September 2022 theatrical performances: This is how Julia Roberts and George Clooney flirt with each other


Theatrical performance in September 2022This is how Julia Roberts and George Clooney flirt with each other

You play as parents who want to avoid marriage, a documentary about train stations in Zurich and Cairo – all this and more new in cinemas this week.

Trailer “Paradise Ticket”.


  • We bring you the most exciting cinema releases of this week.

  • Julia Roberts and George Clooney play a divorced couple.

  • Sandra Jesse and Ahmed Abdel Mohsen dedicate a documentary to the train stations in Zurich and Cairo.

  • Documentary featuring unpublished material from the David Bowie archives.

  • Charlotte Rampling plays a grandmother who gets help from her grandson.

“Ticket to Heaven”

When Georgia (Julia Roberts) sees her neighbor David (George Clooney) on the plane, she immediately requests a new seat. The reason: The two were once a married couple, now they are divorced and get along poorly.

So there’s a little bit of joy when the two meet on the way to their daughter Lily (Caitlyn Dever’s) wedding. But what unites the two (besides harassing each other): They’re afraid Lily will jeopardize her future and make a hasty decision.

Parents unite

Lily wants to tie the knot with Gede (Maxime Bouttier), even though she only met him recently. Georgia and David team up and devise a plan to stop the wedding.

For Julia Roberts, the movie is a satisfying comedy, a break from everyday life: “It’s like when you go for a walk and it’s cold outside and you reach this beautiful spot of sun touching your back and say, ‘Oh yeah. That’s exactly what I needed to feel,” she told The New York Times.


Julia Roberts and George Clooney get along well – the chemistry between them was essential to the movie.

“We have a friendship that people know and we’re playing a divorced couple,” Roberts explains. “Half of the United States probably thinks we’re divorced, and that speaks for us.”

«The Station – Side stories from the main stations»

Train stations are mostly secondary locations – in the documentary by Sandra Jesse and Ahmed Abdel Mohsen she becomes the main character. The film is about people working at railway stations in Cairo or Zurich.

Makes sure everything is working at the train stations. Tickets and snacks sold, stairs and floors cleaned.

This is what the director says

The train stations symbolize the different life plans resulting from the choice of location. Where and how do you want to live? The director said in a press statement, Where did we come from and where do we want to go?

Ahmed Abdel Mohsen moved from Egypt to Switzerland, Sandra Jesse went the other way, and today half lives in Zurich and the other half in Cairo. “Our vision was to capture the essence of the communities of the two places we know best through the train stations from which we travel to and from everywhere,” the duo explain.

Trailer for the movie “The Station – Side Stories from the Main Stations”.


«Moonage Daydream»

Director Brett Morgan spent four years researching David Bowie’s archive: a special documentary on the musician was created by viewing five million files.

Morgen features never-before-seen drawings, videos, and memoirs. For the soundtrack, he brought in Tony Visconti and Paul Massey, who remixed the recordings for cinema.

Trailer for the movie “Moonage Daydream”.



Teenager Sam (George Ferrer) is upset and struggles with his mental health. His father pulled him out of boarding school to take care of his grandmother, Ruth (Charlotte Rampling).

She is a former photojournalist who broke her leg and now needs help. Problem: Sam has had little contact with her, so he hardly knows Ruth and she has a drinking problem.

Juniper trailer.


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