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The Griffin

This is what Prime Video has to say about the long-announced adaptation of Wolfgang Hohlbein’s novel “Der Greif”: Perhaps the most ambitious fantasy project in Germany since Unending Story. The adaptation of the film is a long-awaited dream of director Sebastian Marka and author Erol Yeslikaya, who, even as a film student, wanted to convince the publisher – at the time by fax – to let him take on the project. It was adapted for the story in the ’90s because it was young. Wolfgang Holbein: I’m still in shock. I’ve waited 40 years for this. Saw a rough cut last week. When tricks are as good as the rest – great!

Der Greve is based on the 1989 novel of the same name, which has sold more than 40 million copies so far. Armin Rohde and “Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo” film stars Jeremias Mayer, Lea Drinda and Zoran Pingel play the main roles in the six-part mini-series. release date mid-2023 Scheme.


With “Luden” follows In the spring of 2023 Another six-part German series that aims to bring the Hamburg neighborhood back to life: it’s about drugs, prostitution, and the rise and fall of the St. Pauli pimp cartel – based on a real case. The Reeperbahn is recreated in Munich for the gang epic, which takes place in the 70s and 80s. The stated goal is to tell stories about the Reeperbahn in the age of broadcasting in a different and harder way – with Lots of grit, lots of dirt, especially wild.

The focus is on the rise of young boy Klaus Barkowski to the legendary “Lamborghini Klaus” and the powerful prostitute Jota. As Ludd, he founded the pimp organization gang “Nutella”, which soon became involved in a battle for power and big money in the neighborhood with the competition known as “GMBH”. Aaron Helmer and Janet Heine can be seen as well as Lena Orzendowski, Noah Tenua, Henning Flossoh and Nikki von Tempelhof in the lead roles. “Luden” was developed by authors Niklas J. Hoffmann, Peter Kocyla and Rafael Parente. NEUESUPER is produced with Rafael Parente, Simon Amberger and Korbinian Dufter as producers.


Also filming will be the psychological thriller The Cure, by bestselling author Sebastian Fitzk. The six-part series, produced by Regina Ziegler, dies The first ever German psychological film series and Superlatives Project. It tells of the fate of a psychiatrist on the verge of separation when his daughter suddenly disappears. For Fitzek, this is something very special because it is a film adaptation of his first novel, which was published in 2006 in a very small edition of only 2,500 copies and Miraculously a bestseller had become. It was the book that made Vitsik an author in the first place. The series was filmed on the North Sea islands of Amrum, Führ and in Berlin and is currently in post-production. launch for Autumn 2023 Scheme.

The focus is on psychiatrist Victor Larenz, whose twelve-year-old daughter Josie disappears without a trace under mysterious circumstances. Her fate is unknown for years. A grieving father has withdrawn to a secluded vacation home, where he is one day tracked down by a strange young woman named Anna. Anna is tormented by delusions about a little girl who has disappeared without a trace, as Josie once did. Victor engages in a strange cure, which becomes more and more a dramatic cat-and-mouse game … Stefan Cumberth, Tristan Potter, Helena Zingel and Emma Padding can be seen in the lead roles.

Comedy/Entertainment with Martina Hill, Joko Winterscheidt and “LOL”

Martina Hill (“Breaker Women”, “The Martina Hill Show”) In the spring of 2023 I got a new comedy show called HILLarious. In her own unique way, she takes on different roles and invites famous guests to draw special sketches, which are intended to run like a red thread through each of the eight episodes. In addition to the new characters, fans can look forward to seeing popular and famous characters once again, including “Larissa.” The format was produced by Redseven Entertainment in association with Hillux Film- und Fernsehenproduktion for Prime Video. Producer George Kapenstein and Executive Producer Sebastian Benthos.

Surprisingly enough, a new show with Joko Winterscheidt was impressive. ProSieben Entertainment artist, who is currently celebrating huge success with “Who Steals The Show?” , produces a new offer for Amazon. The subject of the unnamed project remains a secret. Joko only declares: I’ll be on Prime Video early next year. It will be different, it will be rude, even very rude. It may even make you feel uncomfortable. Just look at her!

It is already proven that In April 2023 There will be a reunion with LOL: Last One Laughs. The multi-award winning comedy show is back with its fourth season, in which the first cast has been revealed: Cordola Stratman, Michael Mittermere, Jan Van Wade and Elton are joined by recurring offenders Hazel Brueger, Martina Hill and Kurt Krumer. Moritz Bleptro.

