Created by Nagold: The world is full of colors and a great adventure – Nagold and the surrounding area

Diana Plagman La Pescara (here with her husband, Michelle) showcases one of her works, an illustrated children’s book—her granddaughter, who was only five years old at the time, did the kid-friendly illustrations. Photo: Konert

She’s here to present her latest book, Aurora… and the Secrets of the Sea. Writer Diana Plagman La Pescara, who now lives in Italy, spent many years in Nagold. But it never settled. “The world is coloured,” she says. and tempt.

Nagold – Diana Plagman La Pescara was born and raised in Zeitz – then East Germany. First training there: “Steel Structural Engineer”. Great assignments, especially as a woman. Big challenges. “But the work wasn’t fun.” So she added another apprenticeship: a real estate specialist. On this job I later became acquainted with her here in Nagold – having fled with her first husband at the time through Hungary; Even before the fall of the Iron Curtain.

But at some point, that first marriage exploded. She has a son from that time who lives in Mosbach. And his daughter, granddaughter, will start school this year. This also drew people to their old ‘temporary homes’. Naturally. But it’s cold here, say Diana and her current second husband, Michelle La Pescara. Real Italian. From Puglia – this is in the lower part “at the heel of the Italian boot”, where the couple has lived since 2014. Diana shows photos from there – a dream. With ocean view. and a lush Mediterranean garden. But more on that later.

Bomb explodes in heaven

At some point, a bomb exploded in the neighborhood of this Mediterranean paradise. Diana tells us it’s the most natural thing in the world. But less, because something like that might be a common occurrence in southern Italy. But because Diana simply goes through her life and the world with big, amazing eyes. And don’t stop at the shock. or even scared. She was much more interested in the story behind the neighborhood attack. And that was a great drama, a great tragedy. Just a story you want to tell.

young men die

Two young, barely 18-year-olds – from Albania – died while working on oyster ponds off the coast of Polian (“the longest oyster pond in Europe”). “They used special boats in their work,” the bottom of which was very flat. Hardly any depth – Diana discovered it during her research. With a slight bulge, the two young men’s boat sank. They drowned. The bomb – perhaps it was supposed to be revenge on the owner of the oyster family. And the sunken boat is unseaworthy – which ruined the lives of these two very promising young men. But the bomb hit the wrong house, the wrong family. Really great tragedy. But in reality it is real. “It really happened…” The silent funeral procession throughout the place was an eerie ending and an impressive climax to these true events.

Actual events inspire history

But Diana, the blonde woman deep in southern Italy, inspired the actual scene—this tragedy and crime—also, of course, in a romantic love story. This is a fantasy. Of course, in this case, she also has to endure a lot of tragedies. “Women love this story,” says the writer. “Men rather no!” Perhaps because this genre often does not survive such stories. While female readers – perhaps also with enjoyment – can sympathize well with these bitter fates. “Aurora” – a girls’ novel.

One of its readers even took the plot of “Aurora” as an opportunity to visit the original locations (“the place”) of the tragic and captivating story while on vacation. And connect with Diana as an author. They met immediately. As an author, Diana has been able to see how her story affects people – especially female readers. Can you ask for more as a storyteller?

Five years of hard work

But in fact, as Diana Plagman tells La Pescara, what she loves most are her short stories. The novel “Aurora” cost her five years of hard work. Her most recent work, which is currently being edited, is an impressive collection of fairly compact stories. They say “easy, easy”. Some are again inspired by real life. Some pure imagination. A mixture of both: For example, when a fully automatic coffee machine (“Italians love espresso – nothing works without it!”) comes to life in the exile of reform. She revealed an amazing life of her own. Pure storytelling and happiness of life.

Her Creations Cookbook From Wild Herbs

Which takes you back to the beautiful garden of Diana and Michele on the Apulian coast. Her husband is the only one who cooks at home. Only Italian. Is there a better kitchen? Pure emotion. Sometimes the big stage, Diana laughs. But wonderful ingredients, most of which are even from their own garden. However, wild weed’s creations are her domain alone. A cookbook inspired by him is at the top of my “to-do list” as the author. Where Diana—and Michelle, who looks at her with great affection, but also with pride—also report on the “special features” of building their patchwork family.

“I can only visit my parents”

They got to know each other in Balingen – while dancing. She entered the hall and saw her and immediately called her. The rest is a legend. And somehow a big story again: “I’m only allowed to visit my parents on my own,” Diana says. Your Michelle is not welcome there. And one has to spontaneously think of another very beautiful Italian-inspired tragedy – “Romeo and Juliet”, of course. Big movie theater! Although Diana and Michelle are living a personal happy ending in real life. But beautiful big stories somehow work differently. And Diana – she simply loves to tell such great stories to her readers.

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