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A hug to the winner: Musical theater director Eileen Schneider Hess will represent the German language tournament in Vienna in November. Photo: Müller © Müller

The Hessenslam race, held in Gießen and Wetzlar, provided a thrilling finish with eight finalists and little progress for the winner.

Wetzlar. Kick off in Gießen, final in Wetzlar: Eight finalists fought in the town hall there for the poet’s crown and title: Hessian State Champion in the Poetry Slam – and fought a contest that was thrilling to the end. A total of 0.1 points separated second-placed Lee Webber from later winner Eileen Schneider at the end of the show.

On this special occasion, organizers and moderators Jessen Stefan Dorsing and Benedict Heijmann “dressed in elegant and refined clothes”. And as an additional incentive for the opponent, the duo presented a “special specially developed trophy” which “cannot be bought on Amazon” • A trophy with a portrait of the greatest German poet – Johann Wolfgang Goethe. Now it was up to the 250 or so spectators to decide who should take the prize home with them. Seven randomly selected visitors received polling boards and served as jury. Each of the eight-word acrobatics were given six minutes to win over the audience — and they followed different approaches.

Ole Hohmann humorously reported an unforgettable hike on the mudflats, in which “foolish kid” Noah and helicopter mother Betty played a major role, among others. Dominic Reinkart spoke with a lot of wit and ingenuity about the Time Travelers Conference, where eminent figures from world history came together to find answers to the big questions – Lukas Podolsky and the 25-year-old in the middle. “In restaurants I met Pythagoras, who gets advice on vegetarian nutrition from two Neanderthals. I join the three. “Who do I honor?” It is the first sentence in Pythagoras. Thus began a lecture by the politically engaged artist who works as a press speaker in the town of Karpin.

U20 slam champion Aaron Schlünz used real word acrobatics in his “What a piece of trash” contribution. “There are now fewer nuclear power plants, but energy costs more. But then who can go to sea? Perhaps a few, only those who have more than a lot.

I have been influenced by the contributions of “Nikté”, Pauline Puhze and subsequent winner Aileen Schneider. The former devoted her lines sensitively to a deceased family member. “I’m resisting life without you, because I know it would have been nicer with you. It would have been different with you. I wouldn’t have to pretend to be with you.”

concert visit with parents

For Bohze, it was a “very special performance” for two reasons. Because the young woman had a prom in town hall in 2018. But more important is the fact that she “had a fortune” to toast with someone special that evening. ‘And I desperately try to hold onto the moments so that no more hour has passed since you left. You are 20 years old forever, today, tomorrow and a year later. “An influential text that was highly honored.

Finally, in her book “Cure from High Culture,” musical theater director Eileen Schneider addressed the complex relationship with her parents by attending an “ABBA” concert together. They’ve been pulled from everyone for years and I can’t reach them. I feel lonely and misunderstood. But today we are finally doing something together. Seeing them in context that makes them feel comfortable that it’s not their home is very refreshing.

Julia Zimmermann, from Limburg, made a childhood leap in her script Childhood Dreams, where bitter reality and fantasy fog up. Leah Webber, the 26-year-old Heesan U-20 champion from 2017, also wrote about the victory. In Weber Hallingen, the Frankfurt native has taken on the perspective of a village that has to repeatedly say goodbye to its beloved residents, like they are drawn to the charms of big-city addicts. Offer made her enter the second round on the evening of the last day.

There, the three best placed make the leap by reading a second text. Puhze, Weber and Schneider had a head-to-head race, in which the latter finally won, just ahead of Weber. In addition to receiving a special ‘Goethe Trophy’, she will represent Hesse at the German-speaking Championships in Poetry Competition, which will be held in Vienna from 2-6 November.

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