Escalation in Ukraine: US and NATO risk nuclear war

An astonishing shortage has gripped the US ruling class. She sees the prospect of nuclear war – which could mean the death of millions and the extermination of life on this planet – as a real possibility that should not distract her from her geopolitical goals of waging war against Russia in Ukraine.

In an interview with CBS’s 60 Minutes, aired on Sunday, interviewer Scott Baiden asked US President Joe Biden, “As Ukraine thrives on the battlefield, Vladimir Putin is embarrassed and…in the corner. And I was wondering, Mr. President, What would you tell him if he was considering using chemical or tactical nuclear weapons?”

The President replied: No. Do not do it. Do not do it. They will change the face of war like nothing since World War II. “The reference to World War II is important. Although Biden did not mention it, it was the United States that decided at the end of that war to drop two nuclear bombs on Japan, killing more than a quarter of a million people. So far, the United States is the country Only nuclear weapons were used in war.

However, Biden ignored this historical fact and made clear that the prospect of nuclear war would not change the war aims of the United States. “Winning the war in Ukraine means taking Russia completely out of Ukraine,” he said. They are defeating Russia. Russia is proving that it is not as competent and capable as many people think.”

When Biden talks about “getting Russia completely out of Ukraine,” he’s referring to Ukraine’s goal of reclaiming Crimea militarily. Crimea is considered part of the territory of Russia and, according to Russian doctrine, can be defended with nuclear weapons.

US goals go further. After the collapse of Russian forces in northern Ukraine, an air of jubilation and triumph spread across the American political establishment. The American ruling class is determined to go on the offensive.

This was in David Sanger’s article – Rapporteur The New York Times National Security – which serves as a semi-official mouthpiece for the statements of the US military and intelligence services.

Under the headline “Ukraine Wants US to Send More Powerful Weapons. Biden Isn’t quite sure,” Sanger and his three co-authors wrote:

US officials believe that they have so far managed to “boil the frog” – gradually increasing their military, intelligence and economic aid to Ukraine without provoking a single major step from Moscow into a large-scale act of retaliation.

They say that if Washington had provided Ukraine early in the war with the kind of support it receives now, such as the intelligence that enabled Ukraine to kill Russian generals and arms depots, Putin would almost certainly have responded with force, striking Russian tanks and aviation. defenses with precision-guided missile attacks.

subordinate Times article Important in many ways. First, it contains a renewed acknowledgment that the United States ran this war from the start – even before it began. The US government provoked the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February by systematically arming Ukraine and backing plans officially approved last year to retake Crimea.

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