When the city is the hero

It’s not just “One, Two, Three” by Billy Wilder – there are many other great films set in DC. Not all light fare is an option.

David Bowie in “Christiane F. – We’re the Bahnhof Zoo Kids.” However, when the film was shot, the star no longer lived in Berlin.imago صور pictures

The importance of a city is also measured by the number of times it is the setting for stories and films: no James Bond without London, no Godzilla without Tokyo. There is no stock market excitement without New York, and no Kurt Wallander without Ystad.

Berlin is no exception, and has often been the first choice as a filming location for international productions since reunification.

In addition to the successful Netflix series “Babylon Berlin”, there is a whole host of series, documentaries and other films for which the German capital is a backdrop. In addition to such unavoidable classics as Billy Wilder’s stellar Cold War comedy “One, Two, Three” from 1961, “Der Hemel Ober Berlin” Wim Wenders (1987) or Tom Tykwer’s new Berlin movie ” Run Lola Run”. (1998) with Franka Potente There are other less popular films.

Here’s a small, certainly not a complete, selection of Berlin films that you might not consider first:

Victoria (2015)

Sebastian Schipper’s film is a road movie in the literal sense: in one 140-minute take, the director sends his protagonists to Berlin night in the same fast loop via Kreuzberg and Mitte. At a club, young Spanish woman Victoria (Laya Costa) meets four young men “Sonne”, “Boxer”, “Blinker” and “Foot”, with whom she wanders home and eventually commits a bank robbery. A wonderful, fresh and amazing movie about the big city’s enduring themes of loneliness, isolation, loss and love. If you want to know something about Berlin and the way of life in this city, Victoria is a must.

Berlin Night Journey: Laya Costa on “Victoria” poster.imago صور pictures

Watch Suspiria 2018 movie with subtitles

The original Dario Argento from 1977 was set in Heidelberg. Luca Guadagnino has moved his new 2018 edition to Berlin, where the truly bizarre tale of a group of witches who run a ballet school reveals their opulent terrors in a divided German capital not far from the Wall.

Against the backdrop of the German Autumn and its terrorist attacks by the RAF, the director brings up a star ensemble, including Tilda Swinton, Angela Winkler, Dakota Johnson, Alec Wake and Mia Goth. A divided Berlin forms the constantly rain-soaked backdrop for the bloody rituals of the Witches’ Circle, which can be seen as symbolic of women’s place in art and society. ‘Thrill’ has its lengths, but it will surely stay in your memory forever.

Am I here? Dakota Johnson as Susie in the charming drama Suspiria.imago صور pictures

“Westerners” (1985) and “Exodus” (1989)

Surely one of the most beautiful films about love that doesn’t want to accept any limits here is Welland Speck’s “Westler” about Wessi Felix, who falls in love with Ossi Thomas during a day visit with an American acquaintance. There are also many secret shots of East Berlin, which also make Romance an important contemporary document.

Exit: Matthias Freihof in the Heiner Karoo film of the same name.Images

As remarkable is Heiner Karo’s Exodus, made shortly before the reunification and starring Matthias Freihof, Dagmar Manzel and Dirk Kommer: a young teacher in East Berlin shortly before the fall of the Wall, who also sees himself facing a major turning point and needs To know his sexual orientation. Incidentally, the only film in the German Democratic Republic that deals with homosexuality as a central theme.

Coming of age and coming out: Sigurd Rachman in Welland Speck’s “Westler”Images

possession (1981)

Berlin, directed by Andrzej Zolawski, is a test in every respect, both in terms of content and aesthetics. Spouses Mark (Sam Neill) and Anna (Isabelle Adjani) have grown apart, and henceforth present a surreal and bloody war of roses, CIA agents, Lovecraft monsters, and bloody miscarriages at the subway station Platz der Luftbrück (which was still List of then (“Kreuzberg” station) included.

The movie is rude, but you can’t evade it for a second and it’s definitely worth watching. Plus, you really get to see a lot of West Berlin in the 80s at different stops by riding the bloodthirsty roller coaster. “Possession” is clearly more art than entertainment, but it’s still a great movie with Isabelle Adjani’s acting on the brink of insanity.

Beautiful, crazy and beautifully crazy: Isabelle Adjani in “Possession”imago صور pictures

Christian F. We are the children of the Bahnhof Zoo (1981)

Too much Berlin, too much drug, too much David Bowie. Ole Edel’s adaptation of Stern’s book is certainly not a deterrent when it comes to the lead actress’s heroin consumption, but rather a charming homage to the pop-and-injection lifestyle of late 1970s Berlin.

Christian F (Natja Bronckhorst) navigates between Grobiusstadt, Kudamm and Bahnhof in Neukölln, between the sounds of discotheques and Bowie concerts, and as an incredibly beautiful heroine, she provides a blueprint for the appearance of many children of this time, for whom style adapted between tiered houses and bobber clothes was nothing . All in all a mediocre film, but a wonderful contemporary document and testament to the misguided post-war West Berlin.

Produced by Bronckhurst as Christian F. In “We are the children of the Bahnhof Zoo”.imago صور pictures

“B-Movie: Lust & Sound in West Berlin 1979-1989” (2015)

You should ignore the impractical title, because director Mark Reader’s 2015 essay film about Berlin’s slum scene and the first love parade is a lot of fun. Rarely have I seen so many great photos from this time and so many great bands in about an hour and a half: Gudrun Gut, Blixa Geld, Die Tödliche Doris, Nick Cave, WestBam showing Berlin that will never be there again – a place to live All creativity.

He clearly has a bird and is definitely a music-loving nerd: Mark Reader made one of the best films about Berlin in the era before the Wall came down.imago صور pictures

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