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who – which state funeral As expected, Queen Elizabeth II had a lot on Monday Many people in Britain Draw in front of the screens. All figures are preliminary at this time – they do not include those who watched in bars, cinemas or via shows on BBC iPlayer. This is how the canon came Funeral from Westminster monastery Mondays from 11am UK time It peaked at 29.2 million viewers – On average it should have been about 26 million. BBC 1 He appeared during that hour on average 18 million Viewers, at the top values ​​were 19.5 million. 1.7 million and 0.8 million people watched the broadcasts on BBC2 and BBC News. also a program itv He was asked at the time: Four and a half million The British ran it on average. In these four stations alone, the calculated market share has been added to more than 90 percent. Sky News got another three percent and 700,000 viewers.

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Because it must be noted that Several other stations are also broadcasting – Moreover Sky Sports main event, which is a channel that actually shows big football matches on Al Jazeera. About 170,000 viewers were reached in this way. Meanwhile, the BBC said its transmission on Monday 32.5 million People who At least three minutes each time Watched, it was possible to check. Now these are many numbers of different types – it can be said that the state funeral is one of The most watched events of the past decades. When former Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke about the Corona lockdown in May 2020, 27.7 million people watched it. The opening ceremony of the Olympics from London (2012) reached 24.5 million. However, records were not broken all the time. The European Football Championship 2020 final (held in 2021) saw 31 million people, and 32 million people attended the late Lady Di’s party in 1997. Meanwhile, the high reach cannot be monetized because transmissions were not interrupted by commercials.

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Channel 5 By the way, on Monday he decided not to show the funeral. Instead, he touched the transmitter kids’ movies. “emoji movie” It reached about 150,000 viewers. In addition, “Stuart Little” flashed across the screens. Channel 4 Also put on different on Monday documents About the royal family and also show Coronation Ceremony by Elizabeth II from 1953.

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Out of respect for the king’s death and national mourning, the number of program announcements broadcasters have recently placed has dropped to zero. But she works for it The struggle for the privatization of Channel 4 On a new tour. As is known, Boris Johnson, one of the defenders of this plan, is no longer prime minister. Under his successor, Liz Truss, he was Cards may have been modified. Former Minister Nadine Dorisalso clear for privatization Refrain from continuing to work under gear. Well he has Michelle Donelan Mission as Minister of Information, Digital, Culture and Sports Approved. Nor does it seem entirely clear that it wants to stick with the privatization plans. On BBC Radio, she explained the costs and benefits of privatization To check carefully again. The British television industry has repeatedly expressed concern that such a move would harm not only diversity, but in particular many of the medium-sized production companies commissioned by Channel 4.

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Also with the question about BBC fee may not be the last word to speak. Donelan explained a few days ago that you have to look at this “as a whole”. whether you Canceled or retained Donilan hasn’t wanted to commit to that lately. However, she Skeptical about fees. However, at the same time, it must be ensured that the BBC also operates sustainably in the long term. “I am a person who listens, I am a person who takes what he has Makes decisions based on factsAnd that’s exactly what I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. However, according to Donelan, the business models of Amazon and Netflix will certainly raise the question of whether the BBC’s model is really viable.

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Meanwhile he has Supreme court He asserts that he will not allow the resumption of Russia today. Media Entrepreneur Ofcom Was One In 2019 Penalty £200,000 for the broadcaster. Reason: necessary neutrality be the same in many cases Not saved. RT defended itself against this – to no avail, as is now evident.