The crime series “Lauchhammer” was met with mixed reactions from Lausitz viewers

Preview in Schwarzenegger

The crime series “Lauchhammer” was met with mixed reactions from Lausitz viewers

MDR / Moovie / Steffen Junghans

Audio: Brandenburg antenna | 09/14/2022 | Daniel Masto | picture: MDR / Moovie / Steffen Junghans

A girl was found dead in the open Lusatian Lake. Investigations go back to the era of East Germany. The new crime series “Lauchhammer” revolves around this story. Viewers’ opinions on Tuesday’s preview were mixed.

The crime series “Lauchhammer” was shown on Tuesday evening in a preview in Schwarzheide (Oberspreewald-Lusatia). In addition to the actors, producers, and authors, about 120 other viewers came to watch the first two episodes of the six-part series, which will be broadcast on ARD and Arte.

With “Lauchhammer” – after “Spreewald crime” and “Wolfsland” – another Lusatia crime series is coming to TV. It was filmed at locations in Lower and Upper Lusatia, including the city that gave it its name. According to director Till Franzen, Lauchhammer was deliberately chosen as the location: it had to be a small town in the heart of Lusatia, where structural change could also be felt.

In the series, a duo of detectives must solve the mysterious murder of a girl. LKA Detective Mike Bregan, played by Mysel Macievic, returns to his ancient homeland and confronts his past. Besides him, Annalena Gutknecht, played by Odin John. Audience reactions after the preview varied.

In Lauchhammer's preview, in the foreground the audience, in the background the cinema screen (Photo: rbb/Shilka)
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Representing the city causes discussions

Everyone agreed it was a “great crime series”. “One is now looking forward to the second part,” said one woman. He also found another viewer of the series “very successful”. He also clearly recognized his homeland. “Even isolated pictures in the immediate vicinity.”

But the way the city is presented has also generated controversy. “It’s embarrassing to see,” said a woman after the performance. “The thriller was good, but you shouldn’t have said ‘Lauchhammer’ because you’re portraying ‘Lauchhammer’ completely wrong.” Still want to continue watching the series.

The 87-year-old viewer sees it similarly. After the second episode, she said, “You want to try to explain the environment in Lauchhammer – and from two different directions: East Germany and the present. But the present is unreal.” “If the film is shown in Cologne, that’s fine, but in Lauchhammer … we are sensitive, we have been through a lot.”

For another viewer, on the other hand, it was not very important for the area to be displayed correctly. “I’m a crime fanatic,” she told an RBB reporter. “I didn’t think it was so dark. On the contrary: it was partly dark and it made me think about what my childhood was like.” “I did the way the kids were playing in the mine. Looking back, I tell myself: How crazy we were!”

“Do not expect documents”

According to him, the mayor of Lauchhammer, Mirko Bohr (independent), liked the series and already watched it to the end in the media library. “As a suspense crime movie, it’s stunning and amazing.” He can understand that some people in Lauchhammer feel attacked by photographing the city. “We’ve done a lot at Lauchhammer over the past few decades and we should and should be proud of that.” But he also emphasized that it was fiction. “You can’t go expecting a Lauchhammer documentary. It’s a crime series.”

Bohr says the series could also provide a stimulus. “Maybe we’ll get a romantic comedy through rbb or MDR, a post-Lauchhammer romance. That’s also an incentive for me to maybe shoot a movie now to show what a Lauchhammer looks like.”


Important notes for series creators

She said after the preview that series creator Silk Zertz and the crew always wanted to make the area visible. It meant to Geerts that the audience participated a lot. “The inquiries were also very interesting, including important ones,” she then told RBB. It is important for the creators of the series to get this feedback.

“Of course, the thriller also requires characters who have certain issues. I thought it was great to hear how that was received,” Zertz said. The author added that the creators of the series tried hard to create “exciting, heart-warming and contradictory characters”. Tourism associations should make a video.”

Producer Catherine Polymer can’t share some viewers’ impression after the first two episodes that the series is too dark. For example, there are also great nature shots that also tell us the breadth and dimensions. “I think once you see all the parts, you won’t get that feeling either.”

Broadcast: Anten Brandenburg, September 14, 2022, 8:30 a.m.

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