Sky and Wow: New Series and Movies Sep/October 2022

These great new releases will soon be available on Sky

Coming September/October 2022, Sky and Wow promises you a huge selection of series and movies. The program shows some dramas, action and documentaries.

Sky is introducing a new offer to replay the Bundesliga games live.

  • Starting September 16, 2022, Sky Cinema Premieres will bring you a spin-off of this year’s horror movie Scream.
  • On September 17, 2022, you can catch Sky Cinema Premieres in the action-packed and infamous comedy Jackass Forever.
  • On September 20, 2022, you will watch the second season of the hospital series “Transplant” on Sky One, where a Syrian doctor in Canada dares to make a new start.

Pay TV provider Sky brings you an exclusive special offer when it comes to new series and movies. You can usually watch cinema movies soon after they start on the linear Sky TV program and also on the streaming service Wow (formerly Sky Ticket). In September and October 2022, Sky will once again have strong film and series innovations in its program.

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Some of the highlights of September and October are the reruns of some series. Here you can look forward to the second season of the Doctors series in September “organ transplant” The second season of the sitcom “Mr. Mayor” Be happy. The series is coming out in October “This is England”The sixth season of the drama series “Animal Kingdom” And the German version of Season 6 “Rick and Morty” on Sky.

You can always watch a variety of documentaries on Sky. Whether it’s nature or crime documentaries, there’s something to suit every taste. Among others, the second season of the true crime documentary series “Crime Next Door”, the historical documentary “Elizabeth I and Elizabeth II”. and the nature documentary ‘Wild Builders’.

Sky and Wow also has a lot to offer you when it comes to current blockbuster movies. In September 2022, a whole series of new films will be shown on Sky Cinema Premieres with the thriller “Gold (2022)”, the drama “American Skin” and the action movie “Gunpowder Milkshake”.

From October, you will continue to watch many feature films here. The film includes the fantasy action movie “Morbius”, the science fiction movie “Matrix Resurrections” and the drama “Belfast”.

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New series and documentaries on Sky and Wow – new releases in September and October 2022

Sky series starts September/October 2022


In Sky, the cheapest is the “Wow series” package. There you can, for example, broadcast Sky Atlantic.

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New Movies On Sky and Wow – New Releases September & October 2022

Now you can also download titles via the Wow app and watch your favorite series offline easily. You can also find out how you can cancel Sky.

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Sky and Wow costs: How much does a Sky subscription cost?

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Current reports on what’s new in Sky and Wow: ‘Transplant’, ‘Morbius’ and other titles will start in September/October

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