‘War party wins’: Russia turns into ‘panic’

The Moscow stock exchange fell about 11 percent, which does not exactly indicate that Russian investors have great confidence in the future course of the Kremlin. The reason for this: ostensible “referendums” were conducted in the hitherto occupied Ukrainian regions within a very short period of time in order to obtain a reason to annex the regions. To this end, online polls in which citizens are expected to participate are being held from September 23 to 27. Voting in polling stations will remain an exception for fear of violence committed by Ukraine’s supporters. At the same time, “opinion polls” were circulated, according to which the results were known in advance, because large sections of the population were in favor of joining Moscow.

According to the propaganda of the nationalist circles, once the territories became part of Russia, they would be better protected, for example by the Russian nuclear arsenal: “Becoming part of Russia is the only chance of salvation.” Critics have pointed out that Ukrainian forces are already bombing Russian border areas. Thus the eventual annexation would not change much during the war. Regardless, no country would accept the results of these “votes” anyway: even Belarus has not yet recognized the self-proclaimed Donbass republics. So it must only be about symbolism, that desperate and dangerous symbolism, as even newspapers close to the Kremlin admit.

“We will not let anyone down”

Moskovsky Komsomolets relentlessly wrote: “If [ukrainischen] The regions of Zaporizhia and Kherson, as they are, are included in Russia, and then Russia has changed beyond recognition. This would amount to creating the country as an empire with the right to make its own rules (so far only the US has done so) and an all-in-one game. Good luck and may God bless you.”

Well-known and understanding war correspondent Sasha Kots of Putin no longer bothered to hide the “panic”: “After the failure in the Kharkiv region, it is important for us to make it clear to the people: we will not disappoint anyone. And no one will take from us more of our lands. After all, we devoted Recently in the Constitution a ban on the sale of land. Of course, this will not happen immediately. Very difficult times await us, but the measures taken will bring us closer to a common victory. “

‘Somewhat unconvincing’

“Novaya Gazeta Europe” published abroad frankly reveals the absurdity of Putin’s actions: “Referendums are used to legitimize something. But you can’t legalize anything that is fake. Then why implement it at all? A gesture of desperation on its part by collaborators in Luhansk and Donetsk Justifying the losses of the Russian army? Raising Russia’s stakes in the negotiations? All this is somewhat unconvincing. A frivolous use of serious games. The result is not clear.

Blogger satire: “Why are you petty?”

Famous Russian IT businessman and blogger Ilya Varlamov (38) commented stingingly on the hype surrounding the “referendums”. It was PR of an “internal character”, with referendums being sold as a “great victory”, as an alternative to not being successful at the front: “The only question that remains is why there is a need for a circus with referendums at all, you can simply use the whole of Ukraine as part of recognition over Russia and [den einstigen russlandfreundlichen Präsidenten] Make Yanukovych’s ruler. Why are you petty?

With a sense of blunt irony, Varlamov imagines to his 370,000 Telegram fans what will happen if, contrary to all Kremlin expectations, the population does not want to be annexed: “Then Putin comes out and says that Russia is a democratic country, the opinion of the people is sacred to him and he cannot act against the people, so we withdraw the troops and open Instagram and we buy gas again and drink Coca-Cola and this is not a defeat but a victory for democracy through which the West dared to dream!”

Russia plans partial mobilization

Furthermore, Parliament changed some laws and tightened provisions on war and mobilization, allegedly without a single dissenting vote. The “Medusa” portal that appears abroad summarizes these developments in the title: “The Party of War has won.” Accordingly, some prominent members of the regime, such as former President Dmitry Medvedev (57) and General Secretary of Putin’s “United Russia” party, Andrei Turchak (46), urged Putin to escalate: “If the counterattack continues, and the Russian authorities intend to carry out partial mobilization in Russia and the imposition of martial law.”

The Kremlin is concerned that the loyalty of pro-Russian circles in the occupied territories has been significantly damaged by the recent Ukrainian advance: “In Kherson and Zaporizhia, there were serious fears among pro-Russian citizens of Ukraine’s return and punishment.” The successful counterattack by Kyiv “doubled” fears . In other words, sections of the Russian leadership began to panic and urge immediate action.

Senator: ‘No preparations for war’

Russian Senator Olga Koetidi tried to calm her compatriots after the changes in the law: “I can tell you for sure that there are no preparations for war. We are planning. The special military operation is developing very dynamically, which is why we are to respond to the requests made today. ” It is no secret that mobilizing in favor of the Kremlin would entail very high political risks if the fictional propaganda of the painstakingly maintained “Special Operation” were to collapse and war would become a part of everyday life. The fact that everything went “according to plan”, he claimed earlier, would be a waste.

“Time is the essence of war”

The opposition portal “Current Time” asked military expert Yuri Fedorov about the possible consequences of (partial) mobilization. He was not very optimistic about Putin’s prospects: “In my opinion, the experience of the first weeks of the war, when the Russian troops were advancing very cheerfully, will not be repeated. At best, the Russian army will be able to withstand a few positions until this new after all, one The things that still need to be taught to these people is how to fight, because many of them, even if they know how to do something in war, have easily forgotten it two or three years after demobilization.So in the near future it will not rectify the situation on the front line. And time in general is a decisive factor for Russia in the war against Ukraine.”

Belarusian President and Putin ally Alexander Lukashenko described the military situation after the partial Russian withdrawal as “dangerous” and “dangerous” and promised the Russians that in no case would a “stab in the back” come from his country. Instead, the military must be prepared to “prepare for war.”

Military blogger wants to “freeze” the war

Adding to the general excitement are extremely pessimistic assessments of Russian military bloggers. “Because of the situation, I think it is beneficial for Russia to freeze the war now. At least for a while,” he wrote, for example, the author of “Notes from a Veteran” with 200,000 subscribers on his Telegram channel. This is necessary in order to “draw deeper conclusions and reorganize”: “All this is possible only if the Russian government fully understands what is happening and initiates deep internal political changes and military reforms that can be implemented as quickly as possible.” So we must buy time to weaken Ukraine’s infrastructure and focus on the exhaustion of the West.

All this indicates that some political leaders in Russia are showing their nerves and are very concerned about the prospects of war. According to experts, even the general mobilization wouldn’t change much because it would take months for the summoned soldiers to be trained and equipped at all, even if there was a lot of material at all. Anti-war activists called on front-line soldiers to “surrender” as quickly as possible, as this would be a criminal offense punishable by three to five years in prison.

Soldiers at the front must be enslaved

The refusal to perform military service should also be severely punished, which angered pacifists: “It is alarming that new regulations are being introduced for refusing to participate in hostilities, which are aimed at enslaving military personnel at the front. (…) indicates that the Ministry of Defense Concerned about staff turnover as it is a huge phenomenon that causes troop recruitment problems.”

Opposition figures now openly speak of a “dictatorship,” for example Holocaust columnist Ivan Davido: “The authorities send a simple message in the minds of citizens: any criticism of the system is inspired (and may be paid for) from abroad, although This is not so important.) Either you admire the commander, or you act on the orders of the enemy. In our besieged fortress, there is no other way.”

Many searches on Google “leave Russia”

It is indisputable that Putin is “under pressure”, especially since well-meaning countries such as India and China have urged him to end the war as quickly as possible. The question is whether it is “less dangerous” for the regime to escalate or give up soon.

By the way, Russian media indicated that Google searches for the latest developments showed marked trends. The question of how to leave the country suddenly became as common as the question of how to avoid drafting. Putin had not even delivered his televised speech, which was announced by some media outlets. The official media had prepared for this, but then said it was “postponed.” National enthusiasm looks different.

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