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ein a blank screen. flashing indicator. And that screaming silence that makes you want to skip the first move! A Great Silence is the name of the first novel by French writer Adrien “Moody” Winkler (Nicolas Duvauchel). But no matter how good the yellow pile of author’s copies is, it serves as a dust catcher in the room: there was not much money in the first edition. The first four copies of a new novel, a space adventure, ended up in the trash. A truck drives past the window to the back, whistling. Cell phone vibrates. The cursor’s rhythm is almost gone, and Adrien’s screen is still blank except for the first sentence.

What a contrast with the colorful images with which the French thriller “Black Butterflies” began. A child was seen crouching in front of a bowl of colorful cornflakes and staring sadly at the camera. The record spins like a whirlpool of ideas and makes the audience dizzy. Framed butterfly ominously changing from blue to black and a Super 8 psychedelic glow.

Is the boy Adrian? Or is he the guy who’s calling now and dispelling Adrian’s writer’s block? In any case, the six-part series “Black Butterflies”, albeit very challenging, lacks neither mysteries nor aesthetic ambition. The action takes place in both the present and the past. In the current track, we experience how desperate writer Adrien accepts an unclear job over the phone: he writes the autobiography of great writer Albert Desiderio (Niels Arestrup), who lives in an old house in the country. Despite the modest pay, it appears to be an easy job. Two thousand euros.

They discover lust in and after murder

This is more than many other jobs. Yet very little. Because Albert’s story has it all. It tells of the post-war period in which the heads of French women who gave birth to German soldiers were shaved. It talks about a certain Solange (Alyzée Costes) who was one of those kids and grew up in the same terrible orphanage he grew up in. Not only did the two grow up as life companions – but the killers. When a beach acquaintance tries to rape Solange, she stabs her with a wine opener. Then Albert drowns the only witness at sea. Without any major scruples.

The series depicts this in flashbacks, where young Albert is brutally imitated by Axel Granberger. And the confession becomes longer and longer, because in the following years, the murder develops from the first acts in a passionate state into a fun leisure activity for the spouses that is included in the planning of the holiday. The second victim is a photographer who lures the couple to his villa on vacation and convinces Solange to take nude photos.

And the third, a dance teacher who is easy to seduce – and here, too, the events that always begin with the men trying to rape and lead to their murder by Albert, as with many other murders, culminate in the brutal sex of Albert and Solange at the crime scene. “This program is not suitable for children, young adults or sensitive viewers,” says Overlay when the series is accessed via the Arte media library. There’s a reason for that: people are dying nonstop, blood splatters like ketchup, as well as the disco groove of the 1970s.

It goes without saying that writer Adrian should leave everything at first. But then he stimulates his imagination and hits the keys. To the delight of his partner, Nora (Alice Blyde), an epigeneticist who readily hints at a family secret that has yet to be revealed. As she secretly browses the manuscript, she believes it is pure fiction rather than a true crime. Adrien’s mother Catherine (Briggit Catillon) and publisher tell about her.

A detective also appears in this thriller series from Olivier Abbou and Bruno Merle, which emphasizes the importance of childhood experiences: the mysterious Karel (Sami Bouajila). But it creates sparks of the changes that Adrien went through in the course of his book project, through powerful, sometimes surreal images, with which cinematographer Antoine Sannier expresses Adrien’s inner struggles; With Nils Aristrup’s disturbingly good performance, almost the role of Albert and a story that rewards viewers for following.

black butterfliesat 9:45 p.m. at Aarti.


“black butterflies”

Video: Artie, Photo: © Nicolas Rocco

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