Creativity Night: Who Can Win Today

A few years ago, the German Television Prize was criticized by its creators: on the one hand, it was about invitations to the award ceremony, on the other hand, there were no categories that sufficiently appreciated the breadth of television work. Traditionally there have been categories for the circulation of fantasy series and films, but considerations for these achievements have been lacking in information and entertainment. That changed with the German TV Prize 2020. Also in the field of entertainment and information, achievements are now rewarded in selected trades.

From the founders’ point of view, that’s too much for a prize. After the Corona pandemic in 2020 made the awards purely digital and only one bid was implemented in 2021 due to planning uncertainty, the new donor concept will be implemented for the first time in 2022: as is the case with the Romy in Austria or the Emmys that were just awarded in USA Awards in previously presented Commerce categories – as part of “Creativity Night”, taking place on Tuesday evening at Studio Ehrenfeld. This is usually the home of Böhmermann’s “ZDF Magazin Royale” and this year, where ZDF chairs the German Television Award, is the place to present the first 11 categories in one night.

As usual, will report on the awarding of the 1st German Television Awards in 2022 in live tape from 6pm. – And by the way, tomorrow Wednesday evening, before the 6pm livestream tape, he once again takes off live from the red carpet with so much mayhem and love, as it has become a tradition in recent years. But first and foremost, there are eleven categories in which outstanding achievements of the past year are already being honored today.

In conversation, “Who’s stealing the show?” (ProSieben) The field of Filtration in Professions. On the one hand, Johannes Speicher is rushing into the trend, and on the other hand, Budd Brodmüller, Nils Bed and Justus Saritz are competing for the specific design of the show. In the information, the documentary series “Kevin Kühnert and SPD” was nominated for Best Editing (Andreas von Huene and Yütte Reischmann) and Best Camera (Katharina Schiele and Lucas Stratmann). In fiction, most services continue to be priced at six deals.

“Der Pass” could win three TV awards for best director (Cyrill Boss and Philipp Stennert), best camera (Philip Peschlow) and best editing (Andreas Baltschun and Lucas Seeberger). The Netflix series Billion Dollar Code has also been nominated three times: Oliver Ziegenbalg and Robert Thalheim for Best Book, Henner’s Visit for Best Camera and Myrna Wolf (production design) and Ingken Benesch (fashion) together for the best gear. “Die Wannseekonferenz” and “Eldorado KaDeWe” twice participate in the race. Incidentally, the latter is the only production that has been nominated multiple times today that does not have another chance to win an award at Tomorrow’s TV Gala in the Business and Person categories.

Here are all the categories and nominations for tonight’s ‘Creativity Night’:


Best guided entertainment

  • Andrea Achterberg for The Taste (SAT.1 / Redseven)
  • Jörg Imholz for Kampf der Realitystars (RTLZWEI / Banijay Productions Germany)
  • Johannes Spiker who steals the show? (ProSieben/Florida Entertainment)

Best entertainment book

  • Sarah Bossetti about Bossetti wants to talk! And Bosetti I – Julius Fischer is also present (ZDFkultur/MDR)
  • Marcus Hennig, Hannah Herbst, Nora Nagel, Jan Bömmermann for ZDF Magazin Royale (ZDF/Entertainment TV Ehrenfeld)
  • Claudius Blaing (lead author) for Caroline Quebecos (ARD/WDR/btf/UnterhaltungsFlotte TV)

The best entertainment equipment

  • Bode Brodmüller (set design), Nils Bieda, Justus Saretz (props) Who is stealing the show? (ProSieben/Florida Entertainment)
  • Envy Biro (Boris Itzkovic Escobar, Head Make Up Artist) as Makeup Artist, Bambi Mercury (Tim Knack, Cycling Costume Designer) as Viva La Diva’s Costume – Who’s the Queen? (RTL/UFA view and facts)
  • Bas van der Poel and Oliver Fuchs (set design) for 99 – One:r beats them all! (SAT.1 / Fabiola)


Best Direction

  • Cyril Boss, Philip Steinert for The Passport (Sky/Wiedemann & Berg Television/epo-film)
  • Matti Jeshunik, for the Wannsee Conference (ZDF/Constantin Television)
  • Barbara Ott, Arabella Barch on deadlines (ZDFneo/Turbokultur)

best fantasy book

  • Johannes Boss for Oh Hill (MagentaTV / Warner TV / Good Friends Film Production)
  • Magnus Vattrodt, Paul Mommertz at the Wannsee Conference (ZDF/Constantin Television)
  • Oliver Ziegnaberg and Robert Thalheim, “The Billion Dollar Code” (Netflix / Kundschafter Filmproduktion / Sunny Side Up)

Best fantasy camera

  • Visit Henner to watch The Billion Dollar Code (Netflix / Kundschafter Film / Sunny Side Up)
  • Philip Bishlow for The Passport (Sky / Wiedemann & Berg Television / epo-film)
  • Pascal Schmidt to visit (ARD / Degeto / Moovie)

Best fantasy montage

  • Andreas Balchon, Lucas Seeberger in The Pass (Sky / Wiedemann & Berg TV / epo-film)
  • Mona Bräuer by Ferdinand von Schirach – Faith (VOX / RTL + / Moovie)
  • Frederic Weimar for Faster than Fear (ARD / Degeto / MDR / Rowboat)

Best fantasy music

  • Inga Humpe, Tommi Eckart and Matthias Petsche for Eldorado KaDeWe – Now’s Our Time (ARD/rbb/Degeto/Constantin Television/UFA Fiction)
  • Raphael Seyfried For Life (ARD / WDR / Flare Film)
  • Helmut Zerlitt and Robert Matt on Hitler’s fraud (RTL+/UFA Fiction)

The best fantasy equipment

  • Petra Albert (Production Design) by Eldorado KaDeWe – Now’s Time (ARD/rbb/Degeto/Constantin Television/UFA Fiction)
  • Myrna Wolff (production design), Ingken Benesch (costume) for The Billion Dollar Code (Netflix/Kundschafter Filmproduktion/Sunny Side Up)
  • Jerome Latour (production design) for the Palace (ZDF TV/Constantin)


Best camera info/documents

  • Christian von Bruckhausen and Willem Conrad Soldiers (NDR/RBB)
  • Nikolai Mering for Shiny_Flakes – The Teenage Drug Lord (Netflix/btf)
  • Katharina Schiele and Lucas Stratman for Kevin Kohnert and the Social Democratic Party (NDR)

Best pieces of information/documentation

  • Janine Duttrich for Gladbeck (Netflix/Film Five)
  • André Hammesfahr on the outbreak – was the epidemic averted? (ZDF TV/Broadview)
  • Andreas von Hoene and Jut Reichmann for Kevin Kohnert and the Social Democratic Party (NDR)

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