Now in the live tape: The first TV awards are awarded

7:45 pm: Actress Anne Catherine Kramer now presents the final category of the evening, “Best Director/Fiction”. When asked what she wanted from a director, she said, “It is always especially important to me if they are able to create a fear-free space that is not about vanity, but in every trade they can get the best out of itself.” So it is also of importance. Generally great.

7:37 pm: Now it’s straight home time, penultimate class of the evening…

Best fantasy montage

  • Andreas Balchon, Lucas Seeberger in The Pass (Sky / Wiedemann & Berg TV / epo-film)
  • Mona Bräuer by Ferdinand von Schirach – Faith (VOX / RTL + / Moovie)
  • Frederic Weimar for Faster than Fear (ARD / Degeto / MDR / Rowboat)

7:33 pm: The ninth winner of the evening has been chosen

Best fantasy camera

  • Visit Henner to watch The Billion Dollar Code (Netflix / Kundschafter Film / Sunny Side Up)
  • Philip Bishlow for The Passport (Sky / Wiedemann & Berg Television / epo-film)
  • Pascal Schmidt to visit (ARD / Degeto / Moovie)

He cannot accept his award in person because he has to work in Prague at the moment.

19:30 pm: Another nice idea: Candidates in the Best Fiction Camera category are allowed to say a few words about the special features of their production when introducing the candidates.

7:16 pm: Jenin Michaelsen awards Best Entertainer Director for…

Best guided entertainment

  • Andrea Achterberg for The Taste (SAT.1 / Redseven)
  • Jörg Imholz for Kampf der Realitystars (RTLZWEI / Banijay Productions Germany)
  • Johannes Spiker who steals the show? (ProSieben/Florida Entertainment)

He was also nominated last year, but had to admit defeat to Frank Liberec in SAT-1 “Catch”.

7:08 PM: First Prize for Netflix Production

Best pieces of information/documentation

  • Janine Duttrich for Gladbeck (Netflix/Film Five)
  • André Hammesfahr on the outbreak – was the epidemic averted? (ZDF TV/Broadview)
  • Andreas von Hoene and Jut Reichmann for Kevin Kohnert and the Social Democratic Party (NDR)

In this category, the choice fell on the production for which the editing was really very important – because it consists only of archival material and also comes without audio commentary or the like.

7:05 pm: “I don’t think the term ‘cut’ is correct. Cutting is not about cutting it, it’s about assembling it. In the future, I will argue that we should not use the term ‘cut’, but rather assembly,” says Stephan Lambie. However, for now, we will have to live with the well-known label this year.

7:01 pm: Now there is the first prize in the field of information, in which lower commercial categories are awarded. Remarkably, “Kevin Kohnert and the SPD” were nominated in three categories. She also won the first…

Best camera info/documents

  • Christian von Bruckhausen and Willem Conrad Soldiers (NDR/RBB)
  • Nikolai Mering for Shiny_Flakes – The Teenage Drug Lord (Netflix/btf)
  • Katharina Schiele and Lucas Stratman for Kevin Kohnert and the Social Democratic Party (NDR)

Now it’s worth reading our interview with Katharina Schiele, which we had earlier.

6:58 pm: Stephan Lambie now talks on stage about his various interviews with important politicians. You really have to believe ZDF: they try very hard not to make “Creators Night” the usual solution for classes, but also to make it fun for an interested TV audience.

6:53 pm: “If today is the ‘night of creativity’ – then what tomorrow!?” – Jan Böhmermann asks a good question given the name of the evening…

6:45 pm: Ralph Kabelka on stage – but with serious topics like the attack on the “Today Show” cast and the question of the limits of humor. It presents the “Best Written Entertainment” category.

Best entertainment book

  • Sarah Bossetti about Bossetti wants to talk! And Bosetti I – Julius Fischer is also present (ZDFkultur/MDR)
  • Marcus Hennig, Hannah Herbst, Nora Nagel, Jan Bömmermann for ZDF Magazin Royale (ZDF/Entertainment TV Ehrenfeld)
  • Claudius Blaing (lead author) for Caroline Quebecos (ARD/WDR/btf/UnterhaltungsFlotte TV)

Thus, the “ZDF Magazin Royale” team was able to defend its award. Jan Böhmermann could also accept the award as the “host”, because “Night of the Creative” takes place today at Studio Ehrenfeld. Conveniently, a large part of the “ZDF Magazin Royale” team could also come on stage.

The advantage of recording in your studio: You can have the whole team on stage.

