It now seems to me as if Corona, in terms of the danger it poses to me, is something like the flu,” Mechberger suspects.

The minister sees it differently, but he stays covered: “I’m sorry to mention studying again,” he says. “I will definitely be criticized again.”

medical key question

Then the talk show host shows pictures of the bustle of Oktoberfest. “What about personal responsibility? Anyone with a risk wouldn’t go to Oktoberfest and then wear a mask on a full train,” she asks.

“I don’t want to give any numbers now, so as not to frighten anyone,” replied Lauterbach, missed the question. “But in the fall and winter there will be a much higher chance of accidents. We have a highly contagious variant. We have to be prepared for that.” Iso!

Most of the explanation is not satisfactory

Maischberger Investigations: “Oktoberfest and train at the same time,” thx. “Why should I wear a mask on the train but not at Oktoberfest?”

“In Oktoberfest you go there voluntarily and take a risk,” the minister lectures. Many commuters have to take the train to work. So if I wanted to drive safely, it would be good for me for everyone to wear masks.”

Most attempts at justification are impatient

The talk show host is still not satisfied: “You don’t believe the people on the train can decide for themselves, how big a risk is this alternative that we’re dealing with right now?”

Then the minister’s skin becomes thin: “You know, as health minister, I can’t always direct myself to the most absurd behavior in the country,” he grumbled. “The most dangerous behavior we see anywhere cannot become the norm for everyone.” Boom!

Most active advertising

Could this be Germany’s standard for the strictest infection protection law across Europe?

Lauterbach admits, “I think we set a strict standard,” but: “The measures only come into play if they are really developed in such a way that they are necessary. I just don’t want us to be unprepared again for the third fall!”

smartest backup

In the end, the talk show host skillfully combines two main themes: “There are many problems in the world. Are you also busy with other things?”

“I am following discussions on the Ukraine war closely,” the minister says immediately. “The scale of what Germany already offers is really underestimated. It also made a difference in the attack. We also organize a lot of transfers for the injured…”

However, the talk show host only asks the most interesting question at the end, when the show ends and the credits actually end. “Do you have an opinion on tanks?” But soon Lauterbach takes off the headset: the chancellor is listening!

Quote from the evening

You don’t always have to walk with the herd. If you are convinced of something, stand by it, even if it does not bring you any additional points in the popularity scale.


Explosive topic, urgent problems, interesting issues, competent solutions, but with a less impressive guest list: 1 minister, 1 member of Parliament, but 4 media professionals. That was a talk show in the “Very Late Journalist” category.

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