Lots of new content by and with German greats

The latest show event “Prime Video Presents Germany” highlighted all kinds of new content that is or has already been created in collaboration with well-known German greats. There was also an outlook on some of the highlights that should emerge this year or 2023 at the latest. There should also be new Prime Video channels and of course buy/rent content. For example, if you like movies by and with Til Schweiger, You are embarrassed! Then you can make a note next spring. So, his new movie “Dear Kurt” should not only be shown in cinemas but also on Prime Video.

Regarding the new channels, Amazon says the following: Discover+ will launch soon with Prime Video as an additional option for Prime members, and Paramount+ will soon follow. In addition, all Amazon customers always have access to the latest cinema movies to buy and rent from Prime Video. Upcoming highlights include Marvel’s Thor: Love and Thunder, the German feature film Guglhupfgeschwader, Bullet Train with Brad Pitt, Black Adam with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Ticket to Paradise with Julia Roberts and George Clooney, and a sequel to Schule der Magical Beasts. Aquaman and John Wick.

But there is also new interesting content for one or the other in the field of documentation. Among other things, about Jan Ulrich in the documentary “Jan Ulrich – Chasers.” In it he personally highlights his path – comprehensively, honestly, and exclusively: “A lot has been written about me lately, good and bad. Now it’s time for me to tell my story, the whole story of how I went from hunter to stalker. I want to take you on a journey through my life. With all the turmoil, setbacks and challengesThe four-part documentary series is produced by Constantin Documentation. Producer is Susan Lerman, Jan Klopphaus is executive producer and Sebastian Dehnhardt is director.

But please also take a look at the spoiler here in the attachment, it has all kinds of upcoming content, including new shows with Martina Hilla and Joko Winterscheidt:

All the news featured in Prime Video Presents:

New Joko Winterscheidt Show: The artist is currently producing a new original show exclusively for Prime Video. what is he talking about? It’s still a secret! Goku: “I will be on Prime Video from the beginning of next year. It will be different, it will be rude, even very rude. It might even make you upset. Just look at it!”

HILLarious is the name of Martina Hill’s new original comedy show. On the show, Martina Hill slips into different roles in her unrivaled way and invites famous guests to draw special sketches that run like a red thread through each of the eight episodes. In the spring of 2023, fans can look forward to seeing famous and famous characters again, as well as new ones. The show is produced by Redseven Entertainment in association with Hillux Film and TV Production for Prime Video. Producer George Kapenstein, Executive Producer Sebastian Benthos

Silber (AT) is a new original film based on Kirsten Gere’s bestselling novel series of the same name. The international young cast embodied the popular characters in the successful book series. Cast includes Jana McKinnon (Ware Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo) as Liv, Rhys Manion (He’s in All of Us) as Henry, Chanel Kollar (Sex Education) as Arthur, Josephine Blazier as Annabelle, Theo Ogier as Grayson, Evosa Afolabi As Jasper, Reva Krymalovsky (When Hitler stole the Pink Rabbit) as Mia, Nicolette Krepitz (Freedom Award) as Anne and Samira Brewer (Der Gref, One Night Off) as Persephone. Silber (AT) is Constantin Films production at Amazon Studios. Helena Hofnagel directed. Producer Lina Schumann. Screenplay written by Sina Flemang. Script collaboration: Christian Dieter.

Exclusive updates, release dates, and top hacks for the previously announced Amazon Originals:

  • Der Greif: The action-packed, emotional and thrilling six-part German fantasy series inspired by the novel by Wolfgang Holbein will begin on Prime Video in mid-2023. Der Greif is produced by W&B Television in association with DogHaus Film for Amazon Studios, and creators of the shows and series are Erol Yesilkaya and Sebastian Marka.
  • Luden: The Reeperbahn’s gangster saga began in the 1980s in the spring of 2023. The high-end, six-part series is being produced by NEUESUPER, and producers are Rafael Parenti, Simon Amberger and Corbinian Duffer.
  • The Cure: You will begin in the fall of 2023 the six-part psychological thriller series based on Sebastian Fitzk’s bestselling book of the same name. The Amazon original series is realized by Ziegler Film. The series is produced by Regina Ziegler (Abschnitt, Weissensee) and Barbara Thielen (Passenger 23, Amsterdam’s thriller crime thriller).
  • German Crime Story: Tied Up is Prime Video’s first true crime series from Germany. In early 2023, Prime members will watch a six-part series produced by Neue Bioskop Television exclusively for Prime Video. The main roles are played by Oliver Masucci and Angelina Hansch, the producer is Dietmar Günchy.
  • Apache Still The Same: The original 90-minute documentary begins on September 23, 2022 and for the first time gives an insight into the life of Vulkan Yaman aka Apache 207, one of the most streamed Germans at the moment
  • rap stars. The 90-minute Amazon Original documentary was produced by W&B Television on behalf of Amazon Studios.
  • The second season of antagonists and their crazy daily lives will begin at Feinkost Kolinski in Altona on November 11th. The exclusive series, nominated for a Grimme and Blue Panther, is produced by Christian Ulmen and Carsten Kelber for Pajama Pictures.
  • Sachertorte: There’s also a start date for this exciting love story. Starting November 18, 2022, Prime members will be able to watch the film, which was shot in Vienna and Berlin, by DCM Pictures for Amazon Studios. Max Hubacher and Maeve Metelka play the main roles. The producers are Kirstin Wille, Christoph Daniel, and Marc Schmidheiny.
  • Love Addicts: Prime Video releases first teaser and release date for Love Addicts. The new half-hour comedy series starring Annette Freer, Malaya Stern Takeda, Dimitri Abold, Magdalena Lubisch, and Anselm Prescott will be available on Prime Video starting November 30, 2022.
  • A Peaceful Christmas: Prime Video’s first Christmas series begins on December 9, 2022 with all six episodes in a row. The original series was produced by The Amazing Film Company and producer Thomas Peter Friedl. Actors include Valerie Hopper, Timor Bartels, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Esther Schwens, and Wayne Karpendale.
  • Save Me (AT): Prime Video features the first images from the filming of the new original series based on the successful novel by Mona Kasten. The six-part series is produced by UFA Fiction, and produced by Ceylan Yildirim and Markus Brunnemann.

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