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Marian Hacker’s new novel “Old Forest” is set in the Thirty Years’ War. The mysterious story of the East Allgäu author is about a woman.

Marian Hacker published her historical novel “Das Grundmeer” more than 20 years ago, and in the 2000s she published two more novels. Now the author is following the book “Der alten Wald”. Once again, it takes you back to a bygone era in Allgäu’s history. It describes the hardships and misery of the Thirty Years’ War (1618 – 1648) and allows its heroes to roam underground labyrinths and impenetrable forests. The hacker captures her description of a group of young men who flee invading soldiers to an abandoned monastery, where they are besieged by a pack of wolves.

Marian Hacker was born and raised in Kufboren in 1958. now live in Oberguenzburg. Her first novel was published in 2000 and reprinted in 2010. “The Land Sea” is set at the time of the peasant uprisings and plague of 1523. At that time, the locations were the Twin Cities captain and Liebenthann Castle in Günztal. The Night Walker was followed in 2003, which is also a historical novel set by Hacker in Vienna. In 2006 she published the detective novel Das Winterschloss, which is set in Engadin, Switzerland.

Marianne Hacker came up with the idea for the novel ten years ago

In her fourth act, “Der Alten Wald,” Hacker returns to algeo return. “I had this idea ten years ago,” the 64-year-old says. She designed a thread, painted the characters of her people, and conducted research in the 17th century. Her new novel begins in 1628 and ends in 1651 in the triangle between Kempten, Salzburg and Obergonzburg.

In the center is a monastery. The complex is surrounded by a dense forest that has proven impenetrable. Protect and imprison at the same time. “But the monastery is a fantasy,” says Hacker. “I took Kempton Forest as a template.”

Kempten was divided into a Protestant imperial city and a Catholic monastery

Hacker sensitively describes conditions in Kempten, which at that time was neatly divided into a Protestant imperial city and a Catholic monastery. She deals with religious differences between city leaders and carries them to families. At that time, marriage between members of the two Christian churches was hardly possible.

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But the core of the book is about hunger and misery, about an area ravaged and pillaged by Swedish and Imperial soldiers alternately. The occupiers are killing through the Allgäu and leaving devastated villages behind. Those who can flee abroad – to Switzerland or Salzburg.

Hacker also blends a bit of love into her novel

War is not at the forefront for Hacker, but it makes up the canvas of her story, in which she also blends a bit of love. Your main character, Hanna, is a lively young woman with her vision of the world and her eye on reality. She shapes her life in harmony with nature and the animal world. She is surrounded by young people who want to survive in the Society of Destiny.

“I am a slow writer,” Hacker says of herself, usually sitting in the morning at her desk and developing the story of the individual characters, which she skillfully weaves together later. There are also some surprises in her novel that should captivate readers. “The Old Forest” is not a thriller, even if Hacker herself loves to read English thrillers and plays the bridge with her husband. Rather, the novel is a description of the conditions under which people in the 1940s had to shape their lives.

Marian Hacker is already working on another novel. “I always get new ideas for hiking in nature,” she says. He should definitely play in the Allgäu again, maybe even in the Middle Ages kaufporin.

Marian Hacker: The Ancient Forest. Publisher Tobias Dannheimer, Kempten. 300 pages 15 euros.

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