The 40th anniversary of the death of Gracia Patricia: This is what distinguishes her from Charlene

September 14 marks the 40th anniversary of Princess Grace’s death. Michael Pegas, RTL Gentry Expert, analyzes the similarities between Grace Kelly and Princess Diana and the differences with Charlene of Monaco.

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2022 is the royal year of tragic anniversaries and events that made history. It is the year the Queen died (96). Nearly 20 years after the death of her mother, Queen Mum (101), and her sister A princess Margaret (71) closed Queen Elizabeth II her eyes forever. 25 years ago Princess Diana (36) was killed in an accident, 40 years ago a similar fate befell the Principality of Monaco Gracia Patricia († 52). “The world stopped at that time, everyone was stunned,” Michael Bigas said when asked by our editors. RTL’s gentry expert means the accidental death of the princess – but the verdict could also apply to the British “Queen of Hearts”.

On September 14, 1982, the former American actress passed away Grace KellyFrom the result of her marriage with her Prince Rainier III. She became Princess of Monaco Grace in 1956 after being seriously injured in an accident on the Route de la Turbe. The crash vehicle, a Rover 3500, had left the road the previous day and fell about 40 metres. Miraculously, 17-year-old Stephanie von Monaco survived. The princess’ daughter was also in the car. Rumors that she was behind the wheel were not confirmed and were refuted by eyewitnesses.

“The reactions were similar to what happened 15 years later when Diana passed away.”

No Hollywood director loved death Patricia Grace And the accompanying circumstances can be staged more dramatically—especially since the accident took place in the area where Grace Kelly, of all people, was a wild chase in Hitchcock’s classic “Over the Rooftops of Nice.”

Parallels are not imaginary but real Gas We still remember her to this day: “The reactions were similar to what happened 15 years later when Princess Diana passed away. It was a profound shock that women and mothers alike were torn from their lives overnight – by incidents that do not happen to this day. Fully explained Many legends have arisen about both events to this day.” With regard to Gracia Patricia, it is believed that she suffered a minor stroke and lost control of the vehicle as a result.

Gracia Patricia: a charming lady who brought high society to the Cote d’Azur

But who was this actress and princess whose tragic death marks the 40th anniversary? The nobility expert looks back: “Gracea Patricia was a charming lady and an icon of elegance who brought high society to the Cote d’Azur. What’s more: she brought international style to then-dusty Monte Carlo and made the plane socially acceptable again in Europe.”

From Onassis to other millionaires and billionaires of the 70s and 80s: everyone suddenly wanted to go to the principality, everyone wanted to show themselves with Grace Kelly and the royal family. Money: “This has not been done lately by casinos, most of their income has gone to the state budget,” Begas adds with a wink.

Pegas: “Everyone threw themselves at Gracia Patricia – just as everyone later threw themselves at Diana”

As a seasoned Hollywood star, former Grace Kelly knew exactly how the media works. With her three children, Albert, Caroline and Stephanie, she celebrated family life in front of the public.

I painted a picture of a dream family that only seems to be the sun and shining faces. On the other hand, her husband Rainier has come down a little as the father of the country by her side, ”says the expert, who sees in this matter another similarity with Diana.

“Grace Kelly was a world star, and Charlene knew no one at first”

Today the signs in the principality are completely different. Charlene Monaco (44), mother of the day and wife of Prince Albert II (64), does not have Grace Kelly’s cheerful smile on his set, she is far behind in terms of charisma. And that wasn’t her goal from the start, when the former South African professional swimmer married Gracia’s only son Patricia in 2011.

Bigas analyzed: “The big difference between the two women is that Grace Kelly was a world star. The world wanted to see a royal fairy tale in Monaco – and eventually saw it. Charlene, on the other hand, knew no one at first – except for the swim insiders.”

Gracia Patricia, who died 40 years ago, smiled for the cameras even when she didn’t feel like it. With Charlene, things are different from today. “There is not a member of the royal family in the entire world who has so many photos with putrid facial expressions. Even before certain facial procedures, they were never radioactive at all.

Even at her wedding, she looked nervous in the pictures,” explains the expert of the nobility, who reported on the marriage of Monaco more than eleven years ago. The 44-year-old did not really try to win the hearts of Monaco. That is why they talk, among other things French, which is still very poor.

The role of her life that she accepted out of love

Of course, Grace Kelly also benefited from the experience the Oscar winner was able to take with her as a famous Hollywood star in her role as the mother of the country. You have stood on the tablets that mean the world.

Bigas also agrees, but is far from attributing the acting to Gracia Patricia as a princess: “Grace Kelly managed to give a good role right from the start. I don’t intentionally say ‘to play.’ She has shown that she loves being there and that she loves being the mother of the country.” And this is believable! It was her life role that she accepted out of love.”

The blows of fate shake the emirate

However, not all that glittered in Monaco in the 70’s and 80’s was gold. There was talk behind closed doors of an increasingly lonely princess who was said to have suffered from depression. Her subsequent death at times had dire consequences for the deceased. While the image of Rainier weeping bitterly at the grave of the princess, who would never have a new wife by his side again, spread throughout the world, the children also suffered painfully from the loss.

Pegasi sums it up: “The children of Gracia Patricia have dealt very poorly with the death of their mother—especially child Stephanie, who often lacked the determination needed in her life anyway. Caroline, who had to be a country mother at such a young age, He is still in effect today as a tragic figure.

Her husband Stefano Casiraghi died in a regatta when he was only 30 years old, and her marriage to Ernst August von Hanover wasn’t happy either. I’m sure the children’s lives would have been very different if Gracia Patricia had not died so early. Without Gracia Patricia, nicknamed Grace Kelly, Monaco wouldn’t be the jet-setting city we’ve known for decades.

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To this day, she is considered a style icon and one of the hottest old Hollywood actresses. September 14 marks the 40th anniversary of the death of Princess Grace Kelly. Your life is not always glamorous in pictures.

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