Instead of Netflix? Gain skills and secure your dream job

If you have the right skills and a solid experience profile, you can land many top jobs. We’ll show you how to gain skills quickly and make attractive job offers right away.

Do you love watching Netflix and enjoy continuing your education? You can definitely combine one with the other, for example if you’re watching documentaries related to your industry or if you’re working in a media or pop culture context anyway. However, you can also invest the time you spend rewatching a series, for example, in training in skills that will take you further professional – and closer to your dream job. Language learning app and e-learning platform Preply has investigated the career-reinforcement skills you can gain if you drop an episode or two of your favorite Netflix series. Accordingly, it takes approximately seven hours to watch a season of Netflix meager masks Watch. With six seasons, this spends over 2,500 minutes and 42 hours on the platform. According to a Preply report, it is possible to learn a new language during this time (at least the basics).

With your various skills, you are an attractive talent to many employers, which should be of particular use to you when searching for a job. We bring you a colorful selection of exciting job offers from the digital sector with our Jobs of the Week. Technology-centric skills, which you can also gain through further training in the current job, are particularly suitable for such jobs.

If companies do not want to lose their employees, they can take countermeasures with different programs. Even the field of esports can help innovative companies with employee loyalty and recruitment — in-house training, in turn, imparts skills and creates loyalty at the same time.

Feel free to take a look at our Jobs of the Week if you’re looking for a challenge, your company just can’t keep you or you’re simply looking for entirely new assignments. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, no problem. Because we offer you more interesting job offers in our job exchange. Just click.

Welcome to Volksbank Stuttgart, one of the largest co-operative banks in Baden-Württemberg. Our numbers: Over 150 years of company history, total assets of approximately 8.8 billion euros, approximately 275,000 individual and corporate clients and approximately 950 employees. We support our customers in person, locally and digitally at nearly 100 locations as well as online services and via our in-house Customer Dialogue Center.

Together with product managers, you will develop interaction concepts, user orientation, and validate theses through online surveys, for example. With Visual Design, you develop user-centered design and accompany implementation in agile Scrum teams. With everything you do, it’s natural that you always think “mobile first” and cross-platform – that is, you design and design for desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

As the Team Leader for our User Experience department, you make sure that our online store shines, that our customers find the products they want with closed eyes and that Google is also impressed by the performance of our site. Even though you are always up to date with the latest developments in the user experience and e-commerce sector and follow the current trends in the market closely, it is natural that you do not make decisions out of thin air. Your team always works based on data in visualization, implementation, analysis and A/B testing of the entire web design – it is of course important that you speak the same language.

My name is d looks like. I’m a TOA audio expert and I’m always on the lookout for the perfect tune. At TOA, we have made it our mission to not only provide our customers with quality equipment, but above all with first-class sound. Whether in schools, concert halls, airports or stadiums – our sound systems make the lives of millions of people safer and worth living.

As a growing media company for the essential life issues of our time, VERLAG HERDER represents cutting-edge content and innovative services. Our books, magazines, and digital services provide inspiration, guidance, and experience.

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