New Blackout Series ‘It’s All Dark’ Makes Bettina Mittendorfer ‘Speechless’

“It’s All Dark”: Mary (Lila Marie-Noel Padutzky), her mother Carola (Bettina Mittendorfer) and Jeans (Michael A. Grimm) talk downstairs while eating. (eli/spot)

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spot on news | 09/13/2022 at 8:29 PM

The series “Everything is Dark” revolves around a power outage and its consequences. Actress Bettina Mittendorfer admitted in an interview: “The fact that the topic suddenly became incredibly topical – it almost makes me speechless.”

In the six-part Austrian-German satirical TV series “Alles finster” (in double episodes from Sept. 13, 8:15 p.m., BR), the residents of the small fictional village of Kekenberg an der Della experience a Europe-wide obfuscation of their microcosm. Meaning: No electricity, no mobile phone, no water supply, no possibilities for shopping… What’s next for the strange village community?

Bettina Mittendorfer (51, “Spring”, “Room with Barn”) plays German immigrant Carola, who, in fact, with her husband Jens (Michael A. Grimm) is well prepared for such extremes. Unlike others, Preppers vault is filled with everything you need to survive. But none of that helps when her daughter Mary runs out of diabetes medication…

Bavarian series star Bettina Mittendorfer revealed, in an interview with “Spot on News”, whether the sudden current topic of the series worries her.

Perhaps the series has become more relevant since working on it. When did you first deal with the text yourself?

Bettina Mittendorfer: The script came up a few weeks before filming began. I thought from the start: a great book, exciting, funny… and above all, the development really amazed me. This believes that everything suddenly stops, in all the consequences and how radically life changes in this series. And that the topic is now incredibly suddenly incredibly – and it almost makes me speechless …

Did you always have some emergency supplies or do you have some now?

Mittendorfer: I don’t have any emergency supplies at the moment because I’m moving – from Passau to near Munich. But during the pandemic, I kept stockpiling goodies and delicacies. (laughs) One thing that should always be in the house is water.

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