Moritz Bleptro wins the German Television Award for his film “Forgery of Hitler”.

Actor Moritz Bleptro (51) and his RTL + series “Faking Hitler” were the biggest winners of the second part of this year’s German Television Awards. The actor received the “Best Actor” award on ZDF’s “Highlights TV Show of the Year” moderated by Barbara Schönberger (48).

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The series “Faking Hitler”, in which Bleptro eccentric art forger Konrad Kugau (1938-2000) alongside Lars Edinger (46) as “Stern” reporter Gerd Heidemann (90), was recognized for another “Best Drama Series” award.

Actress Frederic Becht (35) also received awards as Best Actress for her work in the ARD thriller “Schneller als die Angst” and Giovanni Zarrella (44) for “Best Individual Performance / Moderate Entertainment” for his participation in “Die Show Giovanni Zarrella” on ZDF.

These products were also honored

In addition, among other things, on Wednesday evening, “Best Entertainment Show” received “Who Steals the Show?” By and with Joko Winterscheidt (43) and Amazon production “LOL – Last One Laughing” presented awards in the “Best Comedy / Late Night” category. The Wannsee Conference (ZDF) also won the award for “Best TV Movie”.

“Kampf der Realitystars” (RTLzwei) won the “Best Entertainment Reality” award, which was accepted by moderator Kathy Hummels (34). The “Best Multiple Part” was “The Billion Dollar Code” from the streaming portal Netflix, an honorary award for the work of her life was accepted by actress Iris Berben (72). The latter was previously reported.

The first part of the awards ceremony on Tuesday

The first prizes for the German Television Prize 2022 were presented on Tuesday evening at the Ehrenfeld studio in Cologne as part of the “Creative Night”. The jury chose the winners in the creator categories for the program fields of fiction, entertainment and information.

Jan Boehmermann (41 years) won Best Entertainment Book with Marcus Hennig, Hannah Herbst and Nora Nagel for ZDF Magazin Royale. The “ZDF Magazin Royale” team has already won in this category in 2021.

Among the other award winners:

In the “Best Fantasy Director” category, Cyril Boss and Philip Steinert for “Der Bass”, “Best Fantasy Book” won Magnus Vatrout and Paul Mummertz for “Die Wannseekonferenz” and “Best Fantasy Camera”. And Philip Bishlow also for “Der Bass”.

Other award winners in the “Best Fantasy Editing” category include Frederic Weimar for “Schneller als die Angst”, and “Best Musical Fiction” went to Inga Humpe, Tommi Eckart and Matthias Petsche for “Eldorado KaDeWe – Now Our Time”, as well as Petra Albert won the “Best Fictional Design” award for “El Dorado Cadewi – Now’s Our Time”. The category “Best Entertainment Director” went to Johannes Speicher for “Who Steals the Show from Me?”

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