6:39 pm: There is the first double prize winner of the evening

Best fantasy music

  • Inga Humpe, Tommi Eckart and Matthias Petsche for Eldorado KaDeWe – Now’s Our Time (ARD/rbb/Degeto/Constantin Television/UFA Fiction)
  • Raphael Seyfried For Life (ARD / WDR / Flare Film)
  • Helmut Zerlitt and Robert Matt on Hitler’s fraud (RTL+/UFA Fiction)

6:36 pm: By the way: Lorenz Rode, who was absent from the last two issues of “ZDF Magazin Royale”, is back as conductor of the Ehrenfeld Radio Orchestra. RTO offers the musical accompaniment today, but it still awaits a somewhat greater commitment.

6:31 pm: Now the fantasy continues in quick succession – at least it should be, because the envelope with the winner was missing…

The best fantasy equipment

  • Petra Albert (Production Design) by Eldorado KaDeWe – Now’s Time (ARD/rbb/Degeto/Constantin Television/UFA Fiction)
  • Myrna Wolff (production design), Ingken Benesch (costume) for The Billion Dollar Code (Netflix/Kundschafter Filmproduktion/Sunny Side Up)
  • Jerome Latour (production design) for the Palace (ZDF TV/Constantin)

“Eldorado KaDeWe” is only in the race for the first evening classes, but twice here, but not in the drama or format class. But in theory there could also be a prize for music.

6:29 pm: “At a time when racism and homophobia are on the rise again, I think it’s great that RTL is bringing a show so fast to prime time,” says Bambi Mercury. “Our society is under attack,” says Envy Peru, who says that’s why it’s so important to appear in the media.

6:26 pm: And now there’s a second prize for this evening

The best entertainment equipment

  • Bode Brodmüller (set design), Nils Bieda, Justus Saretz (props) Who is stealing the show? (ProSieben/Florida Entertainment)
  • Envy Biro (Boris Itzkovic Escobar, Head Make Up Artist) as Makeup Artist, Bambi Mercury (Tim Knack, Cycling Costume Designer) as Viva La Diva’s Costume – Who’s the Queen? (RTL/UFA view and facts)
  • Bas van der Poel and Oliver Fuchs (set design) for 99 – One:r beats them all! (SAT.1 / Fabiola)

6:21 pm: As an introduction to the Best Equipment category, a segment was produced with Stephanie Brandner, who talks about her work and then invited her into the studio to speak. She is responsible for the masks of the “Masked Singer”. We also spoke to her in 2020 in the run-up to the Television Award. In any case, it is good to bring this area closer to the television audience.

6:17 pm: “The film breaks a lot of rules you really have to stick to, still finds its audience and now you’re going to get an award,” says Magnus Vattrodt, and thanks ZDF for being able to implement it in this way.

6:15 pm: But his actual task was to display the first category. Accordingly, we have the top winners:

best fantasy book

  • Johannes Boss for Oh Hill (MagentaTV / Warner TV / Good Friends Film Production)
  • Magnus Vattrodt, Paul Mommertz at the Wannsee Conference (ZDF/Constantin Television)
  • Oliver Ziegnaberg and Robert Thalheim, “The Billion Dollar Code” (Netflix / Kundschafter Filmproduktion / Sunny Side Up)

18:08: Till Reiners opens the evening with a pause. So far, it’s been pretty modest in the studio… about the past TV year, he said, “Was that cool, that show you weren’t allowed to laugh at?” Passion.” You can even take a photo of the event from 10:25 PM. On 3sat or at night on ZDF, then the recording will start.

18:05: “What is often lost in major award ceremonies is sometimes the years of creative collaboration behind the team,” curator Jana Pareigis explains at the outset. “Just because ‘appearing’ isn’t part of their job doesn’t mean we haven’t noticed them.” So today the first prizes will be awarded in the trade categories. It’s all about the book, the camera, the editing, the music, and the equipment. It is the first time that this two-part award has been chosen to give more attention to these categories.

6:00 pm: Why the industry should be better off than any other audience: First and foremost, some applause should be recorded under the expert guidance of Christian Oberfuchshuber.

5:57 pm: Just in time, three minutes before the awards ceremony started, the technical issues at the press center are now resolved and we have a picture and sound! Cologne Mayor Rieker is currently speaking and stressing her desire to preserve the city’s television award for the long term. In the meantime, they fled even to Düsseldorf … And so: Welcome to the “Creative Night” bar.

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