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The second Baltic Sea Crimes Festival will be held in Neustadt in Holstein until Saturday. In proportion to the approach of autumn, there will be authors from the region under the banner of “Low Storm” – but also absolute stars of the literary scene such as Nellie Neuhaus.

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by Astrid Wolf

Primary motives, bloody actions, the abyss of the human psyche – eight readings and events in Baltic Sea Crimes Festival II are all about it. There are an astonishing number of women writers, and many of their stories set in Schleswig-Holstein, such as Eva Almstedt, who will read from her current novel Ostsekreuz.

Leo Hansen, one of the festival directors, is looking forward to her meeting with the other authors: “For one thing, we think it’s really great to have Neely Neuhaus come to Neustadt, just like Petra Uelker. On the other hand, I also think Gerhard Henschel is really cool because he writes films Very special excitement as a former satirical writer on the Titanic.”

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Many exciting books will be released this year. For example by Heinz Strink, Yasmina Reza, Ralph Rothman and Isabel Allende. more

Taunus erotic movies with Nele Neuhaus in the North

The readings take place at three locations in Neustadt: at the Glücks Event Café, the Kulturwerkstatt Forum and in the theater at the Jakob Lienau School, where Nele Neuhaus will open the festival. Through her crime novels Taunus, she is one of the most widely read German crime writers: “It is a great honor for me not only to be able to take part in the crime festival, but also to be able to open it. But I believe this also because the special crime novels Bee is also popular all over Germany and readers from the North would like to hear the crime novels I have delivered from my mouth.”

Starting at a very young age, she self-published her first books and kept cleaning the doors until she was able to replace Harry Potter as the best-selling book in a Taunus bookstore – and her crime novels have since surfaced. As you read it, you’ll talk about it: “It’s a way of life. Don’t give up when you have a goal, believe in yourself, but also work on yourself constantly, develop yourself, ask yourself what you’re doing – this goes a long way from writing and being a writer, and I’ve found that viewers hesitate to truly “.

Klaus Buchel and Bettina Metlacher from Real Crime

Classroom reading and a very special evening are planned for all those who are interested not only in fiction but also in bloody reality: reports Klaus Buchel, former director of forensic medicine at Hamburg UKE and journalist Bettina Metlacher Benn says Leo Hansen, festival director, other things, all that can It goes wrong in golf: “The two of them not only read their books, but also tell real stories. They always bring something to look at, which is sometimes not very pleasant to look at, but they are real in the criminal world.”

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Nine authors met in Vershausen and read from their current books. more

Thriller at the Baltic Sea Crimes Festival in Neustadt

The second Baltic Sea Crimes Festival will be held in Neustadt in Holstein until Saturday. Also present: former coroner, Klaus Buchel.


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