Prime Video plans appear with Hill and Winterscheidt –

The streaming service also announced the start of the fourth season of “LOL”.

Other Prime Video projects:

Prime Video streaming service, on Monday, presented its plans for the coming weeks and months in its “Prime Video Presents Germany” media tour and announced start dates for some already known formats as well as some new projects (see info box). Officials also had Joko Winterscheidt in their luggage, who last week extended his exclusive contract with partner Klaas Heufer-Umlauf at ProSieben. Winterscheidt will present a “mysterious new show” for Prime Video, the title of which is unknown, nor its content. Winterscheidt only said, “It would be different, it would be so rude, even so rude. It might even make you feel upset. Just look at her!”

In addition, a new sketch comedy is planned with Martina Hill, the name «Hillarios» It will be produced by Redseven Entertainment in association with Hillux Film and TV Production. The eight-part program is scheduled to begin next spring. Basic members can also watch Til Schweiger in Spring 2023 “Dear Kurt” We’re looking forward to it, which will premiere exclusively on Prime Video a few months after it hits cinemas. Caspar Pfluger, DACH Director at Prime Video, has also confirmed who will be in the upcoming fourth season of Laughing Out Loud: The Last One Laughing He will appear with Michael Polly Herbig: There will be a meeting with Martina Hill, Hazel Brueger and Kurt Krumer, the newcomers are Cordola Stratmann, Moretz Bleptro, Michael Mittermeer, Jan Van Wade and Elton. April 2023 is set as the start date for the new round.

Integration of Discover+ as the main video channel with Prime Video as an additional option is imminent, and streaming service Paramount+, which is set to launch in Germany in December, will soon follow. To shorten the waiting time, Prime Video announced the release of the second “Discount”The season was announced to be available November 11th. Love story in a week “Sachertorte” Starring Max Hubacher and Maeve Mitelka. The eight-part comedy series begins on November 30 love addicts, in which she plays Annette Freer, among others. The Christmas series celebrates just in time for the Christmas season “Peaceful Christmas” Premiere on December 9th. Valerie Hopper, Timor Bartels, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Esther Schwens and Wayne Carpendale can then be seen in six episodes.

Also next year, Prime Video will be based on some German originals. The six-part fantasy series will start in the middle of the year “The Griffin” Based on the novel by Wolfgang Holbein. The gang saga begins in the spring “loads”. Before that, the true crime series «German Crime Story: Tied Up» Seeing the light of day. The scheduled start of the six episodes at the beginning of the year. Oliver Masucci and Angelina Hanch play the main roles. In the fall, Prime Video also sends out its audience “treatment”a six-part psychological thriller series based on the bestselling Sebastian Fitzkek book of the same name.

“We will continue to invest in German-speaking countries in order to offer the largest and most diverse selection of series, movies and sports to Prime Video viewers,” says Kaspar Pfluger, DACH Director at Prime Video. We want Prime Video viewers to have the widest variety possible while still having maximum flexibility – from ad-free content available on Amazon Freevee to the best series, movies and live sports as part of a Prime membership, Prime Video channels as an add-on for even more options, to the latest Movie shows and more for purchase and rental. “

“Our ambition is growing every year,” explains Philip Pratt, head of German assets at Amazon Studios Gangster, from the epic “Luden” and the conditioning series “The Therapy” by Sebastian Fitzek. We publish formats with some of the best creators in the German-speaking world, including Joko Winterscheidt, Martina Hill, Teddy Teclebrhan and many more. And we bring viewers closer to their idols than ever before, with documentaries about the rap phenomenon Apache 207, cycling legend Jan Ulrich and the German national football team.”

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