The Crown fight against ‘The Crown’ – a royal attorney examining the lawsuit against Netflix

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The series “The Crown” on Netflix not only attracts millions of viewers, but also attracts regular royal problems. Prince William, 39, has already demanded that his mother’s scandalous interview in “Panorama” not be shown again. W: Lady Diana’s (36) close friend, Jemima Khan (47) just left her job as a consultant at “The Crown”.

Now the next scandal. According to The Sun, the royal family has been advised to sue Netflix over the series. Royal lawyers are suggesting that Queen Elizabeth, 95, and her partners take legal action. It is said that they, the lawyers, are more than willing to do so and will only ask the royal family’s approval for it.

why? Because Netflix paints the family wrong and bad. In addition, Queen Elizabeth’s close confidants, who also appear in the series, have consulted lawyers and advised on legal action.

Because: The upcoming fifth season is the most dramatic yet. It concerns, among other things, the separation of Prince Charles (day 73) and Princess Diana, the explosive BBC “Panorama” interview and the tragic death of the Queen of Hearts in 1997.

A source told The Sun: “The Queen’s lawyers are keeping a close eye on everything. Because of Harry’s lucrative Netflix deal, ‘The Crown’ has become a bigger topic.” The bad thing about it: Americans thought the series was a documentary, not fiction.

Josh O’Connor and Emma Corinne as Prince Charles and Princess Diana in The Crown (Image: Image Alliance/The Everett Collection)

“Alarmingly, a lot of people, especially Americans, seem to think everything is real. Much of the drama was uninteresting from a royal perspective. But these are real people and a lot of them are still alive.” So the series “may be devastating.” Very ‘for the royal family.

The UK government has already asked Netflix to offer a disclaimer to make it clear that the show is fictional. So far it has not.

What is said to be particularly upsetting to the Queen: Last season, young Charles appeared in tears after his father Prince Philip (99) called him ‘extremely weak’. Charles’ friends then described the series as “Hollywood bullying”. It is “fantasy presented as fact”.

Among the fictional scenes is a scene with Lord Mountbatten. He was Prince Philip’s uncle and surrogate father and mentor Prince Charles. The day before his murder in 1979, he wrote a letter to Charles, according to The Crown. The plot: criticism that Charles continued to date Camilla, who was married to Andrew Parker Bowles at the time. But this is made up! As the creator of “The Crown”, Peter Morgan, admitted this.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles 1986

Princess Diana and Prince Charles 1986 (Image: Photo Alliance/newscom)

He also fabricated that early in his marriage to Diana, Charles called his mistress Camilla every day and the Princess threw a tantrum while touring Australia with Charles.

Will there be a defamation lawsuit?

Helena Shipman of Carter Rock’s attorney explains, “Does the Queen seem too cold after Diana’s death? That would be an expression of opinion and Netflix would have little defense by saying it’s fiction.”

But things could become dangerous for the creators of “The Crown” if they “questioned the sovereignty of the Queen and thus harmed the country.” However, lawyers will have to prove it.

Another reason to file a defamation lawsuit: “When viewers believe what they see is true. If they understand that the show is fiction and drama, they will not change their mind about the Queen.”

Therefore, it is not excluded that the palace will take steps against the “crown” …

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