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Eating cannibals is never fun. This was explained in the three-part “House of Hammer” documentary. When Armie Hammer’s WhatsApp chats and audio messages were leaked a few months ago, in which the Hollywood actor expressed frank fantasies, these were what the media criticized: excerpts from the conversation and parts of the sentence in which Hammer describes several ex-girlfriends as he did. Their skin and grill ribs, want to eat their hearts.

On social media, fantasies of violence are turning into cheap jokes – dirty sayings, pictures of Armie Hammer as Hannibal Lecter, laughing smileys everywhere. And cannibalism may actually tempt you to have fun because it seems weird and unreal. But cannibalism isn’t just the theme from Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe,” and it’s not just the antique, racist image of funny islanders with human bones in their curly hair. Cannibalism is a very real form of violence – in Germany we know this not least since the sensational case in Rothenburg, and more recently through a murder case in Berlin.

In the case of the Armie Hammer, as documents now published in Germany show, at least at this point it may have remained just a security reasoning. However, the fact that this is the focus of media reports is quite problematic, because the actor apparently lived another disturbing violent fantasies – against the will of his partners. They tell about this in the three-part documentary, which can now be seen on the Discovery + streaming service: three women talk about different forms of humiliation, psychological and physical violence and rape. There are also quotes and letters from other women who accuse Hammer of similar actions.

Courtney Voskovitch is one of the first women to openly share her experience with the actor.Discover +

The style is said to have always been the same: Hammer, a popular movie star until recently, especially through his leading role in the Academy Award-winning love movie “Call Me by Your Name,” used his fame and stature, as well as his good looks, his ability to attract women. to get excited about yourself. He texts them on social media platforms, invites them on dates and establishes relationships with them, urging them more than ever to act radically in his fantasies. He always does it under the cloak of leather BDSM, and also the Japanese art of bondage Shibari – after all, it’s all just lust, it’s just a game.

A clear dividing line between sexual variables and real violence

But what the documentary House of Hammer does best is this: it draws clear lines between sexual diversity and actual violence, offering enlightenment rather than bigotry; You haven’t made the mistake of designing spongy borders and liquid transitions. A professional Dominatrix educator and BDSM educator, for example, points out the important role that trust and understanding play in this area of ​​sexuality. “If a woman withdraws her consent and the man continues, that’s a crime, it’s that simple,” says Gloria Allred, a lawyer for one of Hammer’s victims.

Casey Hammer tells harrowing events in the history of her influential family’s dynasty.Discover +

However, the documentary by Elie Hakami and Julian B. Hobbs did not survive in the current reports about Army Hammer, which are currently making such large waves around the world. She takes the thesis that the actor is just the tip of the family iceberg, the latest addition to a feral dynasty, without considering it an excuse for anything. “His behavior has deep roots,” says Casey Hammer, the star’s aunt. The portrait of the family is drawn, in the center of which is always the patriarch, who will be replaced by the next generation by the next violent despot.

Donation case Armand Hammers and current King Charles III.

Armie Hammer’s grandfather was Armand Hammer, the son of a co-founder of the communist-leaning American Socialist Labor Party and president of the American oil company Occidental Petroleum, a billionaire whose connections reached the White House and Buckingham Palace. . “I remember asking him once why he wasn’t the President of the United States himself,” says Casey Hammer, Armi’s aunt, Armand’s granddaughter. “He laughed and just said there wasn’t enough influence in this job.” , to participate in a fundraising case with the oil tycoon.

Katie Ball, the former fiancée of a man from the Hammer clan, backs up the women’s accounts.Discover +

The lust for power that the industry mogul is said to have played at home. He is said to have checked everything in Hammer’s house and tracked his family members through surveillance cameras. Casey Hammer, also a biographer and journalist, also talks about psychological and physical violence against his wives, ex-wives, and children. Total savagery Armand Hammer was said to have passed on to his son: Julian Hammer is said to have classified women as useful objects or commodities, and systematically exploited and humiliated them. Katie Paul, one of his ex-fiancée, also refers to this in the documentary. Casey Hammer, daughter of Julian Hammer, has also reported excessive drug use, sex, and violence, which children also witness; From the fact that her father is close to his son’s underage girlfriends, he also commits sexual violence with her.

Family structures typical of a patriarchal society

Julian Hammer succeeds Michael, his son, the father of Armie Hammer. Decades ago, a photo surfaced from his private residence showing Julian Hammer’s “sexual throne”: a sumptuous chair with a cage and a meat hook hanging under the seat; Other photos show Julian Hammer sitting on the same throne, while a young woman sits in the kennel below. There were also media reports of cult-like structures where Armi Hammer’s father was said to have moved.

In general, all the shocking and horrific episodes from this family history were already known before the new documentary: photographs, newspaper articles, witness statements, even advertisements and court hearings testify to this. Just before the three-part documentary series, they had never been witnesses to it. brought in orderly communication; It is never shown how the horrific and idealistic circle of the Hammer family also represents the patriarchal society itself, in which rule, money, and sexual power are transmitted from men to men and distributed among them; They turned into commodities that could only be disposed of by them and their gender peers.

The fact that the documentary “House of Hammer”, which has dominated many media reports in the United States since its release there two weeks ago, tells the subject so outrageously, is full of dramatic music and fast image sequences, and is aesthetically strongly oriented towards the street, can be to be unable. Because it succeeds in what is perhaps most important at this point: it treats witnesses and their stories with respect and sensitivity.

Hammer House. A three-part documentary series, now available on Discovery +

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