What’s new on TV: new series and shows in September 2022

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New TV Series and Shows September/October 2022: Some entertainment, crime series and reports will be included in the free TV show in the near future.

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  • You can watch the two-part family series “Malibu” on ZDF on September 18, 2022.
  • Or you can switch to the documentary “Geld.Macht.Katar” on September 20, 2022 on ARD, which highlights conditions in the host country of this year’s World Cup.
  • In addition, on September 22, 2022, ZDFneo will present the competitive show “Glow Up – The Next German Makeup Star”.

In Free TV, you will get new highlights from the series and TV Shows area at regular intervals. But which station broadcasts any series or show? Our overview gives you an insight into the most interesting ones Highlights of the TV show in September and October 2022.

Also in September, a variety program will continue to be presented on Free TV. Here you can watch the first season of “Star Trek: Lower Decks” on Comedy Central and the crime series “Professor T.” on One. Be happy. In October, ProSieben Fun will also start Season 11.2 of the zombie series “The Walking Dead” and ZDF will bring you the police series “The Chelsea Detective”.

You can also be inspired by one of the many documentaries, reports, and TV shows starting on Free TV. In September, the fashion show Glow Up awaits you on ZDFneo – the next German makeup star and on ZDF you can watch the documentary “Loud. Strong. Even. Titled”. In October, the dating program “Love is King” will be launched on ProSieben. All other series and show releases can be found below.

New series on TV in September and October 2022

starting date series series Channel
09/18/2022 Malibu 1 ZDF
09/18/2022 cold start 1 kika
09/19/2022 Dragon Quest: Day Adventure 1 ProSieben Maxx
09/20/2022 Oh Holy Disk 1 kika
09/20/2022 ship doctor 1 RTL
09/22/2022 black butterflies 1 Good heart
09/24/2022 Star Trek: Lower Decks 1 Comedy Central
09/25/2022 Ideal Mother 1 ZDF
09/28/2022 Professor T 1 One
03.10.2022 the walking Dead 11.2 ProSieben fun
03.10.2022 Commissioner and the lake 1 ZDF
03.10.2022 ruddy bastards 1 kika
03.10.2022 Straight Uta Kostowitz 1 MDR
03.10.2022 Olewitz 1 MDR
03.10.2022 the nurse 1 MDR
04.10.2022 Heaven Valley 1 One
06.10.2022 Trom – Deadly Cliffs 1 Good heart
07.10.2022 Decca Dennis 1 ProSieben Maxx
07.10.2022 Leah – the fighter 1 ZDFneo
10/08/2022 Wendland 1 ZDF
10/11/2022 Another Monday 1 ZDFneo
10/16/2022 Chelsea detective 1 ZDF
10/25/2022 Sky Earth 1 ZDFneo
10/31/2022 Houses of Parliament 2 One

The series begins on TV

New TV Shows & Documentaries September & October 2022

starting date TV program series Channel
09/16/2022 Mysterious phenomena – puzzles from above documentation n-tv
09/17/2022 our continents Six parts documentary Good heart
09/17/2022 Valentino Tales Documentary series Hello Germany TV
09/18/2022 local hero Doku Soap ProSieben
09/18/2022 Great Railway Model Contest Doku Soap One Cable Documentary
09/20/2022 Money, power, Qatar Two-part documents the first
09/21/2022 Are you the chosen one? United kingdom dating show MTV
09/21/2022 Forever pop albums View Ranking RTLup
09/22/2022 Glow Up – The Next German Makeup Star casting show ZDFneo
09/22/2022 hard life Doku Soap WDR
09/22/2022 The most amazing robberies in America Documentary series One Cable Documentary
09/23/2022 mess kitchen cooking competition phone 5
09/23/2022 Spice Girls – Girl Power is conquering the world Three parts of documents Good heart
09/26/2022 animal odyssey Documentary series Good heart
09/26/2022 Couples Therapy – Now or Never documentation vox
09/27/2022 annoying. strong. same. justification. Three parts of documents ZDF
09/28/2022 Narumol and Joseph – our story continues! Doku Soap RTL two
09/28/2022 Special Fox magazine vox
09/29/2022 Sustainability Challenge Three parts of documents hr . tv
09/29/2022 Doc Caro – Commitment to the Heart Report Series Saturday 1
09/29/2022 behind the abyss Documentary series MDR
09/30/2022 Mario Barth saves love comedy show RTL
09/30/2022 Spanish Village Doku Soap vox
09/30/2022 Yorkshire Reaper – The New Murders Two-part documents RTL crime
01/10/2022 The story of man and the beast Two-part documents Good heart
01/10/2022 pompous! Doku Soap RTL
01/10/2022 medieval crime scene Six parts documentary ZDF information
01/10/2022 crime youth Youth Magazine kika
02.10.2022 Art upstate New York Documentary series Good heart
02.10.2022 science talk Documentary series SWR
03.10.2022 Mysterious Phenomena – Unidentified Flying Objects in the Sky documentation n-tv
05.10.2022 On the road documentation SWR
05.10.2022 Fox is inside documentation vox
05.10.2022 Business Money – Financial Aid Group Doku Soap hr . tv
06.10.2022 help! I’m in a secret relationship Doku Soap MTV
06.10.2022 Jamie Oliver: Great Meals in One Bowl cooking show RTL Living
06.10.2022 love is king dating show ProSieben
06.10.2022 horses people Three parts of documents hr . tv
06.10.2022 Moving to a new life Doku Soap SWR
10/08/2022 hot time Two-part documents Good heart
10/10/2022 Meal time! Documentary series Good heart
10/13/2022 St. Pauli’s Heart documentation RTLup
10/13/2022 Love from the first lie reality show MTV
10/16/2022 Alphonse and Ali – Fun Force 3 Doku Soap BR . TV

Documentary and TV programs are released on TV

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