The Queen’s Funeral – What RTL and Sat 1 are planning on TV

When the Queen’s funeral takes place on September 19, people will be able to watch the event on TV.Photo: / IMAGO / Pool

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The death of Queen Elizabeth II moved the world. The UK has been on a state of emergency since her death on 8 September at the age of 96 – and strict protocol is being followed. The state funeral will follow on Monday, 19 September, and many people are expected to attend in London. Of course, the funeral will also be a big topic on TV. But where and when can the state funeral be watched on German TV? A glimpse of TV events from the day of the Queen’s funeral:

The Queen’s state funeral on TV – where can I watch it on German TV?


At RTL on Monday, September 19, it’s all about the Queen. The Cologne announcer changes the entire program and broadcasts from 9 am, right after morning formats, a multi-hour special with presenter Katia Burchard and aristocrat Michael Bigas under the name “Point 12 Special: The Queen’s Last Tribute – The World Says Goodbye Elizabeth II”. The program reports directly from the funeral service and reporters provide impressions from London. Peter Kloeppel did not receive assignments for “RTL aktuell” until 6.45pm.

Katya Burcade runs a special several-hour show at the Queen's state funeral on RTL.

Katya Burcade runs a special several-hour show at the Queen’s state funeral on RTL.Photo: imago images / eventfoto54

Saturday 1

In addition to the RTL, Saturday 1 is also fully dedicated to the Queen on Monday. Breakfast TV starts at 5.30am with a live broadcast to London. At 9.55 am, the documentary “Queen Elizabeth II – The Eternal Queen” follows. From 11.50am, reports appear Saturday 1 of the funeral mass from Westminster Abbey in London under the slogan “Farewell, Queen Elizabeth – the world says goodbye”. Claudia von Brauchitsch, Marlene Lofven and Karin Heinrich moderated the program and spoke to royal expert Charlotte Countess von Oeynhausen, among others.

At 6:00 pm, the station will also show the movie “The Queen” with Helen Mirren. The Queen’s state funeral will then be on “Saturday 1 Nachrichten” at 7:55 pm.


ZDF is also all about the Queen of the day. From 9:03 a.m. to 6:05 p.m., the broadcaster will show the burial at St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. The special will be moderated by Editor-in-Chief Peter Fry.

At 7:25 p.m., ZDF also shows “ZDF Special – The Mourning of Queen Elizabeth II.” A 45-minute summary of today’s events.


From 9am to 5pm, ARD will be broadcasting the concert live from London. The funeral service will be commented on by the aristocrat Leonten von Schmittow.

What are the British channels that show the funeral?

British BBC, ITV and Sky TV channels will broadcast live from London on the day of the funeral from the morning. US broadcasters NBC News, ABC, CNN, and Fox News will also do the same.

Prince William and his wife Kate mourn the death of the Queen.

Prince William and his wife Kate mourn the death of the Queen.Photo: Pool Reuters/AP/Toby Melville

The Queen’s Death – Broadcasting services and media libraries show these highlights


If you want to immerse yourself in the life of the Queen and the British royal family in general, you can’t avoid hitting Netflix “The Crown.” Four seasons of the series are now available on the streaming service – and the successful format should continue even after the Queen’s death.

Season 5 has already been filmed and is expected to start in November. A sixth season is currently in the works, but according to screenwriter Peter Morgan, filming will be paused for the time being out of respect for the Queen.

Season 5 of Netflix is ​​expected to start in November

Season 5 of “The Crown” is expected to premiere on Netflix in November.Photo: Netflix / AP / Alex Bailey

RTL+ and public broadcaster media libraries have also provided many non-fiction content about and around the Queen since her death.

ZDF MediaTek

Various specials, reports and documentaries about the Queen and the royal family can be called up at ZDF Media Library. BBC English live broadcasts can also be found there.

ARD . media library

In the ARD media library, among other things, the documentary series “The Queen – Fateful Years of the Queen” is shown. But documentaries and other reports about the deceased head of the British royal family can also be found there.


RTL+ has also bundled all available content about the Queen under the heading “Thank You, Your Majesty – Life for the Queen” on its homepage. There you can find current reports on the death of Queen Elizabeth II as well as several documentaries about Kate, Harry, William and Charles.

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