‘Nothing New in the West’: The Most Important Thing in the Netflix Remake

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It’s a literary classic made again: Netflix will soon be showing Nothing New in the West. It is the first German film adapted from the novel. The first trailer for the film, which was nominated for an Academy Award by Germany, tells a visually stunning story.

Here you can find out the most important things about the third film adaptation of the book by Erich Maria Remarque.

What is the matter?

“Nothing New in the West” tells the story of a young German during World War I. With the joy of a patriotic teacher, Paul Bäumer decided to go to the front with his peers and fight for Germany.

During the brutal battles in the trenches, the young people’s naive thoughts soon began to crumble. The longer the battles, the more they realize: there are no heroes here, only countless dead.

The classic “Nothing New in the West” came out nearly a hundred years ago. Photo: imago stock and people

The novel was written nearly a hundred years ago, in 1928, by German writer Erich Maria Remarque. It was in fact his intention not to write a “political history”. However, the highly successful book quickly became an anti-war novel. Meanwhile, the Nazis also destroyed several copies during the Nazi book burnings in 1933.

What is special about this new version?

Photo: Netflix / Renner Baju

This is neither an accusation nor a confession. It’s the story of a generation destroyed by war – even if it survived its shells.” These words by Erik Maria Remarque underscore visual power in Netflix’s first teaser.

It is indeed the third film based on Nothing New in the West. Although the novel was written in German, no one in Germany dared to shoot the classic.

The book was first filmed in 1930, and there was a second adaptation in 1979. The first movie was a huge success and won two Oscars, one for Best Picture. Today it is considered one of the great classics of Hollywood cinema.

Now, for the first time, a German has been allowed to direct an amendment. It was also an “opportunity to make a film like this out of Germany,” Edward Berger said in an interview. He continues to watch war films from America and Britain.

“And one thing always bothers me: It bothers me that there is always a winner. There is always a good man. Of course, they have a very different story than ours. They won. The Americans had to intervene in the war against their will and liberate Europe. And from this history there are heroes. They are not They are in Germany.

Director Edward Berger

Photo: Netflix / Renner Baju

Now you can tell the saga of war from a German perspective for once. Now you can make a movie “Of this feeling”: “From this shame, this sadness, this horror that we grew up with, that I inherited, that my children will inherit,” says the 52-year-old director.

“Nothing New in the West” will be entered into the 2023 Academy Awards by Germany in the “Best Foreign Film” category. The nomination is still pending, but the movie should stand a good chance.

Who is playing?

Vienna Castle actor Felix Kammerer can be seen in the lead role of Paul Bommer. Daniel Brühl, Albrecht Schösch (Berlin Alexander Platz), Aaron Helmer (“Unity, Sex, and Compassion”) and Eden Hasanovic (“Je Suis Karl”) play alongside him in Nothing New in the West.

Austrian Felix Kamerer plays the main role.

Austrian Felix Kamerer plays the main role. Photo: Netflix / Renner Baju

Director Edward Berger has already made a name for himself with “Deutschland 83” or “Patrick Melrose” with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Where and when can you watch the movie?

Photo: Netflix / Renner Baju

Nothing New in the West will be shown on September 12 at the Toronto Film Festival. A theatrical performance in German-speaking Switzerland on October 13, 2022. After that, the movie will be available to stream on Netflix from October 28.


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