German Television Award 2022: First Evening Awards

It was the premiere of the German Television Award: For the first time, “Creativity Night” preceded “Creativity Night” (watched from 10:00pm:45am on ZDF). The goal was to give prize winners more attention in the trades and give them a bigger stage – without making tomorrow’s climax show longer. And it worked out well: efforts were made to give an overall look at the set’s design, have some candidates explain what was so special about their feature film productions, and otherwise included quite a varied offering – even if it ended up being a bit off. lengthy, especially towards the end. However, the first show was a success.

And so the most important thing: the award winners. Two productions on the first evening won twice: ARD series “Eldorado KaDeWe” won Best Equipment (Petra Albert) and Best Music (Inga Humpe, Tommi Eckart, Matthias Petsche) as well as Sky. The series “Dear Bass” won Best Director (Cyril Boss, Philip Steinert) and Best Camera (Philip Bishlow). Incidentally, “Eldorado KaDeWe” won in both categories as it was also nominated – but that means there’s no chance of another award on Wednesday. “The Passport” could still win Best Series and Best Actor for Nicholas Offcharek.

The “Billion Dollar Token,” which has been nominated five times as well as “The Passport,” has yet to receive anything in the first three categories that have already been awarded. In the field of novels, authors Markus Vatrout and Paul Mummertz were awarded another prize for “The Wannsee Conference” and Friedrich Weimar for “Faster Than Fear”.

In the areas of entertainment and fantasy, fewer awards are generally awarded in commerce categories. In the field of entertainment, the team “ZDF Magazin Royale” defended the award for the best book, which they managed to get last year. Markus Hennig, Hannah Herbst, Nora Nagel and Jan Böhmermann initially accepted the award as actors – but since the show was conveniently taped at Studio Ehrenfeld, Böhmermann was able to take the entire team to the stage. Johannes Speicher won Best Director, Entertainment for “Who’s Stealing the Show from Me”. He was actually nominated last year, but he went empty-handed — and now there’s a bounty for ever-changing productions. Envy Peru and Bambi Mercury were awarded Best Recreational Equipment for the RTL “Viva La Diva” raffle program. Both emphasized how important the vision is to the community, which is currently facing increased hostility once again — and how grateful they are to RTL for their decision to feature a prime-time drag show.

In the information on Tuesday evening, there were initially only two prices. Katharina Schiele and Lucas Stratman, who received three nominations with “Kevin Kohnert and the SPD”, were honored for Best Camera, and an award for Best Editing – or Best Compilation, as praised Stefan Lambie would call the action – went to Janine Dutrich for the Netflix documentary “Gladbeck” .

Divided by broadcaster groups, ARD is clearly in the lead after the first evening with four of the eleven awards so far. Two each went to ZDF, Sky, RTL Germany, ProSiebenSat.1 and Netflix and both have so far received the German Television Award in one category.

The remaining awards will be given, including in the coordination and acting categories, but also for Moderation or Best Individual Performance Information as well as the Honorary Award and Sponsorship Award Wednesday night at the Colonium Colonium. As is the case every year, the DWDL will then provide the most detailed on-site reporting – starting with the live broadcast from the red carpet, live tape during the awards ceremony, which begins two hours before the TV broadcast and all other information.

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