New movie: Silver

A film adaptation of Kristen Gere’s successful fantasy trilogy “Silver” (WT) was recently announced. Filming has already begun in German and English in Dublin and London. The focus is on 17-year-old Liv, who is moving to London with her mother Ann and younger sister Mia. Everything changes when Liv meets the mysterious Henry. He belongs to a secret circle that has the ability to lucid dream. Little do they know that achieving their dreams comes at a high price.

International actors star as Young, including Jana McKinnon as Liv, Reeva Krymalowski as Mia, Rhys Manion as Henry, Chanel Kollar as Arthur, Eviosa Afolabi as Jasper, Theo Ogier as Grayson, and Josephine Blazier as Annabelle, and Nicolette Krepitz as Jasper. Ann and Samira Brewer as Persephone. The movie Silver (AT) opens up a wonderful world that the viewer dreams ofsays Lena Schumann, Producer at Constantin Film. With plenty of wit and charm, this mystery thriller tells a hidden story about friendship and first love. Helena Hofnagel directs, script written by Sina Flemang.


All or nothing: the German national football team

After Prime Video has already published the documentary series “FC Bayern – Behind the Legend” and “Inside Borussia Dortmund”, it follows In the spring of 2023 A multi-part documentary about the German national football team. Accompanying the team and national coach Hansi Flick on their way to the controversial World Cup in Qatar. The documentary aims to show what is happening in front and behind the scenes of the tournament.

Product comments by Nico Hoffmann: Sports and politics go hand in hand and you can’t ignore the topic. It will certainly play a role. The goal of filmmakers should be to observe the environment and get as close to it as possible – unnoticed. It would be bad if I could feel someone on the back of my neck. The photographer does it very well, praises Hansi Flick. The project started with Oliver Bierhoff, managing director of the German national team since this year, who contacted Nico Hoffmann three years ago. The documentary series is produced by Amazon Studios in association with UFA Documentary and co-produced with Stereo Films. Director Christian Twente and producer Mark Lippett.

Jan Ulrich – The Chasers

Other documents from the Sports District should also cause discussions. Because in “Jan Ullrich – The Hunted,” a controversial former cyclist wants to talk about all the ups and downs of his life as he goes down a St. James-type road – but on a bike. Among other things, he travels to Paris, the scene of his greatest success, as he became the first and only German to win the Tour de France in 1997. However, after Jan Ulrich was involved in a serious doping scandal, his reputation quickly declined. He was banned from the 2006 Tour de France and, after years of trial, was finally convicted on a doping charge in 2012, after which all of his accomplishments since May have been revoked.

In the documentary series, Ullrich also accompanies places connected to his less beautiful moments – to which he himself has commented. A lot has been written about me lately, good and bad. Now it’s time for me to tell my story, the whole story of how I went from hunter to stalker. I want to take you on a journey through my life. With all the turmoil, setbacks and challenges.so Ullrich, who also admits to drug and alcohol abuse. I didn’t realize that I was hurting not only myself, but others as well. The four-part series by Constantin Documentation aims to provide an exclusive and critical look at Ullrich’s career. Producer is Susan Lerman, Jan Klopphaus is executive producer and Sebastian Dehnhardt is director.

Start dates

Prime Video also contains information about other products that have already been announced: Am September 23 The 90-minute documentary “Apache Stays the Same”, which gives an insight into the life of rapper Volkan Yaman aka Apache 207, has been released for the first time. Fans of the comedy series “Die Discounter” can November 11 Looking forward to the second season of the surprise hit. After a week it appears on November 18 The love story “Sachertorte” was filmed in Vienna. In the November 30 The new eight-part comedy series “Love Addicts”, in which Annette Freer plays the main role, will be released. On time before the festival December 9 With “A Peaceful Christmas” the first German Christmas series from Prime Video, including Valerie Huber, Timur Bartels, Uwe Ochsenknecht, Esther Schweins and Wayne Carpendale. early 2023 The six-part true crime series “German Crime Story: Captive” will be shown. Throughout the year, this will be followed by an adaptation of the bestselling novel series “Save Me” with Harriet Herbig Matin and Damien Hardong.

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